“We are not just small ethnic groups, we are sovereign nations. We have a relationship that supersedes states and corporations as sovereign nations” Dallas Goldtooth, Dakota Organizer #OcetiRising ,#HonorTheTreaties#NoKXL#IdleNoMore


Being around Saami people typically causes one to reevaluate their understanding of what it means to be INDIGENOUS.

Many dirty blond and blue eyed, they eat reindeer and smoked salmon. They have traditional lodges that look like tipis. They were persecuted for being different, their language was outlawed, many Sami women were sterilized, they faced forced education, etc etc..

Now they have their own Parliament. They have language immersion schools. They are making their voices heard in the region, ensuring that their inherent rights as indigenous people do not go overlooked nor forgotten.

—  Dallas Goldtooth 

A little love to all you Indigenous ladies, courtesy of the 1491’s… This will definitely make your day (I hope). Native Love by Dallas Goldtooth: “Its belated. Valentines Day is past. So chock it up as Indian Time. hehe. This is a short video showing love and recognition to all Native women in our lives. They are the carriers of our culture, the keepers of the flame. We love them beyond all possibility. We cherish them Indian girls. They our buddies. our loves. our morning. our moon. our past. We love you ladies." 


Rich Hall - Inventing the Indian.

“Comedian Rich Hall goes in search of the real American Indian, a people who have too often been stereotyped. This image portrayed through cinema and literature is not a true representation of the Native American, giving Rich the opportunity to redress the balance.”


“Hunting” brought to you by the 1491s. Filmed on the beautiful property of Norbert and Emmeretta Miller on the Menominee Nation and shot by the talented Darren Cole.


Dallas has such a cute baby

Lakota Youth Send Video Message To President Obama: Uphold Your Commitment to Indigenous Youth: Reject Keystone XL

Lakota Youth Send Video Message To President Obama: Uphold Your Commitment to Indigenous Youth: Reject Keystone XL #rejectkxl #protectthesacred #nokxl #nativeyouth

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SOUTH DAKOTA — This morning youth of the Oceti Sakowin released and delivered a video to President Obama asking him to uphold his commitment to Indigenous youth and to reject Keystone XL. The video, supported by Indigenous Environmental Network, Energy Action Coalition and NO KXL Dakota will be delivered to top tribal…

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“There is absolutely nothing funny about the Cherokee Trail of Tears. Except when white guys in a European hair metal band make a song about it, and a video. But we say (but not often) whatever the white man can do, we can do better. Enjoy… your life might never be the same after this.”

I love these guys, they’re so funny. I am very glad I had the chance to meet Migizi, Bobby, and Dallas.


Rich Hall’s ‘Inventing the Indian’ (BBC4)