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Hey could you do some headcannons for sodas fem!twin and dally having a crush on her


- you guys are known as the movie star twins
- you guys look so much alike it’s scary
- and y'all would be connected at the hip
- Dallas would literally do anything for you but in a tough cool guy way
- “You son of a bitch…”
- at first Dallas was like pfft ok sure ya I’ll leave her alone but after leaving the Curtis house he couldn’t help but feel the sore lump in his throats when he thought about what Soda said and how true it was
- Dallas isn’t one to give up so he starts shaping up…subtly
- let’s be real here he didnt think u noticed but you did and you were kinda rooting for the dork
- then one day he finally swallows his pride (and a few shots of liquid courage) and puts on the best clothes he owned and marched all the way to your house to talk to Soda (he knew Darry wouldn’t be a problem because Darry trusted soda and if soda was cool with it darry would understand)
- you just happened to be there to see what went down
- “What the fuck do you want Winston?”
- “I wanted to ask you if I could date your sister.”
- “Good one, buddy.”
- “Soda please what do I have to do to prove to you that I won’t hurt her?!”
- abort AboRt abORt ABORT
- Dallas ran out that house so fast
- they mustn’t know that I have emotions
- You followed him tho :-)
- “Were you telling the truth?”
- Dallas stopped in his tracks, he would know that voice anywhere
- he didn’t want to turn around to look at you
- with a crackly, raspy voice he responded with “Ya”
- you walked right up to that big dork and kissed him

- Soda was very reluctant at first
- he would glare at dally when ever he saw him
- you snapped him out of it tho and he slowly started to notice how dally was treating you and how much he actually cared
- Darry learns to accept it tho over time

National Best Friends Day

Fandom- The Outsiders. (Entire group, nobody specifically.)

Warnings- None. Not a very long fic.

Note- Requests are open. I also mention Gordon Ramsay, but ignore it if it bothers you.


  Light was pouring through the cracked curtains of the room. A golden color was beaming right across Pony’s eyes. The warm and comforting smell of coffee beans wafted through the house. Other scents, those of food, weren’t as prominent as the coffee. Pony rolled away from the bright sunlight and tried to open his eyes. Was Soda cooking or was Darry? Nobody had to get up early on the Saturday morning, but it seemed like someone had.

  Pony caught a glimpse of Soda’s face. The golden sunlight turned his hair a wheat gold and his skin looked sun-kissed. His jaw had some stubble across it, which caused it to make his jaw line jut out. His hair was sticking up everywhere and was extremely fluffy. Soda would have looked like a god if there wasn’t drool running out of his mouth and down his chin.

  Pony tried to contain his laughter as he noticed dried drool in other places on his face. Pony glanced at the clock on the wall. It read ‘11:30’. Pony sighed and closed his eyes. Ten more minutes wouldn’t kill anyone.

  Pony had drifted off again when something big landed on him. Pony’s eyes snapped open to see Steve, Soda’s best friend, laying across him and Soda. Soda was still sleeping and Pony was glaring angrily at the Steve. Steve didn’t have cake on his face, which was weird. Steve always had cake on his face when he was at the Curtis house. Pony muttered angrily to himself about being woken up as he pushed Steve’s legs off his body.

  Pony grabbed a pair of pants off the floor and didn’t bother trying to find a shirt. He could have cared, but he didn’t. Pony yawned and ruffled his own hair as he walked out of his room. The three brothers had taken showers before going to sleep for the night, so they had grease-less hair. The Curtis brothers had very fluffy hair without grease, and it was a lot more unruly than you’d think.

  The jeans Ponyboy had grabbed off the floor must not have been his, since they were barely hanging on his hips and covered the tops of his feet. He wasn’t fully awake yet, so that didn’t exactly bug him. He got excited when he heard the sounds of food being cooked in the kitchen. Darry must have been up.

  Pony caught sight of Two-Bit sitting in the middle of a spot-less living room. He was trying to balance his converse on the top of an old beer bottle. The floor’s were spotless and the rugs didn’t have a speck of dirt on them.

  Pony rubbed his eyes and looked again. Yeah, the floor and rugs were clean. Pony looked around the room to see the pictures, shelves, and table had been dusted and looked way to clean for comfort.

  Something rattled in the kitchen and Pony’s gaze snapped in there. Dallas Tucker Winston was standing next to the stove cook breakfast. The juvenal delinquent was stirring pots, flipping pancakes, putting bacon on a plate. Pony saw a familiar head of dark hair and he noticed Johnny standing at the sink and washing the left over dishes from the day before.

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

i-am-a-lost-girl16 said:Hi Love! I am a huge fan of your writing both on here and your Quotev account! I’m new to Tumblr and I was hoping to make a request! I went through your master list and I didn’t see that anyone had already requested this one but if it has been requested please let me know and I apologize in advance! I was wondering if you could do Being the preachers daughter and dating Dallas Winston would include…?

A/N: Heya, lovely! Thank you very much, I’m glad that you enjoy my writing on here and on Quotev! :) I’m really pleased that you requested this one, sweetie! I’ve finally freaking written it and I hope that you enjoy it! Sorry for the massive wait! I hope that you enjoy this, nevertheless, and thank you for your request! - Admin Kat 💟

Being the Preacher’s Daughter and Dating Dallas Winston Would Include:

- Your dad definitely disapproving of the relationship.

- Like forreal, your dad would be prepared with a freaking shotgun!

- No joke, shot gun EVERYWHERE!

- Dallas purposely pissing off your father.

- “Hey Mr. (Y/L/N), that was quite a… uh… great service you made there, but I’d like to thank you and your wife for the pair of your’s indecent act that brought your daughter into this-” Dallas would attempt state.

- “Get out of here! You and your foul mouth…” your father would holler.

- “Who’s gonna make me?” he would challenge.

- “I’ll call the police! You ought to be more respectful in a place such as this and to others!

- “Go right on ahead! Like I give a shit how I talk to other’s.

- Sneaking out all of the time.

- “Sh…. Dallas! I shouldn’t even be here.” you’d hiss at him whilst clutching his arm.

- “What? Does your dad have super powers or some shit? You’re on the other side of town, for crying out loud!

- ‘Baby I Don’t Care’ by Elvis Presley describing your relationship.

- Your dad constantly trying to stop you from seeing Dally.

- “He’s nothing but a no good hoodlum, sweetie! He’s just a bad influence that you don’t need in your life!” your dad would argue. “He’s been in jail multiple times, and the first time I tried helping him he used some pretty indecent language, - language that even your friend Sodapop Curtis wouldn’t use!

- “And I don’t care about that at all, dad! He makes me happy! Besides, not everyone’s life is cut out to be like ours!

- Dallas constantly teasing you.

- Like forreal, he teases you to the ends of the earth.

- “Sup, goodie-twoshoes?

- “You think your dad would allow you to do that, doll face?

- “Quit worryin’! You’re getting grey hairs.

- “Nice skirt, can I see what’s underneath it, tuts?

- Literally, the damn cops being called every two seconds!

- Dallas sneaking in through your bedroom window.

- “Dallas! What are you doing here?

- “What? The front and back doors were locked, doll.”

- “That’s because my dad doesn’t want wise crackin’ hoods like you to get in here.

- “Well that’s too bad, I already found another way in.” he’d wink.

- Probably becoming a rebel.

- You and Dallas never really always seeing eye to eye all of the time, which results in many arguments.

- “You and your family are nothin’ but a bunch of prissy prudes, anyway! Go on, get outta here! I don’t need your damn enlightenment or charity.

- “We never gave you damn enlightenment or charity, you idiot! All I did was try to help you because I care! My dad was right about you! You aren’t nothin’ but a no good hood!

- “And? Better to me honest about who I am! Is that the best you’ve got?

- Dallas trying to make it up to you.

- “C’mon, baby! You know I didn’t mean it!

- “Really? You sure about that?

- “Well I mean I guess so!

- “Go to hell, Winston!

- Probably being sent off to a distant relatives because the whole issue has gotten too out of hand.

- “You stay the hell away from my daughter, you!

- “How about you make me? I also didn’t know you were allowed to swear like that, Mr (Y/L/N).

- “Shut your smart Alec mouth!

- “Why? Who’s gonna make me? You? I’d like to see you try.

- Dallas teaching you how to be bad, how to have fun and how to be wild!

- “You shut your mouth or I swear to God that I’ll make you!

- “Say that again, I didn’t quite here you.” but he definitely heard your dad.

- “Talk to her or touch her again and I’ll be goin’ to jail for battery and assault!

- Dallas taking you to beer blasts.

- Make out sessions in the T-Bird.

- “Wait!

- “What now?

- “I don’t know if-

- “What? You think I’ll hurt you?

- Since it’s probable that you’ll be sent away, you would always be on his mind, and even the gang would be able to tell.

- Dallas teaching you how to lie.

- Your dad crashing your dates.

- “We’re going home!”

- “No, you are! What on earth do you think you’re doing, dad?

- “Saving you from making a mistake!

- “The only mistake made here is you coming here to change my mind!

- “Your dad’s nuts!

- “You’re nuts!

- “Shut up!

- “Make me!

- Dallas teaching you how to talk and act dirty.

- Dallas teaching you how to fight and stand up for yourself.

- Dallas constantly making you a blushing mess.

- Dallas always telling you dirty jokes.

- You surprising Dally by not always proving to be as innocent as he thought you were.

- “Well, who knew the preachers daughter had a sexually explicit mind.” he’d state deriding-ly.

- “She’s about to have violent one’s if you carry on.

“Is that a threat of a promise? People go to jail for that, you know.”

- “Yeah, and?

- “Help! Help! Officer!” he’d yell and laugh when you smack his chest, only for you to get heavily embarrassed.

- “Shut up you idiot!

- “Who you callin’ an idiot?

- “You.

- Dallas always being extra flirty.

- Your family trying to set you up with good boys.

- “He’s a prude…” you’d mutter idly.

- “Watch your mouth, young missy! He is a kind, smart and handsome boy! He’s far better than that bum you hang around with!” your mum would yell with every drip of acerbic and vile venom that she possibly could put into that sentence.

- Dallas picking you up from school.

- “Dal? What’re you doin’ here?” you’d exclaim in astonishment.

- “Picking up my girl from school. What does it look like? I ain’t turnin’ myself in, that’s for sure.

- Having a good girl - bad boy relationship.

- Never being able to change Dallas Winston: He’s stuck in his ways, so either you take it whole or you leave it all.

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Headcannons for Dally having crush on Pony's new friend who is a boy. Please? I'm sorry to bother you with my gayness. XD I'm just a gay bean in need of love. :3

Please don’t ever feel like u are bothering me I was a complete dick before with the whole ‘not writing for LGBTQ+’ and I am so sorry I am happy to write this

- ok dally would be like sooo distant
- like pony would bring his friend over to hang out and Dally would try and find an excuse to leave
- the first person he in a way confesses to is Johnny and Johnnys like :)))))))))))))
- ‘Have you seen Dallas? Ya that stud over there, he’s real tough you should go touch his muscles.’ ;))))))
- Dallas would start warming up to him
- defending him when around socs
- he would then go to subtly putting his hand around him or like lightly touching his arm when talking
- Ponys kinda just there like???? My friend
- he then puts two and two together and is like whaaaaaaa then it converts to ;))))))
- Dally would honestly be so fed up with the subtle shit and would straight out kiss him
- yooooo it would be in public too like the drive in or something and he would just be like 'I’m dallas fucking Winston try and say something ya little bitch’
- they are the cutest couple
- Dallas is like always doing stuff for him
- they also always have either an arm around eachother or like hold hands
- they share clothes
- fight me on this
- they also smoke from the same cig sometimes

The Outsiders Preferences #5: Your thoughts about him

Ponyboy: Gosh even the back of his head is beautiful, you thought in your head. You were sitting behind Ponyboy Curtis in your math class. You two were the youngest ones there because you two had advanced through the other math classes. You’ve seen Ponyboy before but it was when you two were walking through the halls and now in the middle of the school year this is the closes you’ve been to him. You guys had just moved seats and Pony boy was seated in front of you. You never thought you’d have feelings for him, you always thought he was a good looking stranger but since you find the back of his head beautiful you knew you have feelings for Ponyboy Curtis.

Twobit: you saw Twobit come in the class room. You always notice his Mickey Mouse shirt. Everyone knew he was in love with Mickey Mouse, he was teased a little but of course Twobit always had a funny comeback that even the bullies laughed at it. ” hey there pretty lady.” Twobit said to you before he took his seat. He always called you that even though you have told him your name a million times but he just wanted to call you pretty lady. You look at the back of his head, how his hair looks so good swirled back with all that grease. You also surprisingly like his long side burns and you find it cute on how much he likes them too. As you were in a daze when you hear a thud sound and took you out of it. You looked on the floor and saw Twobit’s switch blade on the ground. Obviously Twobit knew it was his because he sat still for once. As quickly as you could you kicked it under your bag so the teacher wouldn’t see it and as soon as the teacher turned his back you have it back to him, knowing that that switch blade was the best thing he owned. He thanked you silently and for the rest of the day you were just staring at the back of his head and blushing.

Darry : why? You thought as you were about to go in the DMV. You hated the DMV, it took so long and it was always boring but stupid you had lost your license and needed a new one … fast. You stood in line to get your number that they’ll call you up by. But of course with your luck something was holding up the process. How could this happen? How can it brake? I mean all you do is go up and get a number! You stood in line trying real hard to stand still and not yell with rage. You weren’t the only one who seemed to being having a hard time not yelling at anyone. The tall , muscular guy in front of you was leaning from his right foot to his left foot every minute. You watched him for a while and noticed how it looked like he was dancing a little, you gave out a small chuckle. Too bad it was a loud enough of a chuckle to have him turn back to you with a smile. ” stupid line am I right ?” He asked you ” yeah” you said back ” I mean I would leave and come back another day but I lost my license and don’t want to risk it” you told him. ” yeah well is I’d like to leave too but today was the only day I could get out of work.” “Oh” was all you could think of saying back to him because to tell ya the truth he was real good looking. There was a moment of silence before someone call out ” Sir, can you please come up and get your number?” You pointed up to show him she was talking to him. ” thanks ” he said and went up to go get him number . You looked at him until he went to go take a seat, you were going to sit next to him but others had come in and sat next to him. As the day went on and you waited all you were thinking is that maybe you two could meet again, one day.

Steve: your friend had dragged you to a drag race. She said her friend was gonna race tonight and she wanted you to come and watch him. Right before her friend went to race she introduced you to Steve. You couldn’t help but look at his muscles. He shook you hand and gave you a smile before he had to go. You stood there frozen and watched him leave. Boy was he a looker. Your friend obviously saw you checking him out. But she didn’t seem to mind because she actually wanted you two to hit it off. All through out the night your eyes and mind was all about Steve. You couldn’t get him out of your mind. You’d never saw a guy who could be such a hottie.

Johnny: you had just sat down to watch a movie at the drives in. You were in the second front row because you’ve always hate being in the front where no good boys would come up to you and ask for a wild night, which wasn’t your thing. The movie was about to start when a boy sat in front of you, you got to see his face a little when he was apologizing at people for getting through. He was cute, you thought. He had to sit right in front of you because every other seat was taken, but it didn’t bother you none because he had sunken a little to let you see. You couldn’t help but feel like you need to meet him and get to know him. But you knew his kind, greasers. Now you were a middle class person but your parents didn’t want you to be with a ‘no good bum’ as they have put it many times. But by the looks of this guy, he may be a grease but he was nicer then most plus you know who he was. Johnny Cade. You two use to go to school together but that was ages ago. It’s been a while since you saw him and boy has he changed! All through out the movie all you thought about was amazing Johnny looks and deciding if you should go talk to him or not.

Sodapop : you had to go to DX to get your car fixed. You’ve tried others car repairs in town but they either take so long or they mess up your car even more! You never wanted to go into DX because you knew a lot of girls go in there because of the two young guys working there and well you’ve always thought that they don’t really work on cars just flirt with girls. But your friend when there ad of course the flirted but fixed her car up real well. As you walked in you saw a boy with real nice blue eyes that you sorta got lost in. ” can I help you?” He said. You read his DX shirt, his name was Sodapop ? You decided not to say his name just in case that’s just a joke he does. ” uh yeah my car it’s been broken and everyone else managed to brake it even more, think you can fix it?” You just couldn’t keep your eyes off of him. ” sure thing doll face”, he winked at you which probably made ya blushed real badly, ” just bring your car into the garage and I’ll take a look at it.” You nodded and slowly went to your car and put it in the garage . He pop open your hood and raised his eye brows so high you thought they might fall out. ” is it bad?” You asked afraid to get an answer. ” yeah it is but don’t worry doll face I’ll fix it up real good ” again another wink. This time you didn’t blush quite as hard but you felt your face go hot. ” my name is (Y/N) by the way.” You said just so he doesn’t call you doll face anymore. ” well (Y/N), I’m Sodapop . ” he extended his arm for a handshake. ” Sodapop?” You repeated ” Yup that’s my real name, well (Y/N) just sit right over there and I’ll fix your car up in no time.” You nodded and sat on the chair. You watch him call in someone else called Steve but he didn stick out as much as Sodapop did. You could tell your car wasn’t an easy one to fix but their faces that they keep on making. Sooner or later Sodspop’s shirt came off and you couldn’t help but stare at him even more. Sadly they had fixed your car in an hour and that hour went by fast. You thanked both boys for fixing your car. You then pulled out your car out of the garage and promised your self to come back soon.

Dally: you eyed him as he slid by the bus driver, without paying. You knew who he was, everybody did. Dallas Winston. The guy who got jailed when he was 10, the guy who chased little kids for no reasons, the guy who never likes to do anything legal. You always wanted to know how he looked like, you always heard stories about him and wonder how a guy who went to jail all the time and chased kids around looked like. He sat in front of me but before he did he gave me a wink and cracked a smirk. All I did was stare back and blushed, Dallas Winston was a looker. You faintly saw his reflection from his window. He had an I don’t care and absent minded look on his face which bother you a little. It was obvious that he probably wink at every girl and made them think that a stud and hood like Dallas would actually have a thing for her. That thought made you roll your eyes. Seconds later you heard Dallas chuckle and look at you trough his reflection and smiled at you. That’s when you shyly smiled and blushed a deep red. Dallas saw you roll your eyes and he probably knew it was because of him that you did so. Again he smirked. There was something different about Dallas from any other greaser. Most wouldn’t give a random girl a second look unless they wanted some action for the night but Dallas gave you his time and just left bus after he looked at you one last time. Dallas Winston was different and you like different.


I ran into Big Lots, Wal*Mart, and Ulta and got cocky. Whoops? Excuse the crappy photos, I only had a minute to take them. 

Big Lots:

  • Sephora by OPI nail polishes x3 - 4.50
  • Soho cheek brush - 4
  • Soho eye blending brush - 3.50
  • ELF beauty book - 5
  • ELF eyeshadow compact - 3
  • Olay BB cream - 5
  • Starbucks cup - 5
  • Earrings - 5
  • Maybelline baked eyeshadow duo - 2.50
  • Headphones - 8 
  • One Direction toothpaste - 2.50
  • One Direction bracelet - 2 (both for my friend)
  • Heart confetti - 1
  • Revlon nail polish - 2
  • Godiva chocolate bar - 2.50
  • Wet N Wild eye glitter - 1.50

Total: 46.50


  • Larabar x6 - 12.50
  • AUX music player - 5
  • iPhone charger - 5
  • Wall port - 5
  • Neutrogena eye makeup remover - 7
  • Revlon foundation - 9
  • Physicians Formula organic mascara - 9
  • Sally Hansen nail polish - 5
  • L'Oreal perfecting base - 12
  • Truffles - 5
  • Silk almond milk - 3
  • Revlon lipstick - 8
  • Maybelline eyeshadow quads x2 - 9
  • L'Oreal lipsticks x4 - 28
  • Maybelline eyeshadow duo - 4
  • L'Oreal mascara - 7
  • Vitamin C chews - 10

Total: 143.50


  • Tweezerman tweezers - 22
  • Benefit Dallas blush - 28
  • Too Faced lip creme - 22
  • Too Faced eyeshadow thing - 36
  • NYX liners x 3 - 12
  • NYX buttergloss - 5
  • NYX concealer - 5
  • Zoya nailpolish - 10
  • Butter London nailpolish - 15
  • Too Faced better then sex mascara - 23
  • Stila smudge pot - 20
  • Urban Decay liner - 18
  • Urban Decay naked lipgloss - 20
  • Anastasia brow powder - 23

Total: 260

So I saved about 452 bucks without tax today. I’d say that’s pretty damn good, and I’m ungodly happy with all of my new stuff. 

Cameron Dallas Imagine ❤️

You’re a famous celebrity.

“Let’s welcome Hollywood’s ordinary girl (Y/N) (Y/L/N)!” The interviewer announced, smiling while gesturing at you. You waved, smiling brightly.

“Hi (Y/N)! How are you doing?” She asked.

“I’m doing great. How about you?” You said. The interviewer said the same and moved on to talking about your new movie and your new album.

“So. You just finished your tour. How was it? Going places?”

“It was great, you know. At first, I got this anxious yet excited feeling but I really warmed up to my fans. Seeing them around the world makes me think that I got there because of them.” You explained.

More and more discussion about your projects came. Suddenly, the interviewer asked about your celebrity crush.

“Uhmm…I’m not sure if he’s considered as a celebrity but he’s famous. I watch his videos every night after concert or just ordinarily every night. But I want to say it’s Cameron Dallas.” You blushed as you said his name. The audience clapped and shouted. You laughed along with the interviewer.

“Really? So..he’s from Magcon, right?” The interviewer asked.

“Yeah.” You nodded. “Well, they were talking about you a lot on their tour. My daughter attended one of their events and she told me that Cameron’s celebrity crush is you. So…this is a mutual feeling between you two. And my daughter said…when you followed him on twitter, He went crazy.” The interviewer said as you two laughed.

“Well, he’s just wonderful. He’s a decent guy and we talked quite often about anything.” You said, blushing slightly.


After the interview, you got a DM from Cameron Dallas, himself. You smiled as you read the message.

“You wanna date or nahh? 😉”

It made you giggle and blush. You replied to his message.

“Pick me up tomorrow at 8 pm or nahh? 😊”


I was checking out my new beauty products that I just bought when my Twitter just started blowing up. My notifications were filled with links to Cameron Dallas’ new YouTube video. Curious to see why I was tagged in this so much I decided to watch it. The title was “My YouTube Crush”, I clicked play and it ended up being a #AskCam video. I watched a good 2 minutes until the questing, “Who is your YouTube crush?” came up. Cameron paused before answering.

“Oh god guys, I don’t wanna answer this.” He says smiling but I could tell he was nervous. “What if she watching this?” He laughs and spins on his chair. “Okay fine. My YouTube crush is Y/N, she’s super pretty.” He says, “Have you ever seen on of her videos? She pretty with and without make up, it’s insane.” I smile.

I’ve always thought Cameron was cute but I’ve never talked to him at any of the events. I didn’t even know he knew who I was. I ended up tweeting “I saw that video @camerondallas you’re pretty cute too”. Our fans started freaking out, some said we’d be really cute, others thought other wise. It was kind of amusing watching everyone freak out. Then I got a notification that Cameron tweeted me again, “@Y/T/N will I see you at Vidcon in LA?” I answer “@camerondallas I’ll be there :)”.


“Hi beautiful! What’s your name?” I say to a fan.

“I’m Jessica, I love your videos!” She smiles at me.
“Have you talked to Cameron yet?” She asks.

I laugh, “No I haven’t seen him yet. I’m not sure if I will.” I pout.

“You have to! You’d be so cute together!” She beams.

“I’ll try to find him later.” I promise. “Are you ready to take a picture now?” I ask.

“Yeah of course.” We pose and she moves on. I love meeting fans, Vidcon is always my favorite, I get to meet so many fans. Then next fan comes up and when I look over at them I see a brown haired boy, my eyes widen.

“Cameron!” I give him a hug. “Hi, how are you?” I ask him, still completely surprised.

“I’m good.” He smiles, “How are you Y/N? I’m so glad you’re here.” He says.

“I’m glad I’m here too.” I laugh, “Shouldn’t you be at your station?” I look around and see fans taking videos and pictures of us.

“I’m on a break and thought it would be a good idea to come ask you something.” He says.

“And what would that be?” I ask, looking up at him.

“Um I was wondering,” he rubs the back of his neck, “Would you like to go out after this?” He asks.

“Of course I would. Meet me back here when your done.” I say. “Are you ready for the picture now?” I ask and laugh.

“Oh yeah, of course.” He puts his arm around my shoulders and we smile at the camera. “See you soon, beautiful.” He says while walking away.

My heart is beating so fast and I’m smiling so big. I can’t help it, he’s just so cute. I can’t wait for the end of the day.


“Hey, are you ready to go?” Cam asks walking up to me.

“Yeah, what do you wanna do?” I ask.

“I thought we could get some food and then go shopping or something like that.” He says, “Only if you want too, of course.” He says second guessing.

“Of course I want too.” I smile, “It sounds like a lot of fun.” I reassure him. We start walking out.

“So how was Vidcon for you today?” Cam asks.

“It was really fun, I love meeting fans so much. They’re all so cute!” I gush about my fans.

“Yeah I love them too.” He says, “I also got to talk to this really cute girl today, she even agreed to go out with me tonight.” He jokes.

“Oh really? Well she’s one lucky girl.” I say back.

“Nah, I think I’m the lucky one.” He says looking down at me and I blush.


Ootd: Disney princess edition

Skirt: Cinderella collection by Lauren Conrad
Tank: Target
Cardigan: Old Navy
Necklace/Shoes: Payless

FOTD: Naked 3 palette and Dior addict IT-lash for eyes, Clinique even better makeup and Benefit Dallas blush for face, & Urban Decay lipstick in rush.

Cameron Cuddles

You were watching a film with Cameron, his arms wrapped around you. He noticed that you were beginning to fall asleep, so to keep you awake he began to tickle you. You screamed with laughter as he continues to tickle you. You slapped his arms and he laughed along with you. The more you playfully hit him the more he would tickle you. After a while, you began to tickle him after remembering that he could be ticklish at points, so he fell off the couch and onto the floor as he dragged you with him. After you feel on him, he kissed your cheek then your nose and forehead. Before you knew it he was showering you with kisses and you couldn’t stop laughing and blushing.