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- Steve can`t ever sleep in the same house as Dally, he`ll come in and color in Steve`s tattoo with fucking markers.

- Steve and Dally are ALWAYS trying to one up eachother no matter what it is. Everything is a competition, literally everything. 

- “I bet I can stay up longer than you.” 

- “Oh you can eat two slices of chocolate cake? I bet I could eat double.” 

- If you think this is an exception in public you`re wrong, they`ve broken more items than you can count by pushing people into things or racing one another to the other side of the store. 

- They bond over their hate for shirts. 

- Steve is Dally`s go to for angry rambling, Steve never really knows what to expect either  because Dally can be angry about anything and everything.


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Modern Outsiders Headcanons- Part One

-Two-Bit LOVES social media. Especially Snapchat. Snapchat and anything with memes. 

-Ponyboy doesn’t understand a lot of stuff so he has to look it up on Urban Dictionary. 

-Sodapop is openly bisexual. But even homophobes don’t care because he is SO HOT.

-Sodapop has a lot of followers on everything. 

-Dallas has Instagram but all his pictures are really blurry. He takes selfies but from weird angles. His clearest pictures are of Johnny. 

-The only time Dally ever smiled in a picture was with Johnny. 

-Steve has a Pinterest board about cars.

-Actually like three Pinterest boards about cars.

-Cars have taken over Steve’s Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram feeds. 

-Darry won’t let Ponyboy get a smartphone, even though Soda has one. Pony has a flip phone only for ‘safety reasons’. 

-Ponyboy is bitter because he was GOING to get an iPhone for his fourteenth birthday. But then his parents died. 

-Ponyboy likes watching slam poetry videos on YouTube. They make him cry sometimes. He’s very deep. 

-Johnny only has a phone because Dally stole one and aggressively gave it to him. 

-Dally has piercings 

-The gang has a group text and every once in a while, Two-Bit texts everyone in the middle of the night. Darry usually yells at him the next morning. 

-When Dally is drunk, he likes to call Darry and say he’s in jail, just to make Darry worry. 


-Everyone just generally uses technology to piss Darry off. 

 -Two-Bit is the kind of friend who steals your phone and changes certain words to autocorrect to terrible things. 

-On Darry’s phone, he changed ‘Ponyboy’ to ‘my child’ and ‘Soda’ to ‘I NEED YOU RIGHT NOW HELP’

Darry: Come home, my child. 

Darry: Where are you, I NEED YOU RIGHT NOW HELP?

-He changed “car” to “beloved” on Steve’s phone. 

- Soda: Steve, where r u? 

Steve: Washing my beloved 

-On Dally’s phone, he changed ‘Johnny’ to ‘my boyfriend’ and ‘in jail’ to ‘at home’ and ‘cigarette’ to ‘unicorn’. 

- Dally: I’m at home again 

Dally: I mean at home 

Dally: At home 


Dally: Just tell my boyfriend I got arrested again 


Dally: I need a unicorn

-Dally swears a lot

-I have more but I will save them for later 

The Outsiders movie vs book.... by a fangirl
  • Book Johnny:Cinnamon Roll
  • Movie Johnny:Cinnamon Roll
  • Book Dally:u ugly
  • Book Darry:hot big brother
  • Movie Darry:hot dad
  • Book Soda:f a b u l o u s
  • Movie Soda:f a b u l o u s x2
  • Book Cherry:i honestly hate u
  • Movie Cherry:nope, still hate u
  • Book Marcia:u literally have two lines and i love u
  • Movie Marcia:u literally have one line and i love u

In the poster for the film, the Greasers are shown laughing as Johnny is smirking. This was a candid shot, taken during the photo session in which the actors were supposed to look tough at the camera. What happened was that Leif Garrett (Bob, the Soc) was approaching the food table off-camera, and a stagehand (who did not know who Garrett was) said, “The food is for the talent (meaning the actors),” and Ralph Macchio sarcastically said, “Yeah, it’s for the TALENT!” This comment cracked up the cast, and the photo was used.