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WWE Hall of Fame 2017 Inductees 

I did what I did. I did a few things like moonsaults off the tops of cages, but usually I relied on wrestling and technique. A lot of people used to think you had to be really chancy, but I was never like that necessarily. If you know how to structure a match, you don’t always need that stuff. Other guys are starting to understand that, and I haven’t seen this much great talent in a long time. Obviously wrestling is doing something right.” — Kurt Angle 

It was a surprise. I had a message on my phone [from WWE] to call the number back. I think they got ahold of Ricky at the time. When they called, it was just like a suckerpunch. It just knocked us off our feet. It’s an honor for Ricky and me to go into the Hall of Fame.” — Robert Gibson (The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express)

I’m humbled and honored, man. Just to be a part of it. I remember Dusty telling me one time, “You know, D, there’s only two things left in our business that’s still real: your first world title, and the hall of fame.” That’s gonna be emotional for me.” — Diamond Dallas Page

If you looked at all the boxes you would check to make a main event guy that would go down in history as one of the best, Rude checked all the boxes. He was an all-around package. He looked good, he could play the part, he knew what to do. He could take great bumps, feed the babyface when it was time to feed, and he would never run out of gas.” — Ricky Steamboat, on 'Ravishing’ Rick Rude

People think because I do a lot of talking on TV and stuff and that I am an outgoing person, well I am really not, I am kind of a loner. You guys were able to do that for me, and get me back out there, get me on this podcast, and get my name out there. This Hall of Fame thing, I am just honored to be apart of that. I really want to thank the WWE, the WWE Universe, Vince McMahon, Steph, Hunter, all those guys that gave me the opportunity to portray my talents and gave me a break, I just want to thank them all and say I appreciate it.” — Teddy Long

When you are in WWE, you dream of that moment when you get to reflect on your career and the things that you did and you get that wonderful individual honor. It seemed so far off in the distance for me when I was wrestling. I didn’t know when — or if — I’d ever experience that feeling. I certainly didn’t think I’d have that opportunity this early in my life. It’s amazing and very, very humbling.” — Beth Phoenix

Valentines Day.

My instincts: “You need a date…”


Me: “eh, got too many already…”

My instincts when I first saw 80s dudes...vs now...
  • Matt Dillon: *watching The Outsiders..."Oh, he's kinda cute...I mean he's tall, has nice hair, a great smile..and yeah...extremely hot......Dallas is hot....."
  • Now: *watches The Outsiders the 10th billionth time....."MAAAAAAAATT FUUUUCCKKKKIIINNG DILLLOOOOOOONNN!"
  • Michael J. Fox: *watches BTTF..."Aww, he's so cute! Marty McFly is so adorable! I want a guy like him! Back to the Future is now my favourite movie!"
  • Now: *watches BTTF....watched BTTF 2.....watches BTTF 3...watches Family Ties.......watches Teen Wolf.....watches Light of Day........watches Bright Lights, Big City.....watches The Secret of my Success.....watches Stuart Little...goes on Google & types "is Michael J. Fox Canadian?"........goes on Youtube and types "Michael J. Fox interview".....and finally......ALEX FUCKING P. KEATON!"...*sips orange juice....
  • River Phoenix: *watches Stand By Me....."Omg River Phoenix! I felt like I heard about him before?! But, he's such a good actor!"
  • Michael Schoeffling: *watches 16 Candles...."Damn he's cute! Wait...he looks a little bit like Matt Dillon.....shit......
  • Now: *watches 16 Candles.....looks through the window to see if theres a red porsche and Jake Ryan......*sighs...
  • Matthew Broderick: *watches Ferris Bueller's Day Off......."I wanna go downtown on a float with Ferris for a day...."
  • Now: *goes in the shower and starts singing Danke Schoen...while dancing to Twist & Shout!
  • Ralph Macchio: *watches The Outsiders or The Karate Kid..."Ralph Macchio is THE KARATE KID! Don't know where Jaden Smith came from?"

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The Chicago Shit Show

So, I’ve been looking at the numbers and it looks like Chicago got the raw end of the deal. So, if you have extra Chicago tickets, let me know, I know several people who need them.

For Chicago, Harry is playing the Chicago Theater with a capacity of 3,600 people. 

I’m going to list the US Harry venues with the US city I think they would be associated with from OTRA:

  • San Francisco (Seattle, Santa Clara)
  • Los Angeles (San Diego)
  • Nashville (Kansas City)
  • Chicago (Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Columbus, Chicago, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Detroit)
  • New York City (East Rutherford, Orchard Park)
  • Boston (Foxborough)
  • Washington, DC (Baltimore)
  • Philadephia (Pittsburgh, Philadelphia)
  • Atlanta
  • Dallas
  • Austin
  • Phoenix

So, you’ve got 6 cities that had OTRA shows for 3,600 seats. Mind you, they all sucked, don’t get me wrong. But I feel like this is why I haven’t seen a single person with a Chicago ticket.

Recap of the ‘17 NBA Draft Lottery

First announcement of the Lottery, Heat get the 14th pick..

Knicks pick up the 8th pick!

Kings with their second lottery pick at 5 (and 10)

Magic was all smiles when it was clear that the Lakers were going to get a top 3 pick

First pump from Magic when Lakers landed the 2nd Pick. This almost confirms that Lonzo Ball will be a Laker…

Boston get the #1 Pick. That was some trade Boston made with Brooklyn…

‘17 NBA Draft Lottery Summary

Who do you think Boston will take with the #1 Pick?