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Tyler Seguin - He is a Seguin

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Could I get a really sad where you have a child with Tyler Seguin or Sidney Crosby but he doesn’t know because your kid has a life threatening disease and you don’t want him to live with that. Eventually your kid dies (or not) and you find out he knew it all along.

Author’s Note: I had to switch this up a bit, because death of kids is kind of a trigger for me. I have too many bad memories that I wish to not relive. Enjoy! -Julianne

All you remembered was the phone call from Tyler. A phone call you wish you knew had to get, but you did. Drew and I got in a car crash. I need you to come to the hospital, replayed in your head. Over and over all the way until you got the the parking lot.

“My umm my husband and umm god damn it! Seguin, my husband and son were brought in.” You said tear falling. You could feel a nervous breakdown happening.

“You’re husband is in room 304.” The nurse said giving you a weak smile.

“And My son. Drew Seguin?” You asked shaking. You could tell by the nurse’s face that something was wrong. “Where is my son!” You yelled feeling your legs about give out.

“Ma’am I need you to relax.”

“I can not relax my baby is hurt and I don’t even know how bad or where he is. He is only 3.” You cried.

“Mrs. Seguin?” You heard from behind you.

“Yes.” You said to see a doctor behind you.

“I’m Doctor Mcgren, I was just going to talk to your husband about Drew. Why don’t you come with me.” He said giving you a faint smile.

You followed the short doctor into room 304. That’s when you saw how bad the crash had been. Your hands went to your mouth as you saw your husband lying in the white cotton bed. HE had cuts over half of his body and he’s face was badly bruised. He had a cast on his left arm and a brace wrapped around his neck. But he was alive and he was going to be okay, despite his injuries.

“Tyler.” You softly said as you placed a kiss to his forehead.

“I’m okay. This car came out of nowhere. Drew and I were parked in the taco bell parking lot and this guy just bam hit us.” Tyler said trying not to cry himself as he saw you.

“The guy was drunk. He hit your husband and son hard, but your husband is going to be okay.” He smiled
“What about Drew? Where is he?” You said taking a seat next to Tyler.

“Drew, got hit hard, and he was the closest to the other car. He has some injuries to his inside, we rushed him into surgery as soon as they got here. He’s still in there. All I can say right now is that it doesn’t seem like a big injury, but we can’t really tell until after the surgery. I’ll let you know more when he get’s out.” The doctor said leaving the room.

You weren’t sure what to do. You had your husband, who looked like he just escaped a horror movie and then you get the news that your son might not make it.    

“Fuck!” Tyler cried.

“Tyler.” You said trying to keep your voice calm.

“This is all my fault. I should have been watching. I shouldn’t have let him come along. Shit, why did I let this happen.” He cried holding your hand tighter.

You felt a cold punch hit you.

“Tyler, this is not your fault. You couldn’t have known that some asshole was going to hit your parked car. You did nothing wrong. Drew is going to be fine, and you are going to be fine. He is a Seguin after all.” You said trying to keep your ownself calm.

Tyler laughed at the last part. But you could tell that he was still hating himself.

“Mr and Mrs. Seguin. I’m the surgeon that was working on your son, Drew.”

“Is he okay!?” You and Tyler both said.

The surgeon smiled, before going on.

“Drew, had some bleeding inside, but we caught it in time. He is going to be fine, he’ll need to stay a couple of days and we’ll need to check up on him in a month or so but he is going to be fine.”

“Can, I see him?” You asked knowing that Tyler won’t be able to move just yet.

“Of course.”

“I told you he was a Seguin.” You smiled to Tyler.