Mir Da’len Somniar

Just a little music box + vocal adaptation of the Dalish lullaby from the second World of Thedas book.

Elgara vallas, da'len - Sun sets, little one,
Melava somniar - Time to dream
Mala tara aravas - Your mind journeys,
Ara ma'desen melar - But I will hold you here

Iras ma ghilas, da'len - Where will you go, little one
Ara ma'nedan ashir - Lost to me in sleep?
Dirthara lothlenan'as - Seek truth in a forgotten land
Bal emma mala dir - Deep with in your heart

Tel'enfenim, da'len - Never fear, little one,
Irassal ma ghilas - Wherever you shall go
Ma garas mir renan - Follow my voice
Ara ma'athlan vhenas - I will call you home
Ara ma'athlan vhenas - I will call you home

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DA:I Dalish - omg not another mage on your way good luck we don’t have templars and magic is so very uncontrollable without them around to oppress people
DA:O Dalish - Mages are super important the best and purest of us and we have enough so that it’s a competition also sometimes we’re so desperate for mages we need them sent to us like in the case of Merrill


‘’No creature is more revered by the Dalish than the halla. No other animal has a god of its own. These white stags are much larger than ordinary deer, and the Dalish halla keepers carve their antlers as they grow, making them curve into intricate designs. In ancient times, these stags bore elven knights into combat, but since the fall of the Dales, they are used less as mounts and more to pull the aravels.’’

Think about it though:

  • Dalish elves living in caves, using their superior night vision to get around. Scaring the living daylights out of any bandits that try to move in. The caves are filled with glowing eyes, they’re haunted.
  • Dalish elves living in the deserts of Tevinter, Nevarra, Antiva, The Anderfels, moving only at night on their Aravels. The tracks get washed away in the night, and they leave almost no trace. Merchant caravans tell stories of strange clouds floating and silhouetted against the top of dunes under the full moon.
  • Dalish elves living among frozen peaks, clad in camouflaged furs and hunting with griffons and bows, not knowing their mounts are supposed to be extinct.
  • Dalish elves living in tropical forests, spending their whole lives among the trees, feet never touching the ground. 
  • Dalish elves living in the wild corners of Thedas, The Tirashan Forest, The Gamordan Peaks, The Donarks, The Wandering Hills; only hearing about humans in their histories and stories. 
  • Dalish elves living in the halls of their ancestors, reclaiming what once was theirs one broken stone at a time.