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tel vs. banal

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tel abelas = “nothing sorry” or “not sorry” or “not sorrow” or maybe even “empty sorrow” - or “I’m not” when used as a response to “I’m sorry.”

banal abelas = “To the Void with your sorrow” or “Your sorrow is nothingness” or “Dark sorrow” or “(You were/are/I was) Never sorry” or “Blighted sorrow”

ROUGH AND UNCERTAIN. Yes. The difference between tel and banal:


The translation of tel as “nothing” comes from Ameridan in Jaws of Hakkon, the quest “Where Once We Walked.” Ameridan translates the name “Telanadas” as “nothing is inevitable.”*

*Note that this is is exactly the fan translation of Solas’ response to the nightmare demon in the Fade. “Banal nadas” was untranslated in the subtitles, and popularized in fandom before Hakkon came out as “nothing is inevitable.” The unconfirmed theory is that this new ancient Elvhen wording for “nothing is inevitable,” telanadas, was provided by the writers to course-correct the fan translation of Solas’ words in the Fade.

tel also appears as “nothing,” or as a confused concept of nothing, in the old bedtime song about Mythal which starts “Ir sa tel‘nal,” roughly translated by our in-game source as “I am empty, filled with nothing(?),” (sic) (ref DA:I Codex entry Torn Notebook in the Deep Roads, Section 3)

The translation of tel as “not” comes from Wisdom in the quest All New, Faded for Her. “Tel'abelas,” the spirit says to Solas, and the subtitles directly translate these words to “I’m not.” So clearly, you can see from just that that all of the translation of Wisdom’s words done in the subtitles should not be used to cipher the language. Notably Wisdom’s words are only translated in subtitles for an Elven Inquisitor, so we can assume her words are filtered through the Inquisitor’s broken understanding of the language.

What is displayed as Wisdom’s dialogue in translation is clearly an interpretation of Wisdom’s meaning, and not a direct representation of how each word she speaks translates into English. Her full subtitled dialogue is “I’m not. I’m happy. I’m me again.” from her spoken Elvhen “Tel’abelas. Enasal. Ir tel'him.”

Solas says: “Lethallin. Ir abelas.” ( “I’m sorry.” is what’s translated in an Elven Inquisitor’s subtitles.)

A one-to-one translation of Wisdom’s response would be: “Nothing’sorrow. Joyful relief/joy in triumph over loss. I become not/I become nothing.”

When a sad romanced Inquisitor responds to Solas saying “Ir abelas, vhenan” ( “I am sorrowful/sorry.) by saying “Tel abelas. If you care, give me the truth.” they could be saying so many things! Possible translations include:

  • “I’m not,” a standard conversational answer to ir abelas meaning you don’t feel the same as the person who feels sorrow.
  • “Not sorry” as in, I’m not sorry (sameish as above)
  • “Not sorry” as in, you’re not sorry, an accusation
  • “Not sorrow” as in, I reject that sorrow - I don’t want sorrow in our story
  • Or even, in this case, the meaning of “Tel abelas” in-context could be “Don’t apologize.”
  • “Nothing’sorrow,” sorrow is nothing (maybe meaning useless)
  • “Nothing’sorrow,” nothing to be sorry for (I doubt it’s this one lol)

:) Elvhen is a mess.

(Tel also appears a bunch of times in the song Where Willows Wail, but that is a discussion for another time.)


The Inquisitor flings “banal” at Solas a couple times if they’re angry. If they’re like, “Ma harel lasa,” and he’s like “Only by omission,” they’re like, “Ma lasa banal’ghilana!” to which he replies “What would you have had me say?” etc.

@slayerofkillabee made a great post about the banal’abelas banal’vhenan breakup option (since deactivated) here (link!).

I will now expand on this, keeping in mind that Elvhen is a not-language. :)

The word banal is translated three times in Dragon Age materials. It appears in other untranslated sentences, but we have three sort of solid-ish refs for what it might mean.

In the name of the Vir Banal’ras armor: “Most Dalish hunters follow the Vir Tanadhal, the “Way of Three Trees” that consists of three codes of wisdom to which they adhere. Seldom spoken of, however, is a fourth way: the Vir Banal'ras, the “Way of Shadow.” Assuming it when a debt of blood must be repaid, such hunters dedicate themselves to vengeance and nothing else. Thus were born the legends of Dalish assassins.” (emphasis mine)

Banalhan: A name for the Blight or its place of origin; the place of nothing. (World of Thedas Vol 1, presented as a vocabulary word)

(*deep heavy breathing* Okay so I have a lot of HCs about the place where the Blight comes from, what it’s name is (I think we have already been given this name in the game) and what its defining feature is, but I’m selfishly and foolishly withholding this HC to write it in as a reveal for a fic I’m writing. Doubtless someone else is going to come up with what I’ve worked out before me and post it and I’m going to just try and enjoy it when the devs confirm it lol and not be petty.)

But basically, banal is taken to mean “nothing” because of “banalh an” meaning “place of nothing,” but potentially this is a false equivalence of this phrase.

Banal could mean shadow/nothing/Void/Blight.

And banal means never, from that same old bedtime song about Mythal which says “Banal malas elgara,” translated by our in-game source as “Never yours the sun.” (sic) (ref DA:I Codex entry Torn Notebook in the Deep Roads, Section 3) (Let’s also note that ‘not having the sun’ and ‘being in shadow’ are pretty similar concepts, for fun.)

The context of banal in the Crestwood scene is:

“And I am sorry. I distracted you from your duty. It will never happen again.”
“Wait. What? You bring me here, take the vallaslin from my face, and now you just end it?”
“I’m sorry. I never wanted to hurt you.”
amazing dialogue wheel option “YOUR LOSS, ASSHOLE.” =
“Banal’abelas! Banal’vhenan!”

When an angry broken up Inquisitor responds to Solas saying “I never wanted to hurt you” by saying “Banal’abelas! Banal’vhenan!” with the intent of “your loss, asshole,” they could be saying wayyy too many things. Possible translations include:

  • “Nothingness sorrow! Nothingness heart!” (Either I or you feel no sorrow, either I or you have no heart.)
  • “Your sorrow is nothingness! Your heart is nothingness!”
  • “To the Void with your sorrow! To the Void with your heart!”
  • “Shadow sorrow! Shadow heart!”
  • “Dark sorrow! Dark heart!”
  • “(You were/I was) Never sorry! (I was) Never your heart!/We were never hearts!”
  • “The Blight is sorrow! You were never my home!”
  • “You were never sorrowful! The Blight is your home!”
  • “Blighted sorrow! Blighted heart!”

All with the overarching sentiment of “YOUR LOSS ASSHOLE” which honestly bless Lavellans who choose this option, I love you.

Of course translations of these phrases are not limited to just what I’ve posted here. But maybe this gets a little closer to clarifying how these two words could be diverging in general sentiment.

aboraxia  asked:

Hello again! Planning a lavellan and so I popped over to your site to see what you guys did for yours, and I saw that you didn't recommend the method in which you made your leather work. What do you recommend instead?

DEFINITELY love the wasy @hanzo-hidden-tiddy made her leather work. Its so much more dependable, and polished. 

She had a process description on her facebook here!

- Warden Lilah Mahariel -

The first winner of my give-away! (I swear, it is a coincidence that I finished this JUST now. You know. Given the reason I originally started the give-away. The irony of this actually kind of creeps me out, but whatever.)
This wonderful hero of Ferelden belongs to @maharieel​. Congrats again on winning this. I really really hope you like it.
Since Lilah is a complex character that has been through a lot of crap in her life, I tried to make her look sad but also kind of cold/suspicious. And I gave her some natural furry armor, coz’ dalish. I hope, you’re alright with this maharieel. If you want this painting sent to you via email or something, please let me know.
Next up will be @ladyblodeuwedd​s character, so stay tuned for that.
Best wishes to all of you <3

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“You can borrow mine.” thaaat can get reaally interesting, really soon :)

This got away from me. NSFW under the cut!

Kaffas,” he says, throwing his sopping wet bedroll to the floor. “I hate this place.” The Fallow Mire is a place of unending wet, a mist that hangs in the air, soaks into the ground. They’ve found an abandoned cottage but there is no salvaging their rain soaked things. Lavellan sits on the table, his feet on the chair, his elbow on his knee and his face resting on his hand. He chuckles and smiles at Dorian’s frown, that angry line between his brows, hands on his hips.

“You can borrow mine,” Lavellan tells him. Dorian raises his eyebrows, and closes the distance between them. Sitting up straight, they look at each other eye to eye. Lavellan leans into his touch as he traces curling lines of vallaslin, closing his eyes as Dorian follows the shell of his ear. A hand at his neck and he pulls Lavellan’s face closer to his. A smile quirks at the edge of Dorian’s lips as Lavellan presses his forehead against his.

“Oh yes, I can hear it now. The latest gossip at Skyhold. The evil Tevinter Magister making the great and mighty Inquisitor go without a bed.” Lavellan laughs, wraps his arms around Dorian’s neck.

“I was rather hoping we’d share,” he says. Not that there would be any rumors. Cole and Iron Bull were sharing the cabin next to theirs, safely walls away. Dorian’s nose moves softly against Lavellan’s, and he watches as that familiar and satisfying red creeps into his cheeks, underneath tattooed lines.

“Even more scandalous,” he murmurs against his mouth. Lavellan downright giggles before he pulls him down into a kiss. There’s always laughter in his mouth, a smile on his tongue as his hands move to cup Dorian’s face, thumbs brushing over cheekbones, holding him gently. A muffled moan of pleasure as tongue meets seeking tongue, Lavellan’s back arching into him, no space left between them. When Dorian pulls away, Lavellan’s face follows, unwilling to relinquish him. His eyes are slow to open, his lips red, raw, plump with attention. It’s as though each kiss ruins him, only to be put back together by the next.

Dorian’s hands move underneath Lavellan’s thighs, one on either side of him, pull him closer to the edge of the table as his mouth goes to his neck. Lavellan tilts his head back, revealing more of his throat, hair falling back with him. He has one arm resting on Dorian’s shoulder, fingers playing with the curling strands of hair at his nape. “Sathan ma’lath,” Lavellan says as Dorian grinds subtly against him, “please.” Dorian kisses the red marks he has made, smirks as Lavellan plants his hands against the table, leaning back and licking his lips. He goes to work at his armor, pulling off belt after belt, shedding layer after layer.

“Why must Dalish armor be so complicated?” He grumbles, pulling hard at a strap.

“You’re one to talk,” he laughs. Impatience fuels quicker movements, and Lavellan lifts his hips as Dorian tugs off his pants. Dorian runs his hand over his chest, following line after line, the swirling branches that wrap around his body. Lavellan breathes quicker under his attentions, those teasing touches, one hand leaving the table to wind into Dorian’s hair, tug him down for a hard kiss. All tongue and teeth, pulling at his bottom lip, leaving them both gasping.

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mod list!

I got a message some time ago asking about the mods i use for DAI so i made this list with links to where i got them so you can get them too

Gameplay mods:

Companion mods:

Character customization mods:

Outfit mods:

huge thanks to all these modders for making the game so much prettier! I am changing mods constantly but these are some great ones i have on now that i recommend, the gameplay ones will make you ridiculously overpowered so i’d say skip those if you have never played the game before or want a challenge, i think these should work with the DLC but i haven’t tested them all in there yet, anyway enjoy!