Confession:  I just beat DAO for the first time at 1 AM 8/14/16, and after almost 78 hours with my Rogue Dalish elf lady and being several years late to the party- I love it. It was a slow start, and had its frustrating moments, but I loved it just the same and I’m dying to get back to Awakening and the other DLC and charge my way into 2 to see what sort of changes my decisions made in the world.


I enjoy coming across Varric’s books in odd places but I would cry tears of joy if I ever stumbled upon one of Velanna’s stories for the Dalish. I’m really sad that she and Sigrun got sidelined, they were my favorites in Awekening and if I don’t get Velanna back in some other form I wish to get at least one of her stories. I’m happy with just one, she’s a huge perfectionist she probably takes forever polishing them. 

We don’t see it in the game, but I do think most of the literature preserved by the Dalish is poetry since they do seem to try to learn what they have by heart and it’s much easier to do that with poems than with prose. Telling a story in your own words is great for understanding the essence but details get lost that way and when you have as little as the Dalish do you don’t want to lose or change any bit. Given that, I don’t think Velanna would write novels like Varric but epic poems and epopees that would fit with the rest of the ancient stories. And if she ever writes something completely fictional her main character will be named Seranni because I just have to give myself feels. Excuse me while I go hug my cat and cry.  


DA:I Dalish - omg not another mage on your way good luck we don’t have templars and magic is so very uncontrollable without them around to oppress people
DA:O Dalish - Mages are super important the best and purest of us and we have enough so that it’s a competition also sometimes we’re so desperate for mages we need them sent to us like in the case of Merrill


‘’No creature is more revered by the Dalish than the halla. No other animal has a god of its own. These white stags are much larger than ordinary deer, and the Dalish halla keepers carve their antlers as they grow, making them curve into intricate designs. In ancient times, these stags bore elven knights into combat, but since the fall of the Dales, they are used less as mounts and more to pull the aravels.’’


“Rest now as our honored brother once more. A wreath of daisies at your brow, the letter she carried in your hand. Whoever guides you, whoever guides her, may your souls meet once more in the beyond.“
- Elandrin and Adalene

Dear Bioware, when I said to my friend that I wanted to know the truth about what happened at Red Crossings prior to DA:I’s release, I didn’t mean it was alright for you to rip my heart out with some Starcrossed Lovers and a huge misunderstanding.

CIRCUS PANTS FOR EVERYONE. Blame this on @peanuts-envy who sent me this photo which may possibly be the most Chargers thing I’ve ever seen. Shoutout to Rocky who is too short and is throwing off the entire balance of the picture, GOD, ROCKY, JEEZ.

(background is just a screencap, i looked at the task of drawing skyhold and balked, i’m sorry, i’ve failed you all)

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BioWare: Lol look how backwards the Avvar are, believing simple spirits are gods! Lets make fun of them and try and correct them every chance we get. What silliness from the Avvar!

BioWare: Hey you know The Stone we’ve introduced but haven’t bothered to really delve into? Let’s do that! There’s actually no such thing just Titans. Dwarves are so silly.

BioWare: The Elven Pantheon? Totally fake they were actually just evil mage overlords and look how silly the Dalish are lol!

BioWare: And we’ve already been pretty clear how wrong the Qun is, right?

BioWare: But that pseudo Christian religion, well that’s up to the player to interpret. 

BioWare: #DragonAgeInquisition 

So having finished Trespasser and absorbing a lot of lore, are we going to talk about the fact that the Dalish lore is 100% truthful? Hear me out.

There’s a conversation in Haven with Solas about the memories of Ostagar, about how the soldier watching a traitor and a villain quit the field and another who saw a competent commander sounding a retreat to save his men. Solas says himself that both these accounts are true, despite seeming to contradict one another. Truth is a matter of perspective.

Solas gives the Dalish a lot of flack for not recording history correctly, and from his perspective that critiscism would appear to be fair. He knows about the evanuris, their plans, their crimes and the intimate underpinnings of the civil pantheon war that resulted in the creation of the veil. However, Trespasser has allowed a third perspective to be considered: that of the elves who weren’t actively participating in Solas’s rebellion against the evanuris but those, evidently, that agreed with the system and worshiped the gods. They saw Solas’s actions in creating the veil / locking away the evanuris as an act of treason, of betrayal, not of salvation. 

Where this becomes really interesting is the Dalish: whom we’ve been led to believe had somehow misinterpreted historical accounts in grossly inaccurate ways. But despite these inaccuracies, they still got a lot of details correct, and the base facts weren’t wrong just with a strange political slant that seemed to have come out of nowhere.

Instead, what is looking far more likely is those elves that were left defending Arlathan and then became the first Tevinter slaves were those who passed down this lore, and from their perspective, all of the Dalish legends would be true. They felt sore and betrayed and cut off from their own world, and it suddenly becomes clear where the Dalish interpretation comes from - it isn’t the Dalish interpretation at all. Somehow they’ve managed to preserve and recount the version of the tale told by those left behind, with uncanny accuracy. 

What might be untrue to Solas - who saw all of this go down - might be true to another group who were in the dark during the upheval and then found themselves alone and dying in the world. Can anyone blame them for idolising what they thought was their last hope and slandering the person they held responsible?