dallas harder

So earlier today I was showing one of my cousins a pic of the gang and I tried to make him name the greasers and/or their actors and it went like this

Darry: Uhh.. That’s Patrick something 

Dally: Matt Damon, no, Rat Dillon, AHHGGHG THAT’S MATT FREAKIN DILLON 

Soda: Rob… Rob something. He’s Sodapop

Two-Bit: Mickey (guys I’m not even joking he seriously thought that Two’s name was Mickey)

Johnny: Ohh.. That’s gotta be Johnny! Ralph!!!

Pony: That young-looking one is Ponyboy

Steve: I don’t know who he is.. Wait, Tom Cruise is in this? Is that Tom Cruise? That guy doesn’t look like him. Wasn’t Tom Cruise in Toy Story?

Harder Than Stone (Acoustic)
City and Colour
Harder Than Stone (Acoustic)

Harder Than Stone (Acoustic) || City and Colour

Traipsing though the utter dark
Walking underneath the dead moonlight
Without any great concern
For what I’ve missed or how many bridges have burned

Like a bird who flies
All the way from the north
My heart will roam
In search of warmth

Hear you moan during a dream

Ponyboy- “Pony…. boy…” You moaned. “What?” He shook you wake. “You okay you uh moaned… oh.” He blushed a bit as you did too knowing he knew what you were dreaming about. “Do you want too?” He looked at you, knowing your parents were out of town. 

Johnny- “Johnny.” You moaned as you were laying together at the lot, you always took turns sleeping and he just watched you squirm and moan for a while until you woke up. “You okay?” He asked. “Yeah.” You blushed knowing he heard you. 

Sodapop- “I’m…getting…” You moaned, and jumped awake, with Soda looking at you, you blushed and looked down. “Usually if you dream about something you must really want it.” he smirked and you just shrugged starting to blush

Steve- “Steve… I want… you.” You moaned. He smirked and kissed you awake. “You ask and you shall receive.” He smirked and kissed you roughly leading to a little fun for the both of you.

Two-bit- “Twoo…” You moaned in your sleep. He looked down at you while you were taking a nap. You woke up and saw him watching you. “What?” You asked. “Do you want something?” He smirked and winked.

Darry- “Dar…Darry.” You moaned while you were sleeping and Darry came in from getting home late. “What babe?” He asked getting dressed. You jumped awake. “What?” You looked around. “You were moaning my name… Oh.” You blushed and looked down. “Sorry.” You refused to look at him. 

Dallas- “Dallas.. harder” You moaned in your dream. He woke up and smirked listening to you. You woke up a little while later and he smirked at you. “Ya know you don’t have to dream, just ask.” He laughed and kissed you roughly. 

Work Hard, Play Harder.


You arrive home late one night; cold, miserable, and tired. Like every other night Dallas is at one of Bucks parties, and isn’t home like you’d hoped. You walk through the bedroom door and kick off your heels. Quickly following the routine by striping off your smelly clothes. Being a waitress for a bunch of rude socs and smartass greasers really wears you down. You turn to go to the bathroom and run right into Dallas. “Hey goodlookin’” he says with the gorgeous dangerous smile you fell in love with. “Hey Dal-I am happy to see you” you greet him smugly. “One hell of a way to welcome me home” he winks and licks his teeth; he smells of booze and smoke. “Come wash me off” you say swaying your bottom as you slowly walk towards the shower. Dallas doesn’t waste a moment and before you knew it he was behind you holding on to your waist.


“Soda..” you whimper as you walk through the Curtis’ front door. “Hey (y/n), Soda is in our room. Want me to wake him?” answers Ponyboy. “No it’s okay i’ll get him”. You sneak through the kitchen and into Pony and Soda’s room. He is laying in bed lightly snoring; he looks so peaceful you decided not to wake him. You lay on the bed next to him and his eyes flutter open. “(y/n)” he says smiling, “I didn’t think you’d be off work so soon.” You shyly smile and look down at your feet. “A huge fight broke out down by the shop and we closed early.” You hesitate and he notices; “Hey doll.. are you alright?” “Yeah..I was just hoping we could go out and have some fun tonight.” He jumps up and kisses you on the nose; “Where to sweetheart? The fair is open. Wanna go there tonight?” You grin so big you almost started tearing up. “If you wouldn’t mind..” He tackles you down on the bed and starts tickling your sides; “Only if you smile like that again!” You two kept  horsing around till he jumped up and went to shower. Tonight is going to be so much fun you can’t stop smiling, even though you’re alone.


You work with Steve and Sodapop down at the DX. You all work very hard and barely have time to yourselves. Tonight Steve is going to a drag race and Soda is going with him. You feel kind of left out, but don’t let them know. “Y'all have fun tonight” you say as you clean up the tools you used today. “What?” Steve says looking at you very confused. “The drag y'all are going to..have fun” You answered. “What you mean have fun?” You start getting frustrated, “Steve don’t act stupid.” You begin to walk towards the door, but he stops you by grabbing your arm and spinning you closer to him. He hugs you tight and says: “You don’t think my girl is staying home tonight do you? I got your car all souped up and ready to race along side me.” You smile and kiss him passionately; “if that’s the case y'all slow pokes hurry up I got a race to win!”