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Imagine Matt E: Cuddles and Movie

You were in bed cuddled up with Matthew, your boyfriend for one year.
You guys were watching “The Vow”
It was the part where they got into a car accident and you coulnd’t help but cry.
Matthew looked down at you and chuckled a bit and handed you a tissue so you can dry your tears away.
Matthew put his face in your neck which made you giggle which made him happy to hear you laugh.
After that he hugged you tight and kissed you on the head and continued watching the movie.
After the movie was done you turned the T.V off and looked over to a half asleep Matthew. You kissed his forehead
which made him wake up. He took you and snuggled up to you.
“Did the movie end already? Did i miss my favorite part?” he asked in a raspy voice
“Mhm you missed it but its okay we can watch it again some other time” you replied
He hugged you even tighter and kissed your head.
“babe?” he asked
“yes baby?"you replied
"I love you so much” he said in the cutest voice
you chuckled and replied “i love you so much too”
You both fell asleep in each others arms

anonymous asked:

thank you for that glorious list of female names!! i just wanted to know if you could list some of your favorite male names too, pretty please?? thank youu

omg, you’re so welcome ! i’m really glad people are finding it useful, honestly ! here’s quite an extensive list of underused/favourite male names.

brendan, elijah, caleb, kyle, ashley, oliver, nixon, ryder, kieran, jesse, xander, jai, tristan, malcolm, julian, elliot, cole, keegan, dylan, tanner, wren, matteo, tobias, gabriel, stanley, xavier, calvin, oscar, hugo, brett, jeremy, mason, fletcher, zane, justin, saxon, charlie, evan, logan, brody, christian, marley parker, stevie, oakley, emmett, henry, west, carlisle, alexander, theo, joel, harvey, corey, lincoln, jasper, leo, daniel, august, otis, aubrey, finn, luca, walker, grayson, reece, christopher, matthew, isaac, brooklyn, aiden, wyatt, kane, tyson, miles, jonah, daniel, luke, joshua, mackenzie, ryland, travis, parker, ethan, leyton, harrison, wesley, nyle, dominic/dominique , harrison, aaron, marcus, andrew, nicholas, lucas, blake, cameron, beckett, allistair, colin, felix, kiefer, scott, timothy, ezra, ace, cooper, trey, kit, chase, dion, roman, toby, harlow, kayden, holton, joel, lennon, harrison, beau, cruz, jett, troy, harry, casey, jarrod, heath, darcy, byron, dustin, colby, milo, chance, drake, hayden, tate, nathaniel, hudson, abe, shawn, riley, hamish, jordan, levi, adam, orion, zayden, reid, quinton, jaxon, damon, dexter, maximus, ryker, harley, ajax, zeke, phoenix, micah, york, harris, jett, pierce, saint, duke, camden, perry, colton, bellamy, tully, arlo, flynn, jamie, knox, jagger, axel, richie, carlos, louis, andre, campbell, brock, rowan, warren, hunter, corbin, dylan, trevor, briar, bruno, cash, fritz, callum, liam, avery, ross, jacob, shae, michael, jayden, octavius, william, noah, sinclair, anthony, shane, conrad, stephen, graeme, james, giovanni, thomas, chris, philip, bentley, kellan, karter, samuel, valentine, wesley, owen, dimitri, kendrick, lucius, angelo, jimmy, damien, emery, romeo, , sutton, geoffrey, ivan, kingston, nero, prince, kirk, leonardo, pierre,, koda, nico, reagan, salem, walter, xion, tyler, harlan, keaton, dallas, asher, and tai.

Im nothing (Matt Espinosa) requested


Matt’s POV

She sat alone in the darkness for most of the day. She never ate and would lay awake at night just staring into darkness. But i loved her and i feared for her and i feared for her health, I feel like nothing i can do can help her, i try and try but she pushes me away and shuts me out.

Sarah and i have been dating for 1 year now, we were so happy and we shared a beautiful apartment in the same building as Nash and Cameron. I don’t even know what happened, one day she stopped talking and wouldn’t do anything, i try all the time to help her but she just gives me a painful look. Her eyes are always filled my fear, pain, and confusion, its almost as she’s not even on this planet anymore. No matter how hard i tried, she wouldn’t show me any emotions that i knew were trapped among her heart.

i grabbed some strawberries and cut them up and put them in a small bowl and slowly walked into Sarah and I’s shared room

“Sarah baby? can you please eat something?” i asked her fearfully, my voice cracking at the end

no response, she just continued to stare up at the ceiling in silence

“Baby please, please eat something! anything! just i need to know your ok! baby please say something” i started sobbing but still no response

i placed the bowl on the dresser and walked out of the room in defeat

i sat on the couch and just cried, i wanted her beautiful smile back, i wanted to hear her laugh, i wanted to see some emotion, any emotion to know that she was ok. She has lost so much weight but i know that her heart is still trying to hold on, but her voice seems to be locked away in a chamber.

i sat in silence in our dark living room waiting to hear something, waiting for things to be ok, trying to hold on for the girl I love.

then, i heard a faint sob, that this time wasn’t from me

i sat up waiting to hear it again

“Sarah?” i stood up and started walking down the hall

i opened the bedroom door to see her not wrapped in blankets in her usual spot. This time, the bathroom door was shut and the light was on

the bowl of strawberries were on the ground, the bowl broken into pieces along the floor

i slowly walked over to the bathroom door and gently knocked

“Sarah Baby? are you ok? please open up” i told her through the door

Sobs erupted from the bathroom, her first emotion in a long time

“Sarah, what are you doing! please open up baby i want to help you!” i raised my voice through the door, fear in my voice

i heard her say no over and over again as she cried 

“Sarah! open up!” i started screaming 

“Baby please!” i sobbed

i banged and banged on the door over and over again in desperation to get to her

I then kicked the door over and over until the latch released and the door flew open

then i saw something that my mind could never erase

She was lying on the floor, blood streaming down her arms, cuts jagged across her arms and upper thighs. The only thing she wore was a sports bra and spandex.

i ran and picked her up pulling her onto my lap as we laid on the bathroom floor. i pulled the small blade out of her shaking fingers.

her screaming cries echoed through the apartment along with my sobs and my voice desperately telling her it will be ok

i pulled her up so she was sitting on top of the bathroom counter and grabbed a towel and some cleaning solution and began cleaning the blood and cuts that were among her skinny and shaking body.

She rested her head on my shoulder and held a fist full of my shirt

her sobs softened as I finished and pulled apart and started the tub. As it filled up and just held her in my arms for the first time in a long time.

i picked her up and placed her by the tub and and stripping her bra and spandex off before i placed her in the warm water. She held her arms over herself. 

“no baby” i pulled her arms down “Your beautiful, don’t you ever cover yourself”

i began to wash her body down

“matt?” her shaky voice whispered “could you come in with me” her voice sounded desperate

“of course Baby” i began stripping down then climbed into the water with her

she turned and wrapped her arms around my torso and rested her head on my chest. After moments of silence i took a deep breathe

“Why?” i mumbled into the top of her head as i tightened my grip around her

“I’m nothing” she whispered a single tear dripping from her cheek

“shhhhh, no your not baby, your everything to me” i rubbed her back 

“we don’t have to talk about it now, i just need to know that your ok” i whispered to her

“but I’m not” her voice cracked 

“shhhhhhh baby, we will fix that, everything is gonna be ok”

“P-please don’t-t leave me” she tightened her grip

“Never in a million years”

After a while, i picked her up and wrapped her in a towel as i drained the tub and cleaned the rest of the bathroom, her hand refusing to leave mine the entire time

I grabbed one of my hoodies that she loved and a pair of my boxers and sweatpants and helped her change into them. i changed then picked her up and carried her to our bed and placed her down gently, tucking a piece of her hair behind her ear as she laid down and stared at me

i began walking out, but she grabbed my wrist as her eyes started to water

“baby….” i crawled in bed next to her and wrapped my arms around her and she nuzzled her head into my chest and began drifting to sleep for the first time in ages.

I want to be the one to help her through this and i will find out what is going on, no matter how long it takes, i refuse to leave her side.





Requested by anonymous: can i have a super filthy imagine where you and taylor are best friends and you two flirt a lot (verbally and physically) but finally one night he seduces you and you two get down and dirty??

You were walking down the street when you heard someone whistle at you. You turn around and see Taylor smiling. You and Taylor have had some kind of attraction for each other for a little while now. You’re always flirting, you may have brushed past him once or twice and He may have “accidentally” grabbed your ass. The worst part is that you didn’t even mind because he’s so hot.

You smiled back and him and he ran to you. “ Hey Y/N you busy right now?” he asked. You shook your head “No I’m kind of bored actually”. He smirked and said, “I can do something about that” with a wink. “Oh really?” you challenge.

Somehow you end up in his room and you’re sharing a bottle of vodka. You were laughing about nothing and everything and you start to realize how much you actually like him. The vodka in your system acts as liquid courage. You turn towards him, look him dead in the eye and go in for the kill. His lips are soft and it’s the best kiss you’ve ever had.

You pull away and his eyes are still closed. A huge smile creeps onto his face, “I’ve wanted to do that for so long Y\N”. You blush and put your arms around his neck, pulling him in for another kiss. You run your hand through his hair and grab on, bringing your faces closer.

His hands are on your hips urging you to sit in his lap and you do. His hands move to your ass and he slides them under your skirt. You grab your shirt, take it off quickly and you go back to kissing him.

You’re really turned on at this point and you start tugging on his shirt. He practically rips it off and throws it to the floor. You smile at each other and he leans in, kissing your neck, leaving hickies as he goes. You moan when he gets to your sweet spot, he marks you, claiming your body as his.

You fumble with his belt buckle and start sliding down his pants and boxers in one swift movement. He hikes up your skirt and pulls down your thong and takes off your bra. His hand makes its way to your heated core. He teasingly pushes his finger in and pulls it out just as fast. He brings his finger to his mouth and tastes you.

“Mmm baby who made you this wet” he says and pushes his finger into you again. You moan and close your eyes. “Answer me, and open those lovely eyes” he demands. You do as your told “You did baby, it’s all you” you say and moan while he pumps in and out of you. He adds another finger and goes deeper, hitting that spot that drives you nuts.

Your fingernails dig into his shoulders and he starts using his thumb to tap your clit. You try to clamp your legs shut and he pries them apart, grasping your thighs roughly. He goes faster and you come undone on his fingers, screaming his name.

He smirks and picks you up and throws you on the bed. You go to grab his length and he stops you, “Watching you cum was so fucking hot, I’m so hard. I won’t last if you suck me baby” he says. You smile proudly and move your hips upwards grinding onto his cock and he growls. He grabs your hips and pushes them down, pinning you to the bed. He enters you slowly, filling you completely and his tip grazes your g-spot causing you to cry out. His hands rest on either side of your face, supporting his weight.

Your hands are scratching his back as he fucks you relentlessly. He’s thrusting non-stop and his head dips down to your breasts. He takes your right nipple into his mouth and sucks making it harden instantly. He pinches the other roughly and soothes it with his tongue. You’re a moaning mess and he can’t help but smile at the sight beneath him.

You attempt to meet his thrust, raising your hips but he slams them down once more and spreads your legs wider. His finger starts circling your clit and you scream so loud the neighbors could probably hear you. “That’s right baby scream my name like your life depends on it” his dirty talk makes you moan louder and he rubs fast hard circles on your clit.

He’s hitting your g-spot repeatedly and you just can’t take it anymore, you scream and your whole body is shaking. Taylor comes to a stop and pulls out of you. You open your mouth to welcome his throbbing shaft and he pumps himself a few times before he cums.

You’re both lying naked on his bed and you fall asleep. When you wake up, you’re wearing a shirt and boxers in Taylor’s bed with the blankets covering you. His hands are wrapped around you and you’re spooning. You smile to yourself; this is the start of something great

so its saturday. taylor making me feel some type of way. anyone wanna take me to a flight to la?Nobody. Oh, that’s not fucking ok-me. || I’m writing part 4 n’ bored af

The laundry (Taylor Caniff)

Request for Katie

Today my boss let me leave work early. I’m grateful because there were so many chores to do at home.

I text my boyfriend Taylor telling him that I was getting out early and he says that he‘s going to pass by and I got a little excited. We’ve been dating for a little over two months and I really like him. He’s considerate, kind-hearted and well really hot. Every minute we spend together makes me like him more, I think I’m falling for him. 

I got home and the first thing I start doing is the laundry because I’m down to my last pair of panties. I grab all my dirty clothes from my room and make my way down to the basement where the washing machine is.

I hear the doorbell and I know its Taylor, I get butterflies and get all giddy. I answer the door and he’s standing there leaning on the door frame with a smile on his face. I swear his smile could stop traffic. He leaned in for a kiss and I melted. When his soft lips left mine and I whimpered witch made him chuckle.

“Hey babe”, I love it when he calls me that, “ I missed you” he says. I smile and say “Me too baby but I have chores to do” and make a pouty face. He rubs my cheek softly and I lean into his touch. It’s like he’s a drug, my drug of choice and I’m addicted. “Let’s get to it then” he answers and flashes his beautiful smile again.

We make our way down stairs hand in hand. I start pouring detergent into the washing machine along with the fabric softener and I notice Taylor from the corner of my eye. He looks nervous and a little scared. It worries me a bit but I try to brush it off.

I start the machine and turn towards him. He looks me in the eyes and then at my lips and leans in, I obviously reciprocate. The kiss is desperate and unsure, I can feel that something’s wrong, he’s never anything other than confident.

I pull away and give a confused look. I meet a nervous gaze and I speak up “ Baby what’s going on I can tell that something’s not right”. He takes a breath and grabs my hands, intertwining our fingers, “Katie I have something to tell you, every since we’ve met I knew that there was something about you. I’ve never felt this way before about anyone. You make my day better just with a smile. When I look into your eyes I see someone that makes me so happy. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m in love with you. Every second we spend together makes me love you all the more, I love the way you make me feel and everything about you. Katie, I love you.”

At this point I’m crying and I have the biggest smile on my face. This is the best moment of my life. “Taylor I love you too” I say through my tears. He grabs my waist and kisses me hard. I’ve never been so happy.