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modern jally headcannons please?

boi howdy

-Even though Oklahoma ain’t the best place to be gay (I know from experience), they are still very open and public about it

-They go to a pride parade every year

-Dallas visits Johnny for lunch at school 

-Johnny cried when the Orlando shooting happened and Dallas had to console him, actually the whole gang did

-They snapchat each other all the time

-Johnny posts sappy posts on facebook about his ‘wonderful boyfriend’

-Dallas got a lip piercing and sometimes Johnny likes to pull on it when he’s anxious

-Johnny and Dallas got matching tattoos, it’s of puzzle pieces

-Ponyboy is happy for them and often draws them together

-Johnny likes to wear skirts and dresses and Dallas thinks he looks so hot in them

-Dally buys Johnny chokers and Johnny wears them, blushing

-When Dallas drives he has one hand on the wheel and another on Johnny’s thigh