Dates Gone Absolutely Wrong in Eerie Crests

  • Poppy and Parker once went on a nature trail and a couple birds flew down and Poppy was feeding them, was very cute and all until Poppy looked over and Parker was smiling through a swollen face and loud heaving with a bird on his shoulder (If you didn’t know Parker is allergic to birds)
  • Malek took Ben on a date to the beach once and it was going perfect and they saw a huddle of baby turtles running to the ocean and Ben was Living™ until a seagull came and picked one up by the head causing a crying fit for about an hour and thirty minutes from Ben
  • Anyone going on a date with Noah is just A Mistake™
  • Once Greg agreed to go on a Thriller Throwback movie date with Noah and it was already awkward being that Greg is Greg, but then the title of the first movie comes on, The Birds, and Greg quite literally has to sit there with his eyes closed for 2 hours hoping Noah doesn’t look at him and at one point he peaks out to see if it’s over and he literally lets out a high pitched shriek (Noah never lets him live it down for the rest of their lives and yes, Greg is canonically afraid of birds)
  • Ari and Phoebus went on a date to the aquarium once so that Ari could go touch the Manta Rays in the big open tank they have where the rays come flooshing by the sides and you can pet their flappy wing things. Well, Phoebus saw someones service dog walking by and accidentally bumped into Ari to go pet it, causing Ari to fall into the Manta Ray tank as they had been leaning down to touch one
  • Poppy and Sara were just snuggling one morning as a breakfast date and Poppy promised to make breakfast for the two of them, so after 20 mins of fumbling in the kitchen Poppy comes out with her toaster strudel concoction and Sara loves her too much to not eat it, but after about 5 mins Sara is barreling to the bathroom and proceeds to vomit
  • Charlie asks Paulina on a date once and they go and have a great time and the Mood For Romance™ is ripe all up until they run into the baseball team hanging out and they absolutely embarrass the shit out of Charlie despite the many signals she sends them to Go. The. Fuck. Away. and while Paulina is laughing and not looking miserable, Charlie is just dead inside because of course these Heathens would come kill her chance for romance kms kms
  • Blake and Tyler go out for ice cream and to talk about soft gay boi literature things and it’s all sweet and Blake is actually smiling and Tyler is loving it all up until Blake spots Dallas and Malek across the street, heading into the ice cream shop like THEY’RE on a DATE TOO? The mood is completely killed, and of course they come over to talk to them and Blake is 10/10 the Worst™ and just keeps trying to one up Dallas every chance he gets 
    Later Tyler agrees with Malek that they will preschedule any future dates to avoid ever seeing each other during said date time
  • Malek and Dallas once went on a camping date in The Forest and it was absolutely great and all until Malek went missing and was never found again

LMAO I’m not sorry at all these are hilarious (was the last one too soon???) honestly I’m gonna have to think of more as time goes on because these high school misfits aren’t gonna stop fucking up and acting foolish anytime soon kms Lord save them 

Curtis Sister

-You did not just grow up with 3 brothers. You grew up with 7.

-Being the only girl in the gang, you were the gangs pet. Even to Johnny.

-Darry would yell at you and Ponyboy more than Sodapop, so you and Ponyboy developed a strong bond from understanding how it feels.

-Ponyboy telling Cherry about you when they first met.

-“I feel like I know Soda from as much as you talk about him, tell me about Y/N! Is she wild and reckless like Soda or dreamy like you?”

“Cherry, she’s her own person. Golly, she’s like a combination of all of us! She can protect like Darry but have fun like Soda, yet calm down and read a book like me. I love her more than anyone.”

-Everyone referring to you as their sister.

-Keeping Dally in line whenever he’s close to losing it.

-Learning a lot about cars from Sodapop.

-Helping Darry cook all the time. It’s a bonding moment for you and your big brother.

-You love to surprise Two-Bit by jumping on his back.
“Hey! Careful Kiddo!” He would say.

-Being Johnny’s best friend.

-Going to the movies with Ponyboy.

-Picking on Steve.
“She’s a smartass kid like her brother.”

-Whenever you got your first boyfriend, it was time for him to meet the family. He did not just meet Ponyboy, Sodapop, and Darry though, he met the whole gang. They are your family.

-When you were a baby, Sodapop always popped the bubbles you blew to bother you.

-Play fighting with everyone.

-You actually did good in rumbles, even though your brothers tried nonstop to get you to stay away.

-Because you happened to be a girl, Socs thought you were an easy target.

-One night, you and Darry got into a fight. To cool off, you left the house to go to the lot. Not even a good thirty minutes passed before you got jumped by Socs. Steve found you and carried you home.

-Darry raged, Ponyboy cried, and Sodapop panicked.

-It was a mess.

-Johnny helped clean you up, he was so gentle, you could barely feel him touching your skin.

-Dally barged in and tried to get you to identify the Socs that attacked you.

-He made it his business to get the guys that hurt you this badly.

-Ever since then, you had someone with you all the time, while it annoyed you at first, it was actually heart touching.

-Everyone shoved themselves in front of you whenever a Soc appeared.

-Darry’s always uneasy when you both are around Socs in public.

-Before you became a teen, you and Ponyboy use to share a room and color the walls together.

-Some girls just wanted to be your friend for your cute brothers.

-Without a mom or a sister, life was hard.

-Nobody knew how to handle your mood swings or dramatic phases.

-Sodapop loves to braid your hair.

-He helps you pick out your outfits for important events.

-You are the only one who can bother Darry without getting yelled at.

-You are also the only one who can bother Dally without getting beat up.

-At the awards day ceremony at school, Your gang cheered and hollered for you even though they were suppose to “hold the applause for the end.” Same with graduation.

-Everyone getting emotional whenever it’s your birthday. They go out of their way to buy you something special.

-If you ever feel unloved, you shall be reminded every time that you are loved no matter what.

-Because you are.

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Player: Tyler Seguin – Dallas Stars

Prompt: You have been best friends with Tyler for years, and he is persistent to go out with you but you are hesitant because of his reputation.  

Mentions: None.  

Warnings: Slight Cursing  

PreviewHe sat up suddenly and there he was inches from your face. You took a deep breath holding it in as your eyes met his. Seguin knew which buttons to push to get to you. He always had.

Characters: 871 words.

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You had known Seguin, the party boy hockey player, for as long as you could remember. He had played junior hockey with your brother for years. You knew the real Tyler, the annoying goofball who turned into your best friend that you denied you were in love with.

You cared for him, with every ounce of your being. You were just being cautious, you told yourself. You knew his flirty fuck boy reputation and as much as you didn’t want to believe it, you knew it was true. You loved him, but you didn’t want to be just another girl to him. You couldn’t risk losing your best friend. This didn’t stop Tyler.

So here you were, it was summer and this meant you were home from college and Tyler was home for the off season. You found yourself laying in your childhood bed. Tyler was sprawled out across your floor.

“You know Y/N, I miss you too much during the season, you should just move to Dallas.” Tyler suddenly stated.

You laughed, “Tyler, that is one of the most ridiculous ideas you’ve ever had.”

He looked up at you with a serious look on his face, “Why not Y/N? You can come and stay with me and we will find you a school there and then I can have you all to myself!”

You looked at him, raising an eyebrow. “Have you lost your mind?”

He sat up suddenly and there he was inches from your face. You took a deep breath holding it in as your eyes met his. Seguin knew which buttons to push to get to you. He always had.

“And then maybe you would finally let me take you on a date” he smirked.

You rolled your eyes. “Now I know you have lost your mind, Segs.”

He scoffed and leaned back onto the floor. “Why is that so crazy to you Y/N? I know you care about me! Why won’t you give me a chance!” He said exasperatedly.

This was an argument you and Tyler have had for years. Ever since you were teenagers and shared that sloppy first kiss on his basement couch, smashing foreheads and all. You laughed about it for hours. But then Tyler was drafted and he was off to follow his dreams as you were with yours. At first, it was just the distance but after you watched his reputation with girls grow into what it was now, you put up more and more walls. You saw the kinds of girls he got with, and you didn’t feel you could live up to the standard. You were just the simple girl from back home in Toronto.

You sighed, “Tyler, I just don’t think it would work and I don’t want to risk what we have…” You started only to be interrupted. “YOU NEVER GIVE IT THE CHANCE! DAMN Y/N, WHY DON’T YOU TRUST ME?”

You winced at his yelling, you were tired of this fight and leaned back into your pillows. “Tyler I just can’t be another one of those girls.” You regretted what you said the moment it left your mouth. Hurt washed over Tyler’s face and he became uncharacteristically quiet. “Is that how you think I would treat you? Is that what you think of me?” he asked so quietly you almost missed it. He was sitting up now, looking down at the floor.

You quickly stumbled onto the floor with him, you sat in between his legs. You took his face in your hands, his beard tickling between your fingers. “Tyler I didn’t mean it like that…”

“Is my reputation with girls that bad? Y/N I would never treat you like that. You mean so much to me, you have always been there and I just want to give you everything. I have been in love with you since you checked me at that family skate with your brother. I think about you every day and I long for your funny snapchats throughout the day. I just want to be with you, it’s why I fight so hard for you, I just want the chance to show you.”

Tears were streaming down his face hitting your fingers. You didn’t realize you were doing the same until he reached up to wipe a few from your cheeks. You had never seen Tyler like this, here he was pouring his heart out to you. Why had you built up so many walls? Why did you deny your love for him for so long? You crashed your lips onto his. He was surprised at first but soon his lips got the memo. You two finally pulled away and you smiled. “About that date…” He laughed one of his famous Seguin laughs and scooped you up spinning you around the room.

Family Vacation -Tyler Seguin

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A/N: Hi guys! So I have some more requests I’ll try to write this week! Also I didn’t go super into detail on this one with the family because I didn’t want a ton of he said, she said, stuff.

Request:  For a tyler seguin imagine maybe one where you and his family go on vacation?

When Tyler first brought up the idea of going on vacation with his family you agreed eagerly, you hadn’t had a proper chance to bond with his family outside of the hockey games but there usually wasn’t a lot of talking going on then. So when Tyler suggested going to a cabin that his family had rented on a lake for a week, you were eager to accept, ready to spend time with not only his parents but his two younger sister as well.

However as you sat in the car, minutes away from the cabin you couldn’t help the nerves that bubbled in your stomach and not even Cash or Marshall could calm you down as their heads poked between the two seats, eagerly awaiting the time where they could get out and run around after such a long trip.

“Will you stop tapping your foot? You’re going to be fine, it’s not like you haven’t met any of them before.” Tyler chuckled, placing his hand on your thigh, giving it a gentle squeeze in order to stop your movement and calm you down.

“Yeah but this is different, every other time I’ve met them has been at hockey games or one of your events, the spotlight is on you, and there’s very little time for conversation. Here there is plenty of empty space for me to say or do something that could mess this up.”

You rambled on and you were once again cut off by Tyler’s chuckle, causing you to turn your head to him and give him a look as if to ask if he was mocking your worry.

“I promise you won’t mess this up, they already like you from what they’ve seen of you, this is just a chance for you guys to get to know each other on a more personal level.” He assured you as you pulled up to the cabin, his family already spread out across the lawn.

You took a deep breath to steady yourself before you opened your door, the dogs scrambling to climb out as they barked and ran towards the girls. You smiled softly as you grabbed some of the bags and moved up towards the house.

“Y/N! It’s good to see you!” Tyler’s mother, Jackie, greeted you, quickly drawing you into a hug, which surprised you. Up until this point you two had only exchanged words and smiles, never any physical contact.

“It’s good to see you too, I’m excited to be here.” You smiled as the two of you pulled away from the hug, Jackie pulling you over to where Candace and Cassidy were playing with the dogs.

That’s first half of the day was filled with getting you and Tyler settled in before going out on the pontoon boat the family had rented for the weekend.

“It’s been awhile since we last talked, what have you been up to?” Tyler’s dad, Paul, asked as you guys putzed around the lake.

“The usual, work takes up most of my time but it’s enjoyable. I like what I do.” You smiled, shrugging your shoulders as you leaned into Tyler’s side, the rest of the boat ride was filled with stories about what you did in your off season. The afternoon consisted of jet ski races, water fights, swimming, and flipping a canoe thanks to Tyler, by the time dark rolled around you were ready to settle down and just relax.

That night, during the bonfire and the embarrassing childhood stories Tyler tried to hide from you, you felt yourself begin to nod off against his shoulder. Although you did your best to stay awake it was a futile effort, after all the nerves from earlier and all the fun you had during the afternoon you felt as though you could sleep for a whole day.

“I think we’re going to call it an early night.” Tyler said, standing up and tugging you to your feet despite your protests that you were fine to stay up later.

“Babe, you can barely keep your eyes open.” He chuckled in argument, bidding his family goodnight before he led you back towards the cabin.

Once upstairs in your bedroom, you drowsily changed and collapsed into bed. Which once again earned a chuckle from Tyler as he climbed in beside you, pulling you close to his side, one arm tucked up under his head as you shifted to lay your head on his bare chest.

“I told you that you had nothing to worry about. They love you.” He said, his tone oozing that know it all tone that he used whenever he was right about something.

“How do you know?” You mumbled tiredly, not bothering to open your eyes to see the smirk that graced his lips.

“Please, mom doesn’t just share those super embarrassing stories with just anyone.” He laughed and you let out a short laugh of your own.

“Point taken, but shh. No more talking, I’m trying to sleep.” You shushed him as you shifted once more, hearing his chuckle rumble in his chest.

“Alright grumpy, I love you.”

“Love you too, now shush!”

Also this is only slightly related but I finally got around to watching Brian’s Mario kart videos and now I see what everyone meant when they said how cute it was that he was supporting Brock so much ;-; Even during the races when they weren’t playing teams, he was so excited every time Brock got first, it was adorable ;;-;;