Tyler Seguin - Ring Finger

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Okay so I have had this idea for awhile now and I thought about writing it but you will probably do a better job. So I would to request a Tyler Seguin imagine where he casually says “you know I want another tattoo… I was thinking on my ring finger” and that is how he proposes.

Author’s Note: This is honestly the cutest thing ever! Thank you for letting me write this! Enjoy! -Julianne

It was around 5 o’clock when you got home from class. You were beat, between work and your classes you wanted nothing more than to eat dinner and go to bed. It was Friday, so you thought that Tyler might be out, but when you got home and saw his car still in the same place as when you left for school you knew he was home for the night.

When you and Tyler first met around three years ago, he was a huge party animal. Every day was either spend at the club or having a house party. After the first two years of you being together the parties and clubbing seemed to die down a lot. Of course he still went out, but normally it was on a weekend night and he never stayed longer than an hour. As for the house parties, he only had one about every two months, and he always made sure you were okay with it.

“Hey! How are my baby boys!” you cooed as three big labs greeted you by the door.

Gerry, still being new always got a little more excited when you came home, meaning whatever was in your hands would most likely get knocked down.

“Gerry!” Tyler said sternly. “We don’t knock down mommy’s books.” Tyler said again making the tan lab back down.

“Aww. Is daddy being a meanie.” You cooed again making Tyler grin.

“Daddy, is always a meanie.” He joked as he pulled you in for a kiss. “Hey.” He smiled

“Hey.” You smiled back.

You pulled away from Tyler so you could peel your shoes off and places your bag and books on the table, before making your way into the kitchen.

“Not going out tonight?” You asked as you pulled a pan out from one of the cupboards.

Tyler leaned against the doorway watching you with a smile on his face. “No, I didn’t feel like going out. It get’s boring. Plus, I have someone to come home to now, so there’s no point in going out.”

You looked back at your boyfriend and held your phone up. “I’m sorry but could you repeat yourself. I want to make sure I heard you correctly.” You giggled.

“Ha, ha.” Tyler said as he wrapped his arms around you. “I love you.” He said resting his forehead on your’s.

“I love you too.” You smiled before pecking his lips.

“So, I’ve been thinking.” He said letting you go so you could finish your cooking.

“Did it hurt.” You grinned.

“Funny, girl tonight.” He joked.

“I try.” You said turning on the flame to the stove.

“I think, I’m going to get a new tattoo.” He said biting his lip.

“Oh yeah. Where?” You said eyes fixed on the stove.

“My finger….my ring finger actually.” He said looking at you.

“Oh you’re not going to get a lion are you. So many people are doing that and it’s just weird.” You said still looking at the stove.

“Um no.” He said flatly. “I should feed the dog’s.” He said before leaving the room.

You went on cooking your food when your phone went off. You smiled as you saw your sister’s face pop up.

“Hey Sam, what’s up?” You said.

“Nothing much just thought I would check up on my little sister. How are you?” She cheered.

“Nothing much, just got home from class, making something for dinner.”

“How’s Tyler?”

“Tyler’s good. He just actually told me he was thinking of getting a new tattoo.” You said turning off the flame.

“Oh yeah, where?” She asked.

“Ring finger.”

There was a loud screech on the other side of the line. So loud that you dropped your phone in the pan. Luckily, you had just turned the heat off. You picked up the phone and wiped it.

“What the hell Samantha!” You asked.

“You’re getting married!” She cheered.

“What? No, I’m no-Ohh. Ohhh shit. Sam, I have to call you back.” You said clicking end.

You can’t believe what just happened. Tyler, just asked you to marry him and you didn’t even know. Of course something like this would have happened to you. You ran out to where Tyler feeds the dogs, and found him sitting by the pool. You passed the dogs, and opened the screen door that lead to the pool. You took a seat next to Tyler.

“So the ring finger.” You said.

Tyler, just looked at you. He wanted to be mad but you knew he couldn’t. He smiled as he pulled you into his side. He placed a kiss to your temple, before he pulled out a blue velvet box. You were sure that if Tyler didn’t have a hold on you, that you would have ended up in the pool. You took the box in your hands, and opened it. Inside was a custom made ring, it was big and heavy like a brink. You looked up at Tyler, who only smiled at you.

“I love you. I’m not sure what I would do without you. You have made me a better person and you have done nothing but support and love me for me. I know that at time’s I can be hard to love, but you never give up. That’s someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. Someone who doesn’t give up. Although, she didn’t know I was asking her to marry me before either, HOWEVER.”

You giggled.

“HOWEVER, I love you so much. Y/N, will you marry me.” He said taking the ring out of the box.

“Yes.” You said softly.


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The announcers talking about Tyler’s scoring drought reminds me of his last season in Boston, I️ know it’s only the beginning of the season.

I hate it when the media gives a n y o n e shit about a scoring drought. (#leavemitchmarneralone)

it’s six fucking games. s i x. he’s still been active in them and managed to get a couple of assists in there- so it’s not like he’s not producing at all.

after Jamie, he’s the highest producer for the team this season. 

give him a fucking break.  

 it’s not like the stars are really producing well overall to this point. They’re picking on him because he /should/ be doing better, but everyone goes through rough patches.

and now Tyler’s being tried on new lines to try and increase production in lines other than the top line and anyone who tries to insinuate it has to do with his drought is a fucking dick- that has to be affecting his play at least a little bit, considering he’d be so used to jamie, and at this point raddy, on his wings - like it takes time to refind your groove when the line changes are less about “ wow look at that chemistry” and more desperation to make a positive change. i’m pretty sure they’re hoping that the change can help him break his ‘drought’ considering the way it’s really been helping the rest of the offense.

this game has been a positive look at what shaking things up can do- 11 goals from 10 players in the two games they’ve been throwing in these change ups at home. 

the entire top line scored tonight. instead of a dominating top line they’re finally easing into a team in which all lines are proficient at doing their fucking jobs

devin shore scored for the first time this season on tyler’s wing.

he’ll score when he scores. scoring isn’t always everything. especially when no one else is pulling their weight.

((It’s so weird watching this game and seeing jamie celebrate goals without a 91 there D: ))((i’m sorry this veered off a bit i had some grievances to air))

interesting read about the dallas line changes

Is your (hockey) tumblr also being flooded by more bad news about the orange cheeto in the Oval Office? Are you also a disappointed hockey fan, pissed off with the NHL? Or worse - are you a Pens fan and cried yourself to sleep last night, because you hate that your own team did wrong?

Well, don’t despair, for I have a remedy post of fluff for you! Filled with soft boys, epic hockey bromances, Instagram chirping, puppies and the smile of Gabriel Landeskog. (Not that it solves anything to close your eyes to stuff that is wrong in the world, but a bitch can only take so much!)


Hockey Phrase Definitions

  • Assist = I gotchu boo, have a goal
  • Blew a tire = ice much slippery
  • Boarding = wall for safe, not for face.
  • Breakaway = quick like a bunny
  • Chirping = much insult
  • Crashing the net = up close and personal, goalie edition
  • Delay of game = dumb
  • Dropping the gloves = gloves off, better for hugs
  • Empty net goal = participation award
  • Flow = to the fella over there with the hella good hair
  • Goaltender = marshmellow optimus prime
  • Holding = now is not the time for hug
  • Icing = belongs on cakes, not in sports
  • Jock strap = under the butt nut hut
  • Line brawl = much hugs
  • One timer = couldn’t do that again if I tried
  • Own goal = woo goal for the other team
  • Penalty box = pout place
  • Referee = not Denis Widemans friend 🐸🍵
  • Spearing = hockey players are not hot dogs

The benches in hockey dressing rooms are built so that your feet rest on the floor with your skates on which means that there are pictures of Large Professional Athletes with sock feet dangling off of the bench and I think that is a beautiful thing.