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hi guys these are my payday 2 ocs chins and smallas, they have completed one hundred thousand professional heists without getting caught even once also they are the greatest crimimals in the world and also they’re very strong and sexy and can shoot good. ORIGNAL CHARACTERS, DO NOT STEAL!!!!!!


June 26, 1992 was the evening I took these pictures of the Rollins Band at Trees in Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX.  I was never a huge fan of any Rollins Band LP other than Lifetime.  After begrudgingly going to this show I was a fan of the Rollins Band without fail.  Say what you like about ole Henry but live he and the band never disappoint.  The Toadies from Fort Worth opened the show and played their usually great set.

Death is Dallas Winston

Fandom: The Outsiders (Dally X Reader)

Warnings: Motorcycle riding without gear is mentioned, distracted driving, and slightly sexual actions. No sex though. Please ride motorcycles and dirt-bikes with proper gear. You have been warned.


  The roaring beneath you kept you focused. You hadn’t really thought about stealing anything before, but the beautiful black motorcycle had been leaned against the wall of an alley way. Sure, someone was probably going to try and get it back but you didn’t care in that moment.

  You had always been fascinated by the idea of motorized bikes. A motorcycle was all you really needed in your life. The rush of wind through your hair, the warmth of the bike under you, and the feeling of freedom was like a drug to you.

  It was like flirting with death in the most seductive way. A boy called out your name as you passed the DX.

  Speaking of flirting with death…

  Dallas Winston flagged you down. He had a drink in his hand a cigarette between his teeth. He threw the drink against the nearest wall and started over to you. You’d been together a few times and maybe today was one of his more caring days.

  You spotted Steve working on a car and Soda was outside, too. They saw you and Soda nodded in your direction a simple greeting.

  “The hell are on?” Dallas’ blue eyes stared you down. You scoffed. He took a drag of his cigarette before flicking it away.

  “A motorcycle.” You stated like it was obvious. He glared and removed your left arm from the handle. He pushed up your sleeve and looked for any signs of substance abuse. You weren’t on drugs and he knew that.

  “What kinda drugs are you on or are you just stupid?” He sounded slightly pissed. What was his deal? You noticed his hand had the silver ring he rolled a senior for. He and Sylvia must be apart again. You knew Sylvia and it was no surprise he must have found out about her sleeping around.

  “I’m living life. What’s it to you?” You sat on the bike waiting for him to do anything. Was he really trying to tell you riding was dangerous? Shoot, more people get killed in rumbles than on motorcycles. Well, to be fair there was a rumble pretty often.

  “You’re being stupid. This thing is a death trap and you’re gonna end up the prey.” Dallas stared you down. He was pushing your buttons in all the right ways. He knew what he was doing, too.

  You stood up and got as close to his face as you could without him backing up. You whispered the words in a low tone, “You know me better than that, I’m never prey. I’m the predator.”

  There was the dangerous look in his eyes you had been waiting for. You sat back on the bike and had your legs a bit farther apart than they had been. Dallas took notice and you jerked your head in the direction behind you.

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“The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ” by Roger Stone

When You learn about the Kennedy assassination -  you inevitably learn about the Vegas Massacre. Both were inside jobs and inside jobs share certain characteristics no matter what they entail.

drabble series; big bird

part two; pg; early msr, maybe season 2? post abduction; Our duo are on a journey to see a huge fucking bird.

part one


Sandwood Trailer Park is a trailer park in all the right ways except the one way in which it is completely, unsettlingly not. Sparkling white mobile homes are spaced out among patchy wheat-colored grass. Flags fly high, all kinds of flags, American flags, confederate flags, a Christmas flag that’s two months past irrelevancy. A Dallas Cowboys flag floats so proudly Mulder wants to tear it down and burn it. A windchime sings a pretty song that beckons you forward. You cannot tell which home has the windchime. This is the purpose of windchimes.

Now, Mulder and Scully have been to many a trailer park – it apparently comes with the territory. Mulder says poor people are more honest. Scully asserts they lack access to adequate mental health services. Both of them admit, in their heads alone, that the answer lies somewhere in the middle. Digressing. They know a thing or two about trailer parks, anyway, more than you would (if you do not live in a trailer park, and possibly even still), and so they know that something is wrong. 

In all trailer parks you will find at least one person standing outside. Mowing their yard, listening to the radio, selling bibles door to door and never celebrating their birthday. Sometimes there is a kickball game, or a fight. But there are always gravel pathways with a decorative stone in the middle reading Faith, or Love, or Welcome Home, and there are always pick up trucks, and there are always, always people.

Today everyone chooses to remain indoors. The silence is unbearable.

Mulder stares at Scully. Scully stares at Mulder. Perhaps they do this for a bit too long. A yellow fly bites one of them and that person hides their pain remarkably well. Together they walk down a bleachy white driveway covered in grimacing porcelain frogs and Mulder glues himself to Scully’s back when she knocks on the door. She is wearing Mulder’s sunglasses. Mulder will snatch them off her face sometime a bit later.

The man who answers is taller than Mulder and has a face you can trust. Just trust him, okay? He has a beard. He loves his mother. Everything smells like marijuana. He stares at them mildly from behind the torn up screen door and Scully tries a pleasant smile.

“Hello sir, my name is Dana–”

The man interrupts her with a voice like pure honey you can borrow from the old lady next door. It is very thick. It takes the two of them a moment to decipher what the hell he’s saying, but they get it. Eventually.

“You folks here about the big bird?”

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These are imagines and other things that are coming soon!!


  1. Corbyn Besson (Why Don’t We)
  2. Daniel Seavey (Why Don’t We)
  3. Ryder Lynn (glee)
  4. Jack Avery (Why Don’t We)
  5. Shawn Mendes (Shawn Mendes)
  6. Nolan Holloway (Teen Wolf)

I dont have titles for these imagines yet, but I’m writing them so I will keep you guys updated.


  1. Jonah Marais (traveling) (Why Don’t We)
  2. Scott McCall (first date) (Teen Wolf)
  3. Cameron Dallas (going to six flags) (Magcon)
  4. Ethan Dolan (camping together) (Dolan Twins)
  5. Zach Dempsey (Christmas tree shopping) (13 Reasons Why)


  1. Jack Gilinksy (celebrating your 1 year anniversary) (Jack & Jack)
  2. Sammy Wilkinson (being best friends) (Omaha boys)
  3. Cisco Ramon (being Cisco’s sister) (The Flash)
  4. Jonah Marais (dating him would include) (Why Don’t We)

Also I have no clue when these will be posted, but i can tell you they will be posted. Also they will not be posted in order.


We need more t e e t h.

“It was really interesting playing a character who feels so at home in a corporate look, and, heels and being put together, and to go out into the jungle and then become disheveled and unhinged. Then ultimately in that state, in her more animalistic state, embrace her true femininity. I’m really glad that we kept the heels on the entire time because it felt strong to me.” – Bryce Dallas Howard

The Dallas shooting was clearly a false flag attack....

First the media, law enforcement and several witnesses claim they heard multiple gun shots from multiple elevated positions. Now today they claim that this man in the photo (Micah Xavier Johnson) was the lone attacker BULLSHIT!!!!! Here’s a video of him (supposedly) killing a police officer…….but yesterday they claim everyone who was shot was hit at long range. How the hell did one man shoot from multiple elevated positions than somehow got to ground level to kill some more. Clearly this was a staged shooting by corrupt elements of our own government than blamed it on this now dead black man. Also reports now say the police killed him with a vehicle drone you cannot make this shit up lmao. Do not believe this shit.