Ultraman in Texas

In February, I went to see the Ultraman Double Feature that was touring American theaters in a limited engagement.  It featured dubbed versions of the Ultraman X and Ultraman Ginga S movies. I wasn’t a huge fan of the dub but I still enjoyed the movies quite a bit, especially the Ultraman X film. 

As many of you might know, I live in Texas.  Right now I live in Austin but I spent a good many years in the Dallas/Forth Worth area and I still go back from time to time because that is where a lot of my family resides. As you might expect, given its Japanese nature, there isn’t a lot of Tokusatsu that uses Texas, or Dallas in particular as a setting. 

Well, low and behold during part of the Ultraman X movie, what city should appear on screen?

Hey, those buses have the Texas flag on them and some of those buildings look familiar… no, it couldn’t be.

Holy crap!  It is, there’s an Ultraman movie that has scenes set (and shot) in Dallas!

OMG!  I know exactly where that is!  That road is IH35, which is a major interstate Highway running from Minnesota to Mexico!  It’s a crappy and congested roadway that’s sometimes a Nightmare to drive on. Also, that ball in the center of the screen…

Yeah, that one, right there!  That’s Reunion Tower, one of Dallas’ most notable skyline landmarks.  There’s a hotel connected to it that I used to be the site of an anime convention I attended.  That’s so cool!

Oh crap, that’s not going to help traffic any.

Fun fact, when I was really bored and living in Dallas, I would sometimes fantasize about what it would be like to have a giant monster attack the city.  Apparently someone in Japan had the same idea!

So, who is going to save Dallas?

It’s Ultraman Ginga!

And Dallas is saved!  Yeah, this probably isn’t that cool to anyone else, especially if you live in a place often used in science fiction/monster movies but I so rarely see Dallas get a giant monster or a tokusatsu fight so yeah, this made me like the movie even more!


Aguante vos Dallas