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Would you stop starin’ at her tits, Rayon, you’re startin’ to look normal.


farewell degrassi tng meme [5/15 characters]: Mike Dallas

“Sometimes I feel like anger’s the only thing I got.”

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All headcanons for Dally?

☾ - sleep headcanon

Dally takes up a lot of space when he sleeps. 

★ - sad headcanon
Dallas never knew his mother, and he wishes that he had never known his father. 

☆ - happy headcanon
Dally likes chocolate ice cream. 

☠ - angry/violent headcanon
Y’all all know what type of temper Dal has smh

✿ - Sex headcanon
Dally loves making the girl moan. 

■ -  Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon
Dallas loves his room at Buck’s - while he sometimes spends nights on people’s couches, that room is the closest thing he’s ever gotten to a room of his own.

♡ - romantic headcanon
Once Dallas gets used to cuddling you at night, he doesn’t sleep well without it. 

♥ - family headcanon
Dallas considers the boys his brothers, no question about it. 

☮ - friendship headcanon
One time Dallas had to babysit Two’s little sister with him and he just sort of sat there uncomfortably trying to to cuss too much. 

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon
Dally liked drawing when he was younger. 

☯ - likes/dislikes headcanon
Dally likes freckles on girls… He thinks they look cute and kind of innocent. 

▼ - childhood headcanon
Dally doesn’t like to think about when he was little. 

∇ -. old age/aging headcanon

I’m going to do what I always do and assume that Dallas is alive and happy and say that over time Dallas develops a liking for one or two Beatles songs. 

♒ - cooking/food headcanon
Dallas loves burgers. 

☼ - appearance headcanon
Dallas’ hair is curly when its wet oh my GOD 

ൠ - random headcanon
Dallas is a cutie but we already knew that


At the Dallas Stars annual development camp this year, three players from South Korea – forward Jinhui Ahn, defenseman Wonjun Kim and goaltender Kye Hoon Park – participated alongside Stars prospects.

Dallas general manager Jim Nill invited them at the request of former Pittsburgh Penguins player Jim Paek, the first Korean to play in the NHL. Paek is the director of hockey for the Korean Ice Hockey Association and coaches the South Korean National Team.

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Infants May Benefit From Advanced Cochlear Implants

by Brian Owens, Inside Science

Cochlear implants are powerful tools for people with hearing loss. Using electrodes implanted in the ear that transmit sound directly to the brain, they can give even the profoundly deaf a sense of sound.

But their success often depends on how early the implants are placed. People who are born deaf and receive implants as adults have worse outcomes than those who are fitted with the implants as children, said Andrea Warner-Czyz, an audiologist at the University of Texas at Dallas who studies development in children with hearing loss.

This is at least partly because as people with hearing loss grow older, the parts of their brain that are normally used to process sounds are reassigned to other jobs, such as visual processing. Once these reassignments occur, it is difficult to re-train them to do anything else.

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5 officers dead, 7 officers and 2 civilians wounded in Dallas sniper attack — latest updates

Late Thursday night, multiple snipers opened fire on an otherwise peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, killing at least five officers and leaving seven other officers and two civilians injured. 

On Friday morning, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings confirmed the death of a suspect who had been engaged in a standoff with the police. While the identities of the shooters haven’t yet been announced, Dallas Police have three suspects in custody. More as this story develops.

Over half the roll I shot at this cemetery was screwed up, due to a shutter curtain issue at certain speeds. But this one I like anyway. Despite the frustration of losing so many of my 36 frames shooting a cemetery 200 miles from home, I still LOVE shooting film for that very unpredictability. I’ll shoot 36 or 15 or however many frames and take what the photography gods give me.

Oakland Cemetery
Dallas, TX

Minolta X-370 + Kodak Tri-X