Meet Grog!

Grog “the Legend” Lethalarm: General of the Red Sun Clan’s army, the most famous orc between Western Wilderness and the Great Forest of the East, the strongest, the bravest and absolutely invincible warrior… With a BIG heart for women! OwO

He loves Dalka, Chieftain of the Black Snake Clan. Their horrible past bound them to each other. That’s the one and only!
He loves his Chieftain’s daughter Lora, even if she always rejected his approaches in past. Now, he loves her like his sister.
He loves twins, Ara and Aka, who are his biggest fangirls. He not once allowed them to sleep with him (Yes, sleep. Eyes closed, rem phase, slow breath etc. Don’t you believe? Nobody does. But that’s true ^^)
He even loves his little Bloodmane friend Zaria. But showing his feelings not once deprived her of the breath XD (She smol XD)

And he loves his mother. Glen is the most important person in his life. He’s ready to do everything for her… And not once not twice he proved it.