dallas harder

Distance doesn't matter

(I drew him. Sure, you can laugh to it.)

He is Dallas Harder.

I really admire him not only because of his look but also of his talents. He may not know that I even exist (which really saddens me, kidding), I still like him. I am really looking forward to see him in the person, like REALLY, though it’s too impossible. Unfortunately, he’s living in the opposite side of the world, mile-miles away from me. He’s two-years younger than me yet he can do exquisite things. Some of his talents are photography, drawing/sketching, modeling, and etc.




I found him in a tumblog about cute guys. And starting that day, I become his no.1 admirer. Not a stalker, but an admirer. He is a total snob but I won’t get enough of his face. He’s my wallpaper in my phone and he even has his own album of his pictures in my phone. I watch his video blog, I visit his personal site, I follow his tweets, I read his blog-posts, and the list goes on. Every time I can’t sleep in the evening, one-by-one, I’ll scan his pictures.

I may sound creepy but I am really into him. But one thing is a fact. Can you believe that this LIVING ART is GAY?? Yeap, you read it right. HE. IS. GAY. Bi-sexual. But it doesn’t stop me for admiring him. He’s a turn-on in every ways. I just hope that before I die (way too far in the future), I get to see him. He really captured my eyes, my brain, and my heart.

So he is Dallas Harder, my admiration.

Lady Gaga Story

“You and I” were in the “Electric Chapel” with “Judas” and decided to “Marry The Night” , I was “So Happy I Could Die” ! “Alejandro” then showed me his “Teeth” while I brushed his “Hair” . “The Queen” thought we were “Bad Kids” , but we told her it was a “Bad Romance” . Then the “Government Hooker” told us to “Dance In The Dark” , it was a “Disco Heaven” . I was on the “Edge Of Glory” , almost “Speechless” . I’m so glad to be “Born This Way”

-Written By Dallas Harder .