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Thank you Jennifer, Ginnifer, Josh, Jared, Rebecca and Emilie for these six magical years together. ❤️


6x20 - “Powerful Magic” rehearsals


Our little tribute

It’s hard to say goodbye to these characters that have given us so much over the years, but we don’t really need to do it because there will always be a place on this blog for both the characters and the actors that gave them life.

A lot of fans want to know how Charming feels about Killian at this point. Do you think Charming is content with handing his daughter over to this man?
Oh my god, yeah! They have a friendship that is very strong now. He went to Hook for help and he helped him out in a big way and made him start seeing things clearly, so yeah, they’re tight.



The whole cast rehearsing. I started recording and I didn’t know I would be able to catch the group hug.

My first thought at this point : Aww! It’s the last time we’ll see Gosh..little did we know it will also be JMo’s (I’m sure at this point, they KNEW!)