dallas flag


June 26, 1992 was the evening I took these pictures of the Rollins Band at Trees in Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX.  I was never a huge fan of any Rollins Band LP other than Lifetime.  After begrudgingly going to this show I was a fan of the Rollins Band without fail.  Say what you like about ole Henry but live he and the band never disappoint.  The Toadies from Fort Worth opened the show and played their usually great set.


Dallas Ambush Follows Pattern of Provocateured False Flags

In February 2014 paramilitary snipers (later identified as Gladio operatives) opened fire on protestors and police forces in Ukraine, escalating the crisis and putting the final nail in the coffin of Yanukovych’s rule. In March 2011 the “spontaneous democratic protest” in Daraa led to carnage as trained snipers killed seven policemen, escalating the crisis and launching the five-year long devestation of Syria. In July 2016 unidentified snipers opened fire at an otherwise peaceful protest in Dallas, potentially sparking America’s next civil war. Do you see a pattern?

The Dallas shooting was clearly a false flag attack....

First the media, law enforcement and several witnesses claim they heard multiple gun shots from multiple elevated positions. Now today they claim that this man in the photo (Micah Xavier Johnson) was the lone attacker BULLSHIT!!!!! Here’s a video of him (supposedly) killing a police officer…….but yesterday they claim everyone who was shot was hit at long range. How the hell did one man shoot from multiple elevated positions than somehow got to ground level to kill some more. Clearly this was a staged shooting by corrupt elements of our own government than blamed it on this now dead black man. Also reports now say the police killed him with a vehicle drone you cannot make this shit up lmao. Do not believe this shit.