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American Airlines Attendant Hits Mother and Baby with Stroller 

American Airlines said it is investigating an incident in which a male flight attendant reportedly upset a female passenger to the point of tears, then later was recorded getting into a heated confrontation with a male passenger who tried to come to the woman’s defense.

The incident was captured on video by another passenger, Surain Adyanthaya, who uploaded the video to Facebook late Friday afternoon. The airline confirmed the incident took place Friday on American Airlines Flight 591, from San Francisco to Dallas-Ft. Worth.

“OMG! AA Flight attendant violently took a stroller from a lady with her baby on my flight, hitting her and just missing the baby,” Adyanthaya wrote on Facebook. “Then he tried to fight a passenger who stood up for her.”

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But yeah, Texas is a big state. No two parts are the same.

In the Panhandle, you’ve got dry, flat land where lots of tornadoes pop up every year and they actually see snow

Then you’ve got West Texas (where I lived the first 12 years of my life) where you’ve got desert, ghost towns, and oil pumps E V E R Y W H E R E

Then you’ve got Big Bend Country with all the mountains and the Rio Grande. Extremely gorgeous. Some of my best school field trips were here.

Then you’ve got Hill Country with all its hills and trees. It’s popular for hunting and known for its “cowboy culture.” Very pretty. But floods easily, unfortunately (as you’ve probably been hearing in the news).

Then you’ve got the Prairies and Lakes region, where there are lots of prairies and lakes. Dallas and Ft. Worth are located here.

Then you’ve got East Texas, or the Piney Woods. Lots of trees and swamps.

Then you’ve got the South Texas Plains, where there’s nothing but cattle ranches, cacti, dry grass, and vicious wild animals. Tex-Mex culture is strong here.

And last but not least, the Gulf Coast region (where I live now). Extremely tropical. Temperatures almost always over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, not including the high humidity which makes it feel ten degrees hotter. Beaches, palm trees, and deltas galore! Watch for hurricanes.

And that’s Texas. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Dallas-Ft. Worth Cats 1959 Road Jersey

American Association

History via Ebbets Field Flannels: After winning the Texas League pennant in 1958 Ft. Worth moved up a classification into the AAA American Association the following season. The Cats made the playoff finals, where they lost to Minneapolis. Bob Will led the league in runs and hits.


Anyone in the Dallas/Ft Worth Tx area that could take in this poor ball python, PLEASE CONTACT ME so I can give you the owner’s information. I just don’t have the space to rescue him/her.

The BP’s obviously in bad conditions, the water, it’s skin (seriously zoom in on the image), no hides, just EVERYTHING.

@i-m-snek @hissykisses @wheremyscalesslither @reptiliaherps (could you guys repost incase any of your followers are in this area)

i was just escorted off the airplane by police at the Dallas airport because of the writing on my guitar case. they had the nerve to compare the fact that there are a couple of cuss words written on it to the seriousness of 9/11. when i told them its my art, they told me “that’s not art” and proceeded to go on some “George Bush is a saint and I’m disrespecting his country” type rant. Well let me make it clear Dallas Ft Worth airport: as long as i am an American citizen paying my taxes (and your over priced airline fare) every year I will continue to practice my freedom of speech, starting with this: FUCK YOU MR. TSA MAN, FUCK YOUR PRECIOUS GEORGE BUSH, AND FUCK YOUR NARROW MIND. you should be honored that u even got to touch my guitar case. i hope your kids are MGK fans, buy tickets to a show to watch me play that guitar, and post pictures of the case hashtagging about how dope the art on it is.

It’s baaaaack! Calling all anime lovers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, Mini A-kon is this Saturday at the Denton Civic Center and Emily Fowler Public Library! Admission is FREE, so come on down and join us. Click here for more information.

The FUNimation Industry Panel will be in the Library Meeting Room at 10:30am. We’ll also have an information booth, so be sure to stop by and say “Hi!”

The Aridoamerican League

(Might as well do some worldbuilding) 
jarman7: Earl of Texas
crownedpatriot: Cacique of the Rio Grande
royalist-southron: Earl of Greater California
egiru: Don of Sonora-Chihuahua
united-states-nationalist : Duke of Arixo
beard-blackout: (begrudgingly) Lord Mayor of Dallas-Ft. Worth
@paraisoencontrado: Emperor’s First Minister
Glorious Emperador: Don Maximilian von Goetzen-Iturbide 

US Counties in distance from Washington, DC

“_________county is __ counties from Washington”

Color 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Red 1 17 33 49 65 Yellow 2 18 34 50
Lt Green 3 19 35 51
Aqua 4 20 36 52
Md Blue 5 21 37 53
Lt Purple 6 22 38 54
Lilac/Lavender 7 23 39 55
Pink 8 24 40 56
Orange 9 25 41 57
Gray 10 26 42 58
Maroon/Burgundy 11 27 43 59
Olive 12 28 44 60
Dk Blue 13 29 45 61
Dk Purple 14 30 46 62
Dk Green 15 31 47 63
Sky Blue 16 32 48 64

Major Cities distances:

New York  12, 13
San Fran. 64 LA 58
Phoenix 57 Chicago 25
San Bern. 57 Dallas-Ft Worth  41, 42
Detroit 17 Houston 40
Seattle 62 Philly 7
Minneapolis 26 DC         x

San Diego 59 Miami 35
Tampa 31 Atlanta 24
St. Louis 30 Boston  14, 15