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If I had a dollar for every fictional character and band member I fell in love with id have enough to afford the therapy I so clearly need
Tyler Seguin - Ink

Anon: Can you do a Tyler seguin one where he takes you to get your first tattoo?

A/N: As someone who has a tattoo on the side of her foot and is getting another next week, this was easy to write considering I have endured this pain. Tattoos hurt v badly, fyi

Warning/s: Tattoos (is this a warning? just in case) and swearing 

Word count: 586

Song: Tattooed Heart - Ariana Grande (haha I’m so funny. this song is so cute)

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Les Miserables

Honestly, if directing it, I’d just put on a replicate production of the Dallas Theatre Les Mis that set it in modern times.

Except I might make some of the Barricade Boys into girls because, you know, girls can also be revolutionaries. Matter of fact, I just might do gender-blind casting. Lady Javert, Non-Binary Marius, Boy Eponine…it’s all good, really.