Always Look & Be Bomb

Never let up.

Drink more water.

Eat more veggies.

Take your vitamins.

Sleep more.

Work out longer.

Work out consistently.

Walk, run, yoga.

Journal & meditate/ pray.

Buy staple items for your closet. ( Black heels, Black Dress, Nice purse, Black sweater, Gold/Silver jewellery items etc.)

Limit texting. Set dates promptly. Don’t have a relationship over the phone.

Be poised, move slowly and intentionally.

Stand up straight.



Vocal Tone Phone Ettiquette

Real and true Sugar Daddy’s are like unicorns. Rare, mystical and magical!

Make sure that you always speak to them in that same charming and powerful way. Inundate them with sexyness. The tone of Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston or even Ariana Grande. Soft, raspy, airy.

Speaking to men in this tone has always helped me stun and shock them into doing what I want.

Be alluring and engaging when you speak. After you’ve seamlessly worked talking about your desires into the conversation, NATURALLY. Bring up the item(s) wanted.

A secondary tone that I use to get what I want is the “bratty baby girl tone”. Imagine that you’re a super cute and adorable young girl, innocent and spoiled.

Example: OMG Baby/Daddy! I want this SOOO bad. It’s so amazing and adorable!! It would look so cute on me! Or “I would love to have this.”

*Try on item if at store or show/ share photo of item if not at a store*
Then touch his hand, arm etc. Always seal the deal with physical touch.


Be sure to always communicate in a controlled, sophisticated and sexy way. The best tones in my experience are bratty/ childish or Sexy, light and raspy. Utilise a charming voice to woo your daddy when you do speak up. Make sure that you’re the sweetest sound that he’d want to hear.

Make that sugar fall babies!



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Toughen Up SB's!

Don’t falter, don’t waiver in the wind. Be bold and stand firm. If Daddy negs or teases you, do it back.

Save the passive aggression for holidays with your family.

Always be a bitch back.

Men love testing women and seeing what they can get away with.

Never be a doormat. Be witty and natural. Show your intelligence! You are not a dumb ho.

Earn their respect.

In all honesty, It is bull shit to have to play these games, but hey,
we all chose to play..