dalken rambles

Y'know, having multiple Tumblr streams on one account would be pretty cool. Like, I could have my friends’ blogs post to one stream, sort fandom blogs to various franchise-based streams, art blogs under art streams, etc.

You could still choose to maintain the main stream with everything in it, but then you could filter content based on customized parameters. You just create a stream with whatever name you like and then add whatever blogs you’re following that you feel fit into it. Following a friend’s new blog? Add it to the Friend stream. Find an art blog you like? Put that sucka into the Art stream.

Then you can tab over to whatever stream you please. Maybe even take advantage of all that open space that wide screen users don’t get to use and allow multiple streams to be viewed simultaneously or something.

Seems like it’d be pretty sweet to me, anyway.


Death Metal Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Hey, yo, if you unfollow me, that’s cool. Don’t feel bad. Doesn’t matter if you just followed or if you’ve been around for ages. You gotta have what you want on your dashboard. I get that. That shit’s yours, yo. Take control. Rock it.

And to those of you who choose to stick around, hey, you’re awesome too. We’ve got common interests. That’s fantastic. Let’s rock this biz.

EBC Skype Chats are very intellectual.
  • Dalken Starbyne: butts
  • OverMare(y) (Insomniatica): booties!
  • Dalken Starbyne: Patooties.
  • OverMare(y) (Insomniatica): toot-makers.
  • Dalken Starbyne: Poot-bakers.
  • OverMare(y) (Insomniatica): der popo
  • Dalken Starbyne: Fannies.
  • OverMare(y) (Insomniatica): Derrieres.
  • Dalken Starbyne: Buns.
  • OverMare(y) (Insomniatica): Bottoms!
  • Warbalist: Dansk with that staunch!