The thing about the dalish is that they will never be what they were in Solas’s time, and that’s okay.

The dalish taking pride and wanting to learn their history is fine, it’s great even, but cultures evolve. Cultures change dramatically over time. No one can realistically expect the dalish, or elves in general, to be what the elvhen were. The elves have been through so much crap, and have lost so much of their culture. They’ve rebuilt some of it, and it only resembles what it was, but that’s not a bad thing. Cultures change. Both the dalish and the city elves have a unique elven culture and neither of them are “wrong” or even more right. They’re just different.

And I think this is my main problem with Solas. He’ll try to drag down everything the elves have struggled to built because they’re wrong to him. He will try to make them his version of right and completely disregard the fact that that is the very last thing the elves need.

The elves need people like Briala who will fight to secure their future and Merrill who will put to use the knowledge they have of their past. They don’t need Solas coming around and destroying the little they already have and reminding them how “wrong” they are

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Drabble prompt: Pavellan fluff. Lavellan is sick as a dog but is too stubborn to admit it until he collapses into Dorian. Dorian becomes mother hen and spoils Lavellan.

The Storm Coast. Wonderful! The name itself inspires no end of confidence, doesn’t it? Tell me – why is it whenever he thinks of somewhere unpleasant to go, his first thought is oh goody, let’s bring Dorian?

Sera gave an ugly laugh behind him, as Dorian shifted his hold on his pack and tried to position his collar to prevent more of the torrential icy downpour from worming its way down the back of his neck.

“That don’t sound like him at all, does it?” the archer asked. “You’d think as much time as you two spend, batting your eyes and waving your cods at one another – well, you’d do a better impression, right?”

“Pardon me if I wasn’t aiming for accuracy,” Dorian said. He tried not to grind his teeth, as such a thing tended to be particularly bad for said teeth. “I assumed my misery should be self-evident.”

“It ever occur to you, Sparkler, that maybe he just likes having you along?” Varric asked.

“Pah,” Sera laughed. “Not when he spends the whole time acting like this. They’re on the outs right now, anyway, right?”

Dorian wasn’t listening. He’d chanced a glance back to find the Inquisitor once more lagging behind them, manner utterly uncharacteristic, from the way his head hung to the slump of his shoulders and the way his feet, usually so sure, kept catching on rocks.

Things had been tense lately, and he was all too aware that it was his own damn fault, thank you very much, but Dorian hardly knew how to go about fixing them. The Inquisitor had to take some responsibility for it, nosing around where he wasn’t wanting, expressly going against Dorian’s wishes just because he could.

Their time had been fun. The flirty looks, the heated kisses, the witty repartee, but it had only been a matter of time before it ended, anyway, and perhaps it was for the best to let it go now, before Dorian found himself stupid enough to do something as regrettable as growing attached to the little Dalish.

Still it was a shame to see the state he was in. Ryn Lavellan was so often the head of their party, scouting forward, talking, teasing, putting himself without hesitation in the same line of fire as all the rest of them. He was an astounding person. Bright, funny, caring – and attractive, of course, that was important. Dorian found himself falling back, and told himself it was merely habit.

But then Ryn stumbled, and fell, and would have smashes that pretty face of his all against the jagged rocks of the coast had Dorian not caught him.

“A fever – and you didn’t bother to tell a soul?” Dorian scolded, later in camp. They’d managed to get the Inquisitor back with only minor difficulty, and gotten him settled with some blankets and shelter and elfroot tea while a Solas sent scouts ahead for more herbs. “Your skin, almost literally burning to a crisp and you thought – what – better get back to work? You should have told someone. No, you should have told me.”

“Should I have?” Ryn asked, his voice thick and slow, eyes lifting from the mug in his hands.

“Don’t be preposterous – can’t you see how worried I am? Do you know how bad that is for the skin?”

“We aren’t friends,” Ryn said. Dorian felt his heart drop.


“We aren’t friends,” the Inquisitor repeated, his eyes on Dorian in such a way that the mage couldn’t have dreamed of looking away. “Isn’t that what you told Ponchard in Val Royeaux? Why should I burden you with a little cold?”

“You know very well I didn’t mean that.”

“Yet you haven’t spoken to me in days.”

“Am I not allowed to be cross with you? Don’t turn it into the end of the world – you should have told me you were ill!”

Ryn only blinked at him, slowly. Dorian huffed and looked away.

“Oh, all right, we’re friends!” he said, throwing up his hands. “We’re – well, we’re somewhat more than that, aren’t we? At the very least you could admit that someone like that weasel Ponchard has no right to an explanation of what the two of us are or are not. Likely he would sell the information, anyway.” Dorian finally chanced a glance at the Inquisitor, and was relieved to see a hint of a smile grace his lips.

“Was that so hard?” Ryn asked.

“You’re – you’re a terrible person, and the next time you neglect to tell me when you’re unwell, I’ll…kaffas. Do you need another blanket? I’m going to find you another blanket.”

So I went along and made some vallaslin designs. I don’t care whether or not they used to be slave-markings they now serve as a symbol of freedom. I quite like them. Anyways I’m in so deep I’ve decided to make a clan of my own I think… I think.. Don’t know where they’ll be staying, and these marks aren’t on your face but on the back of your neck. I’m imagining this to be a sub-part of the elves though. Like, this clan and one half has vallaslin on their faces but the other half wears them on their backs so nobody can see them at first glance so they can spy on others, yet still hold up their Dalish pride 8)

Note: Yes that is a Fen’Harel vallaslin because I imagine them being this sub-group of spies, for each one of them. Like, Fen’Harels are the bosses becz they’re the biggest tricksters; Elgar’nan are specialized in vengeance/retribution?; Mythal are protectors; Falon’din are assassins; Dirthamen are the true spies; Andruil are hunters; Sylaise are mage-specific spies, or perhaps like bards; June are crafters; Ghilan’nain are planners/navigators etc

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for what reason do YOU think they went with the solas design in the game over the concept art of poc solas with dreads? did it make him look too conspicuous for a humble nomad? c:

I would like to believe Bioware recognized they were making their main villain black. Also that said villain was one of an oppressed race who is essentially prejudice against his own people (as well as other races) and that he one of several characters they did this to (Sera was originally PoC too and Vivienne is a thing all her own). So they changed it 1) for good taste and 2) because it would change the issue and dynamic of their stories (i.e. David Gaider has finally realized and admitted that using romani and jewish people as a basis for elves, was a bad idea).

However, I also think that his appearance was a bit too conspicuous for his role, not to say he couldn’t have been a basic, bald, black elf. But Solas is basically generic, slighted white guy and it fits for what he does and his story. I love black Solas to death, but I can’t imagine anyway that would have went well given everything else about him (see first paragraph).

That said, if Bioware wanted to reuse that design for a future elven [polysexual] love interest more on the side of modern dalish pride, around the chaotic good area I’d be fucking game.

Ok so hear me out. BW made a big deal about the eluvians and how mysterious and unknown they are, but in the crossroads we see a butt ton of them. This leads me to believe it was one of the main forms of transportation in ancient arlathan. Which means, if it’s a staple of elven society, it’s not going to be “forgotten” so easily even after the Tevinter occupation.

So what if, when Morrigan is being all ~mysterious~ and stuck up about how much she knows about ancient elven stuffs, when she goes to show off the eluvian at Skyhold the elven Inquisitor is like “oh yeah. The eluvian. Found it a couple days after we moved in. Been to the crossroads? Wish there was more information there but it’s pretty barren now. A team from my clan spent a week in there and all they found was a spoon and a bunch of broken glass. Shame.”

And Morrigan is like 😐

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Sheila your style is pretty awesome, what are your influences?

Usually whatever Im into. Dragon Age made me have Dalish pride like no other. So I love greens and browns at the moment with stag jewelry and leaf stuff. 

I so enjoy high fashion though. Like Ann Demeulemeester, Tom Ford, Rami Kadi, and Jean Louis Sabaji. I can’t afford any of them, but i try to emulate looks like that. 

Basically, anything thats unconventional and ‘sharp’ Im willing to give a try. 

I’m more geometric and texture prone. I kind of hate prints or patterns unless its a nerdy t-shirt. Usually I go for no more than 2 colors to an outfit. 

Im a shitty nerd at heart though. So when I dont feel like wearing pencil skirts and heels I always go for merch. 

ALSO literally anything my wife (natalie dormer) does via fashion or beauty, I will try and repeat until I die. 

I even have a board for it. 

Well that’s quite a sign-off.

A letter in flowing script:

We find our kin in strange places. Though we know not if you will carry tradition with you, we would see you carry pride in some form. For the wounded sky is all of ours, whether belief is shared or not. Let all see this, and convey yourself as we should be.

Emmasalin var suledin evanura

Emmasalin var suledin evanura, as in….

Full of victory* our enduring evanura

*Emma (my/within/full of) + ensalin (victory)

I bet the only other Elf companion Solas would have gotten along with would be a Fenris.

Zevran? Like Sera, not concerned about the elves as a whole because he made his way. Sees suffering but does his own way about it with no respect for his ancient heritage.

Velanna? The epitome of Dalish pride. Incredibly stubborn, her anger caused the destruction of her own people.

Merrill? Openly consorting with demons, and while she lacks the same vein of pride as Velanna, Merrill represents exactly how far the Elves have fallen: little more then children running barefoot after false histories and myths.

Tallis? Qunari. Even if she doubts, she’s a firm believer in clear purpose. She admits to the flaws in the Qun but sticks with it.

Ariane? Like Velana and Merrill, proud Dalish, ignorant to her real history. Though she’s more middle ground and could be swayed.

But Fenris? Fenris, while he lacks great grand goals, he has a purpose to fight for. He kills slavers, has a cold brand of justice, and is a loner by circumstance-pushed-choice. Fenris could easily be a smaller version of Shartan, whom Im sure he was inspired by after learning how to read the book Hawke brought him. While Im sure there might still be some contention over Solas as an apostate (and Fenrisv abysmal record with magic) a postDA2!Fenris would have been tempered by Hawke and might jist be willing to spend enough time around Solas to see him more as a person. (Whether or not Fenris would deal with Solas’ pride is another story.)

Working on this enormous ink-and-colored-pencil piece of a Dalish mage. I considered this being a piece I could sell or auction off but TBH I’m falling in love with it the more I work on it so it might be something I frame and keep in my own damn house. We’ll see. xD But yes this piece is my way of working on my frustrations that you couldn’t be a Dalish mage in Dragon Age:Origins… Circle mage elf, BAH! Dalish apostate all the way, baby!