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Dally Dealing With a Nasty Break-Up HCS

-drinks so much whiskey

-tries to play it off like he doesn’t give one single fuck

-he does, in fact, give a single fuck

-little rants to the rest of the gang about how they were a bitch anyway and he doesn’t even fucking care that they are gone

-tries to hook up with a lot of other people to get over his ex

-basically just blacks out for a week

-a lot of showers where hs is just standing there, his head under the water, not thinking or doing anything

-surrounds himself with music so he has no time to think

-a lot of sleepless nights

-always wants to go out and do something illegal with the game

-sooner or later he just falls into a deep low for like a week

-then tells himself to stop being a little pussy ass bitch and get on with his life

-and he does, comfortably numb 

Study Session - Steve Randle Imagine

A/N: This is prompt #3 from this prompt list! Hope you all enjoy!

Word Count: 207

Warnings: Innuendo mention, sex implications

Pairing: Steve Randle x Reader

“Alright, Y/N, for every question you get wrong, you’ll take off an article of clothing and give it to me,” Steve smirks and picks up a list of English words.

“Okay…” I bite my lip, “What happens if all my clothes come off?”

“You’ll just have to wait and see, won’t you? Now, what does ensconced mean?”

“Settled in comfortably!”

“It’s technically just ‘settled in’, but you can keep your clothes this time. How about opiate?”

My mind suddenly goes blank and I struggle to remember the definition. “Is… Is it 'skipping about’?”

With a chuckle, Steve shakes his head. “Hand over your shirt, baby.” He holds out his hand and smirks when I pull off my shirt and hand it to him.

“Next word? And my eyes are up here,” I giggle.

“Alright, alright. Vivacious.”


“I really wish you weren’t so smart,” Steve chuckles.

“Maybe we can take a study break,” I wink. “Really get our juices flowing.”

Setting down the list of vocabulary, Steve licks his lips. “I think that’s a good idea. We want to stay active so that our study session is better.”

“Exactly.” I push aside my notes and kiss Steve, finally enjoying studying.


You had wished this day would never come, but it did. Your dad had gotten a new job that was a state away. It paid good money and your family needed it.

Dal knew you were moving away. You told him about a month ago. He didn’t handle it well, at all. He was angry, furious. He yelled profanities, and continued to say “What the hell? you cant leave me, I need you!”.

Today was the day you were leaving. You chose to spend the day with Dallas. He was the only person who made you truly happy, despite his flaws and the arguments you two had. You had arrived at bucks to see him. Once he opened the door , you could tell something was off. “ What’s that smirk for babe?” you had questioned him.“ you’ll see” Dallas had replied while taking you to his car.

You had no idea where you were going. Once you had arrived you realized you were at a restaurant. You didn’t recognize the place but it looked fancy. “ How are you able to afford this dal?” you asked him.“ Ever since you told me you were leaving, ive tried to save some money”. Dal said.

It was extremely romantic and afterwards you went back to bucks. Once you got there you two went back to his room to cuddle and watch some movies until you got a phonecall. It was your dad, he said it was time to leave.

“That was my dad. I have to go dal, we are leaving. I promise ill see you again, I don’t know when, but I have to. I love you so much Dallas Tucker Winston, goodbye” you had told Dallas, tears streaming down your face.“ Thank you for showing me how love feels. I love you” Dallas said one last time.

Tyler Seguin (Personal for Erica)

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“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see!”

“Tyler, come on.”

“You’ll see in a moment, now relax Erica.” Tyler said placing a kiss to your hand.

You let out a huff knowing you were not going to win this one. You looked out of your window watching the trees, and houses pass by. You had no clue where your boyfriend was taking you and yet you were still happy to see what was in store. Tyler, pulled the car into a driveway and turned of the car.

“We’re here!” He smiled as he hopped out of the car.

“Here where? What are we doing at someone’s house?” You questioned as you followed him up to the front door of the house. You watched him knocked on the door before shooting you a smile.

“You must be the Seguins?” The little old lady said.

“Yes, ma’am. I’m Tyler and this is Erica.”

“Ahhhh, well come in, come in! Everything is ready in the back yard.”

“What’s in the backyard?” You asked Tyler softly.

He just smiled as he grabbed your hand and lead through the house and to the yard. Once outside again you saw a yard full tan lab puppies. You felt your smile grew. You looked over at Tyler, before bending down and picking one of the puppies. He began to fall asleep in your hands.

“We are here to pick out a puppy….well you get to pick him out.” Tyler said as he pet the now sleeping puppy in your arms.

You looked around at all the other puppies, before you noticed a smaller one in the corner all alone. You gently placed the sleepy puppy in your arms on the ground and walked over to the corner. The puppy wagged his tail as you walked closer, but didn’t move.

“Hey, little guy. Come here.” You smiled as you laid on the ground next to him. He gave you his best puppy yelp before smiling and climbing on you. You laughed as you pet his ears.

“I think we found our new kid.” Tyler laughed as he let the dog sniff him. You just smiled up at your boyfriend before, letting Tyler pick the puppy up to hand to the older lady.

“I’ll right I will go get his collar for you and some papers then you can be on your way with this one.”  The lady said.

“Thank you by the way.” You smiled as you kissed Tyler.

“Don’t thank me yet.” He chuckled.


“Okay, here you go daddy.” The lady said giving the puppy to Tyler who turned around so you could see a ring hanging from the puppy’s collar. The collar read marry me on it.

“Erica, I-”


“But I haven’t-”

“Yes.” You said again within a heartbeat.

“Okay.” Tyler softly said before placing a kiss to your lips.


“Do you want a kiss too, huh.” You giggled at the puppy in Tyler’s arms and placed a kiss to his head.