dallas green

Hello, I'm in Delaware
City and Colour
Hello, I'm in Delaware

So there goes my life 
Passing by with every exit sign 
It’s been so long 
Sometimes I wonder how I will stay strong 
No sleep tonight 
I’ll keep on driving these dark highway lines 
And as the moon fades 
One more night gone, only twenty more days


You+Me - Love Gone Wrong.

If ever there was a song to describe Claire and Frank’s last fight lol

Dallas: 🎶 Baby baby, don’t you come my way no more
I don’t want you knocking at my door
Baby baby, why’d you treat me so damn mean
When I gave you my love more than you’d ever seen

Baby baby, oh can’t you see my pain
Don’t you understand what it’s like to feel this way
Baby baby, don’t you come my way no more
‘Cause it won’t be like the way it was before

Ours was just a love gone wrong
Don’t that sound like the same old song
This time I’m really moving on
'Cause baby I’m gone, I’m gone gone gone
I’m gone for good

Pink: Baby baby, think you got this story wrong
You have misunderstood me and my loving all along, hmm
Baby baby, could’ve all worked out just fine
But you kept breaking me down and working me time after time

And you say baby baby, oh can’t I see your pain
Don’t I understand what it’s like to feel this way
Well let me tell you baby, baby baby
Won’t you step into these shoes
Walk a mile with me and then tell me who hurt who, oh 🎶

T&S Play Covers or with Others - YouTube
It's always fun to see them play something that's not theirs, or with people who aren't in their band!

Oh hey guys, did I mention that I made a playlist of my videos of T&S singing covers and having other artists come onstage with them?  I’m pretty stoked about it, even if Prince’s label did block one of my videos of them singing “When You Were Mine” and file copyright strikes again me…