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here's my concept: dallas and malek in love and.............okay.

Here’s a concept: Dallas and Malek in college with some other dude dorming with them and they’re both lowkey since Dallas is a little anxious with coming out. Dallas sleeping like a cat and easily awakened with the slightest of noise because the guy he and Malek dorm with has a morning class. The second the guy walks out the door, Dallas is scampering off his bed like an over excited Puppy, blanket trailing behind him and making him trip and stumble. Dallas crawling into Malek’s bed as soon as he can. Nose pressed against Malek’s chest because loooord Malek always smells so good. Malek kissing the space between Dallas’ eyes half asleep. Concept.
It’s late whrere I am and I’m on painkillers but What A Concept.

Little Space! Jally

(Hi one time I was supposed to be studying in class but instead wrote this,, so you know, enjoy these rambles?!)


“I drawed, er, drew you a picture,” Johnny lurched, shaking his head at the fictional word he had sputtered. The boy had precipitously fallen back into a certain state of mind that always made him feel safe. It was cozy and light, nothing he felt the need to shield from his boyfriend at this time. Somewhere in the back of his head he knew Dally was still inept to this, but he wouldn’t chide the Greaser because hell, he didn’t even know how to correctly word what was going on whenever this arose. Dally was trying to savvy more every time it happened though, so he gave him merit for that.

Although Dally wasn’t doing a superb job of noticing his boyfriend’s ill-defined frenzy of enthusiasm now, as his mind was elsewhere. Johnny enforced himself to simper, holding the picture up, restricting his eyes and thrusting out his lower lip at the Greaser’s lack of acknowledgement.

“Oh?” was all Dally said when his eyes hewed to the paper.

The boy before him effected to wane, slowly receding back, gathering the drawing close to his chest.

“Oh no,” Dally started, lunging to take the picture prudently. He looked it over and a tender smile broke out on his face. Hues ran together and the thick, black lines that were supposed to guide the boy’s crayons seemed to be crisscrossed with every color that was used. “Cute” was not a lapsing word in this man’s dictionary, but at times like this it seemed to be a bold noun that glinted lustrously behind his eyes.

Meanwhile, Johnny linked his hands behind his back and deviated his weight from one foot to the other. It was a spur of the moment ruling to show Dally the picture. Maybe he wasn’t quite there yet.

“I love it,” his boyfriend breathed, leaning in and wrapping an arm around Johnny, who leaned against his touch in thanks. Both of them were beaming now, Johnny’s grin so wide that his eyes peeked shut, and Dally’s grin aimed down at the boy in his arms.

“Sorry, I just didn’t know you were in that little space before,” Dally vented with half a smile.

“It’s alright, Dal,” Johnny rejoined, his voice lively in bliss. Dally’s arms clemency tightened around the boy and Johnny laughed.

“Thank you, little prince,” Dally cooed, smiling as he saw the Greaser melt in his arms.

Small fingers curled up around a wad of Dally’s shirt, cheeks tinged red as fits of giggles escaped him. Dally couldn’t help himself, leaning down and sprinkling kisses over the boy’s flushed skin. Johnny squirmed in his arms, chuckling as his boyfriend’s lips stalked from his cheeks to his forehead, then back down to his nose and finally grounding his lips. They didn’t quite align into a valid kiss, but neither minded, and eventually Johnny regained his composure, still smiling, gasping tediously against Dally’s chest. The Greaser let out a long breath, closing his eyes and leaning his head back against the couch. Johnny simpered, leaning up and emerging in his field of vision.

“I love you,” he piped, kissing the top of Dally’s nose. Dally’s face crinkled dramatically at this, but ultimately he smiled back up at Johnny, intertwining their fingers.

“I love you too, Johnny,” he said leisurely, and Johnny knew that he meant every word.

“I’m very glad, my king,” Johnny rallied. His lips crashed against Dally’s before the Greaser could properly rebound to the nickname, which was hastily forgotten. Grins wore away to smiles and Johnny’s eyes narrowed against the kiss as he put more force behind his actions. Dallas regarded this and tried not to smirk too visibly, allowing his eyelids to fall, mimicking his boyfriend’s tactics. 

Somewhere in the back of his mind though, he was trying to recall where all of his magnets for the fridge went. Surely Johnny would like it if he hung up his picture for everyone to see, right? 

Anonymous said:Being best friends with Dally Winston would include?xx I LOVE YOUR WRITING BY THE WAY

A/N: Yeah sure, lovely. Sorry that it took me awhile to post your request, lovely. I had waaaaay too many requests. /-\ Thank you very much, sweetheart! (: I’m glad that you love my writing, that makes me super happy. :3 Please enjoy the imagine, anon! (:

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Being Dallas Winston’s best friend would include:

- Breaking the law together.

- Being partners in crime.

- “Hey, Dal.

- “Yeah, (Y/N)?”

- “Bet you ten bucks I can steal that slier than you.

- “Hell no! But a bets a bet, you’re on!”

- Nobody ever messing with you.

- Dallas caring about you but never admitting it.

- Fast car rides.

- “We’re gonna die!

- “Will you shut your trap and close that door! You’ll kill yourself, idiot.

- “Hey (Y/N)…” Dally would trail off.

- “What do you want, Winston?

- Getting drunk together frequently

- Dallas not knowing how to deal with you when you get emotional.

- “Stop doing that!” Dally would snap suddenly.

- “It isn’t like I can help it, asshole!” you spit.

- Dallas pulling you into his side when you cry or go quiet because he doesn’t know what else to do.

- You giving Dallas space when he get’s mad, because you know him better than anyone else, and learnt the hard way with him.

- Knowing each other like the back of each other’s hands.

- Both of you always being up for a challenge

- Dallas being your pretend boyfriend when it calls for it.

- You being Dallas’s pretend girlfriend when it calls for it.

- Dallas always asking you if you’re up for something.

- Unfortunately being present when Dallas tries picking up women.

- “I’ve seen someone pick something up better with a ten inch pole, Dallas.

- “Shut up.

- Being the only one to smart talk Dallas and get away with it.

- Late night talks and rides around town.

- Dallas talking to you about his years of New York.

- Knowing all the sides of Dallas.

- Dallas being so protective of you; it’s like you’re his sister.

- “You touch her one more time and I’ll kick your ass, punk!” he’d growl ferociously.

- Having a love and hate relationship with Dallas.

- “I hate you.

- “You love me really.

- “Whatever.

- When you get jumped and Dallas finds out… BITCHES DIE!

- You being protective of Dallas but Dallas finding that useless because he can look out for himself.

- Dallas making sexist jokes and you basically slapping him.

- “Forgot you were one of them.

- “THEM?!?!

- “Can you chill for five minutes?

- You being the best girl fighter on the greaser side of town.

- You learning (from Dallas) and knowing how to talk real dirty (as in cussing).

- Getting to wear Dally’s brown leather jacket with the sheep skin inlet.

- Dallas having a soft spot for you.

- Sharing what you both have with each other.

- Basically being like siblings.

- Lot’s and lot’s of bickering.

- Being the tuffest/toughest greaser best friends in Tulsa.

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just need a little space - Cameron Dallas imagine ( Requested )

brie08 said to mmagcon101:
Can u do a Cameron imagine where he invites u over to his place but when u try kissing his cheek and trying to lay on his lap he gets up because he’s busy on his phone so u get upset and confront him


“"Hey I’m out front “ you said over the phone to Cameron he replied with an "okay I’ll open the door “ . You stepped outside your car walking up the steps to his place coming face to face with Cameron his hair was tossled in his face his eyes were heavy Andy his chest was bare . 

“"Hi baby “ you said smiling before entering the house , “"hey babe “ he said as he pulled you in for a huge embrace he gave you a quick kiss before letting you go . 

You slipped off your shoes and ran to his room to put your bag there . 

You entered the living room to see Cameron on his phone , you made and attempt to sit on his lap and you were successful for about two seconds before Cameron gently pushed you away leaving your feet the only thing to straddle his legs . 

“Babe “ you said sad,y and confused . 

“Yes” he replied “ are you okay ?” . 

“Yeah I’m fine I’m just not in the mood for cuddles right now “ said still looking down at his phone . 

“Oh” you sighed pulling out your phone and pretending to focus on instagram , but your kid was still focused on his behavior . 

“Cameron can I ask you a question ? “ You asked sitting up removing your feet from his lap . 

“Yeah what is it ? “ He turned his attention towards you . 

“Why did you invite me over if your not gonna talk to me or let me cuddle you “ you asked . 

“ Y/n becaus i just wanted to spend time with you , I was hoping you being here would take my mind off of planning this tour but nothing is really working “ he chuckled looking at the blank celling. 

“"Well let me do what girlfriends should do “ you sat up and straddled his lap. You placed your hand on either sides of his jaw as you looked him deep in the eyes you took his lips to your and you began to stir up a nice makout session . 

“Your the best girlfriend “ he chuckled in between kisses as he picked you up and laid you down fully on the couch so his  body was straddling yours . 


I hope you enjoyed ❤

Dally x Reader The Unexpected

Summary: Dallas and you are on a date, aimlessly driving around. Your brothers are the Curtis’ so you haven’t told any of your family or gang about the relationship, they would flip. You try to avoid them as much as possible on the date. But they turn up unexpectedly leading to a narrow escape.

You had been dating Dallas Winston, the infamous fuckboy, for about two months now. You decided to keep it from your brothers, Sodapop, Ponyboy and Darry because you knew they’d disapprove.

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Space City Comic Con is a wrap 😄. I had fun. Met some really nice people :). I drew a lot of pink hair girls since my collection of pencils were limited since I totally blanked while packing and left a lot of my supplies at home. Oh well. Now it’s time to go home and reset for Fan Expo Dallas this coming weekend. I’ll again be taking on site commissions. This time though I’ll be sure to have my collection of pencils and prismacolors handy. 😉