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books of the nature of les misérables cannot fail to be of use


Hey Allllllll,

Today the tour stops in Dallas, TX. LGBTQ history runs deep in Dallas, and The Dallas Way keeps great record of it. Founded in 2011, the organization’s mission is to compile the untold stories of local LGBTQ community members. The Dallas Way has partnered with the University of North Texas to create a digital exhibit chronicling the people, issues, and events that were important to the LGBTQ community in this area.

On the #SuburbiaTour we are focusing on LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum in schools. The work that these two organizations are doing is immensely important. If LGBTQ history isn’t made available to the public, it will be like these people never existed. If LGBTQ kids grow up seeing people they identify with making a difference and shaping the world in which they live, they will know that they too, can make an impact in the world.

The organization we are working with tonight is The Resource Center. The Resource Center’s Youth First program is one of the only programs in the area specifically focused on the needs of LGBTQ youth. With approximately 15,000 LGBTQ youth living in North Texas, these services are vital in helping them with issues they face with their family members, peers, and fellow students. Youth First serves those ages 12-18, helping them strengthen healthy relationships, and build the confidence they need to lead an authentic life.

Want a ticket upgrade? We’re taking donations of basic necessities that are often taken for granted. We are asking that you bring a new stick of deodorant to donate at the show. Bring at least one to be entered in a raffle for a ticket upgrade.

Thanks ya’ll and see u tonight!!!

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