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Frederik Andersen

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Jordie Benn

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Connor Brown

Sean Couturier (bonus - with teeth!)

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Scott Darling

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Devan Dubnyk

Cody Eakin

Claude Giroux

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Scott Hartnell (edit; I swear I didn’t forget him!! somehow he got clobbered from the post tho)

Elias Lindholm

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Paul Martin (yes, I picked an older one without that horrible beard he’s been growing since he went to the sharks, so sue me ugh!)

Brock McGinn (with bonus hair flip. That flo tho!)

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Matt Murray

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Marc Staal

Jakub Voracek

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Scott Wilson

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Not in A Million Years-Dallas Winston Imagine

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Warnings: fluff

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  It was half past noon when Dallas Winston strolled into Dairy Queen. A cigarette was poised between his smirking lips as he strolled towards the cashier desk. With each step he took, my body filled with more dread. However, I should have grown accustomed to this routine since Dallas made a habit of stopping by Dairy Queen every day at twelve thirty for the past couple of weeks. His regular visits had quickly become the worst part of my summer job. He always had a lit cigarette in his mouth and stupid cocky grin on his face, both were things that I wanted to smack off of his face. Unfortunately, Y/B/F/N had grown to love these visits and was especially engaging with him every time.

   “Oh come on, Y/N, he is such a dreamboat!” she exclaimed once after Dallas had left.

   “Yeah, and he’s also spent a little too much time in the cooler for me,” I muttered.

    How was a good looking face supposed to make me forget about the fact that he was a criminal? It amazed me how people like the Curtis brothers could be such good friends with them. I used to talk to Soda a lot but after we both got jobs, we stopped hanging around as much. I never got the chance to ask him about why he was friends with Dallas or why Dallas enjoyed bothering me every chance he got.

    Therefore, my mood immediately fell when Dallas walked into Dairy Queen and sauntered up to me with that stupid grin on his face. A couple of greaser girls and Soc girls who were hanging out on opposite sides of the restaurant looked like they could have fainted when they saw him.

     “Welcome to Dairy Queen, how may I help you today?” I said through gritted teeth.

    “Aw, Y/N, turn that frown upside down. I know you’re happy to see me.”

     I gritted my teeth down even harder. 

     “Hey, Dallas, what’s buzzin, cousin?” Y/B/F/N asked as she stepped forward from the kitchen.

    “Not much, Y/B/F/N. Just gettin’ my usual.”

    “Sure, we’ll have it right up!” Y/B/F/N clapped my shoulder as if to say “Talk to him!”

    I ignored the signal as I rang him up for a cheeseburger, fries, and a strawberry milkshake. “Two fifty.” 

    Dallas handed me the exact change and leaned on the counter as I put the money into the register. “Come on, Dolly, we’ve been doin’ this dance all summer, why don’t you let me take you out?”

    “Because you’re not my type, Dallas.”

    “Really? Cause I’ve caught you starin’ at me several times.”

    “I was glaring, Dallas.”

    The truth was that as much as I didn’t like Dallas, I did come to appreciate his good looks from time to time. However, I didn’t want him to know that—-it was too much fun to dislike him.

    “Sure you were.”   

    I rolled my eyes. “Y/B/F/N will have your order up soon.”

    “Fine.” Dallas took a long drag from his cigarette. “But I know why you won’t go out with me.”

   “I know you do because I’ve told you why several times.”

   Dallas shook his head. “No, besides all that, you’re afraid that if you go out with me, you’ll see that I’m not a bad guy after all and maybe see a new side to yourself too.”

    “Get bent, Dallas.”

    “Oooh, still got a mouth on ya.”

    His grin made my stomach flip and I could’ve scowled at myself. How was it that someone I loathed with every fiber of my being had an affect on me? But, I wasn’t easy like any of the girls Dallas went out with. I took school seriously and planned on going to college after high school. Even though I did live near the Curtis’, my parents were well-to-do people and would have a cow if they knew I had even spoken to Dallas Winston. 

    Once his food was ready, I handed him the bag and told him to have a good day, like I do with every customer.

    “It gets even better every time I see you.”

    He sealed his statement with a grin and sauntered out of the restaurant confidently, a couple of girls staggering after him. I rolled my eyes at how ridiculous they were.

   “Bunch of airheads,” I muttered.

   “You know you like the attention,” Y/B/F/N teased.

   “I really don’t, I wish he’d stop coming around.”

   “If you keep this act up he just might and you’d ruin everything for the both of us. You know that I get a kick out of that guy.”

   “How can you? He’s so hard and scary.”

   “That’s only one side of him, have you seen him with Johnny? Practically an angel,” Y/B/F/N said. 

   “Still, there is someone for everyone and I am not the one for Dallas and he isn’t the one for me.” I glanced at the front and saw Kelsey, a buxom platinum blonde greaser girl, talking to Dallas as she tried to subtly shove her chest in his face. “Obviously.”

   Of course, my body had to betray me as I felt the familiar twinge of jealousy burn in my chest. I shouldn’t care about the girls Dallas Winston hangs out with, but I did to a small degree. I wasn’t anything like them so why did he insist on irritating me so much? 

   The question plagued my mind for the rest of the day until it was time to close. I had just finished up sweeping the main dining area when Y/B/F/N came from the bathroom with her bucket and mop in tow.

   “I officially can’t stand men! Isaac shouldn’t make us clean up like this every night.”

   “Yeah, but the pay’s decent,” I said.

   “It’s the only thing that gets me through these long summer days, missing all the new flicks in Marlon Brando,” Y/B/F/N said with a dreamy sigh that made me laugh.

    “By the end of summer, you’ll be able to fly out to meet him if you want.”

     “Even better, he’ll fall in love with me and we’ll get married and have beautiful, talented children.” 

    I shook my head at my friend and we put up the cleaning supplies. After I put the day’s earnings in the safe in Isaac’s office, I locked the door and took off the apron we had to wear during open hours and hung it up in the kitchen.

   “Are you all right if I leave now?” Y/B/F/N asked. 

   “Yeah, sure, you almost locked yourself in here once and wouldn’t want to risk that again.”

   “Don’t remind me about it. See ya tomorrow.”

   “See ya!”

   Y/B/F/N sauntered out and I took my time grabbing my things and making sure everything was in order before I turned off the lights and locked the door. I put the keys to the Dairy Queen in my pocket and started heading in the direction of my house. 

   “Hey, baby!” My body froze as soon as I recognized the voice: Kevin Richards, a Soc friend of Tim’s. 

   I usually only had to worry about him during the day if I had the day off and walked around town with Y/B/F/N. He was rarely at Dairy Queen if I was working for some strange reason. I glanced in his direction and saw that he was smoking with two other tall, large Socs. They all wore pastel light jackets and pristine blue jeans. They looked like all-American boys were certainly far from it.

   Kevin grinned at me and started walking towards me. “How’ve ya been?”

  “Fine, thanks,” I said, backing away.

  “C’mon, don’t be scared, baby. I just wanted to know if you wanted to see a flick with me or hang out with me and my friends.”

  “No thanks, I’m busy.”

  “Right now?” Kevin was getting closer to me and I felt myself getting more nervous.

  “Yeah, my mom’s expecting me home soon. She gets worried when I miss curfew.”

   “C’mon, you’ll be in safe hands. Relax, baby.”

  But I couldn’t relax, not with that sinister look in his green eyes nor with the way his friends were eyeing me. Why couldn’t guys just take a hint?
   Just when I was about to break out into a run, Dallas pulled up to us in his car, blasting “Hound Dog”. Kevin’s attention immediately went to Dallas and I only relaxed slightly. 

   “What are you doin here, Greaser?” Kevin sneered.

   “Could ask you the same thing, Soc,” Dallas said. 

   He cut off the engine, got out of the car, and walked over to me and stood at my side.

   “I’m askin Y/N to go out with me,” Kevin said.

   “And it looks like the lady doesn’t want to, isn’t that right, Y/N?” 

   “Yes, I told him I wasn’t interested.” 

   Dallas turned to Kevin. “You hear that, the lady isn’t interested, so why don’t you go back to the south side and try to sweet talk one of your ladies into a date.”

   Kevin stepped forward and Dallas whipped out his knife.

   “I wouldn’t try anything if I were you.” 

   Kevin’s eyes widened and he glared at Dallas than at me. 

   “You made a big mistake, both of you.”

   He slunked back over to his friends and Dallas put his knife away.

   “Thank you, Dallas, I really owe you one.”

   “How bout a date?”

   I groaned. “Can neither you nor Kevin take a hint?”

  “Can I at least drive you home? It’s a far walk from here.”

  I glanced at Dallas’ car before looking back up at him. “Fine, no funny business.”

  Dallas opened the car door for me and then got in on the driver’s side before pulling off into the night. 

   “So, Kevin’s been after you for a while, huh?”

   “Yeah, don’t really know why.”

    Dallas scoffed. “Are you serious?”

  “As a heart attack.”

   “Y/N, you’re the most gorgeous girl in this town, of course all the boys are going to be after you.”

   “So that’s why you’ve been after me to go out with you? Because you like the way that I look?” 

   “No, but I’d be lyin’ if I said that wasn’t part of it.”

    I frowned and turned towards him. “Then what is it? What about me makes you so adamant about asking me out every chance you get?”

    Dallas sighed. “You’re smart, almost scary smart, and you don’t take crap from anyone, namely me. You’re tough in a way that I’m not and you can cut me down unlike anybody else.” Dallas glanced at me. “And while we’re on the subject, why won’t you go out with me?”

   “Because I heard about what you did in New York and I know about your time in the cooler. I appreciate what you did tonight but that doesn’t really change things.”

   Dallas’ grip on the wheel got harder and it was obvious that he didn’t like my response, but it was the truth. “I know I did bad things in New York, but I’m different now.”


   “Forget about it.”

   The rest of the drive was silent, save for the music softly playing from the radio. It felt torturous until we finally got to my house. He pulled up and parked.

   “I’m awful sorry if I hurt you, I didn’t mean to, it’s just—-being with you would be kind of frightening—-interesting, I’m sure, but frightening. And I do really appreciate what you did for me at Dairy Queen. How lucky am I that you pulled up just in time?”

   “It wasn’t luck. “


   Dallas turned to me. “Don’t have a cow, alright, but I’ve been hanging around the Dairy Queen making sure no one messes with you.”

   I frowned. “But, how have I not noticed you?”

   “I’m real good at hiding, Y/N.”

   His cockiness returned but it didn’t mask how sweet his actions had been. Ever since he learned that I worked at Dairy Queen, he made sure I got home safely? Maybe Dallas Winston wasn’t so bad after all.

   Before I could really think about it, I leaned forward and pecked Dallas’ cheek. “Y/B/F/N closes tomorrow. Pick me up at eight.”

   Dallas face broke into a giddy grin that I never saw before. “See you then, sweet cheeks.”

   I rolled my eyes, hoping he noticed that over the blush burning on my cheeks. My parents were going to be livid once they found out about us, but what was life without a few risks? 

Hear you moan during a dream

Ponyboy- “Pony…. boy…” You moaned. “What?” He shook you wake. “You okay you uh moaned… oh.” He blushed a bit as you did too knowing he knew what you were dreaming about. “Do you want too?” He looked at you, knowing your parents were out of town. 

Johnny- “Johnny.” You moaned as you were laying together at the lot, you always took turns sleeping and he just watched you squirm and moan for a while until you woke up. “You okay?” He asked. “Yeah.” You blushed knowing he heard you. 

Sodapop- “I’m…getting…” You moaned, and jumped awake, with Soda looking at you, you blushed and looked down. “Usually if you dream about something you must really want it.” he smirked and you just shrugged starting to blush

Steve- “Steve… I want… you.” You moaned. He smirked and kissed you awake. “You ask and you shall receive.” He smirked and kissed you roughly leading to a little fun for the both of you.

Two-bit- “Twoo…” You moaned in your sleep. He looked down at you while you were taking a nap. You woke up and saw him watching you. “What?” You asked. “Do you want something?” He smirked and winked.

Darry- “Dar…Darry.” You moaned while you were sleeping and Darry came in from getting home late. “What babe?” He asked getting dressed. You jumped awake. “What?” You looked around. “You were moaning my name… Oh.” You blushed and looked down. “Sorry.” You refused to look at him. 

Dallas- “Dallas.. harder” You moaned in your dream. He woke up and smirked listening to you. You woke up a little while later and he smirked at you. “Ya know you don’t have to dream, just ask.” He laughed and kissed you roughly.