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Recap: David Archuleta Experience 3.0 (3/3)

Day 3: Last CD Signing, SM San Lazaro

Got there by 12 noon with Karlo (we met at the exact train station lol)

The time I entered the mall, I tweeted “Here in SM Southmall now” instead of SM San Lazaro. WAHAHAHAHA shit. so embarrassing. Got mentions though. *facepalm*

Saw Bree, Jean, Jenna, Nina and Kuya Mond. YAY!

Bree and I went to the Dept. store to buy a red shirt for her.

Yepp, red shirt was kinda required..hmm

Met Colwin and Ate Ayra. We watched the vlog together :P And laughed our butts off xD

We bought Thank you cards for David from NBS. We saw COS books heh.

Met Ate Ferj, Ate Karissa, Ate Gem and Alyssa at Jollibee.

While waiting, we got to hang for a bit and wrote our letter for D.

We entered the venue. VIP seats heck yeah \m/ Ate Nette arrived!

We were like less than 8 feet away from the stage. Yeah so close.

Me, Alyssa and Colwin were freaking out already!!! Though Archuleta was still on his way :P

The event started with a game. I won a Pretty Little Liars shirt. haha thanks E.T.C! My jaw hurt for grinning too much -_-

The emcee introduced the front acts. They were 2. Boy and Girl. The Boy looked a little like Cook coz of his beard. He said Cook instead of Archuleta. lol. The Girl was the same front act at SM Megamall. She was pretty. Yes, the Chinita one :D Each of them sang 3 songs. UGH.

Colwin and Ate Ferj (I think) held a stream. The boy front act waved at Ate Kreng through iTouch xD

Gazillion years later, David arrived. Goosebumps all over me due to the screaming and chanting. GAH.

He was wearing red  shirt too. Awww. (There was a bit of sweat on his shirt or idk lol.) And it was a dang V-neck. dead.

He kept on waving and smiling. We did silly things just to get noticed. Thank God, he noticed us. He waved at us. He laughed (wth) While us, were dying on our seats. lmao. HE WAS DANG BREATHTAKING. OKAY?!

The emcee asked him about his Pinoy food trip. lol at how David pronounced the names. So adorbs. He also talked about his first jeepney ride. He was giddy telling us his experience. He described the jeepney he rode. The Winnie the Pooh sticker(s) caught his attention.

He sang Something ‘Bout Love. The high notes. oh my heck.

The next song would be up to the fans, so lost of chanting and screaming. We chanted Wait. He said he can’t (meh). We asked for Look Around. He said “uh no” ( -_-)

The whole thing ended up with Everything and More. lol.

Emcee announced the people who were going to have a photo session with David. Ate Ferj, Ate Karissa and me went to the “I love David wall” and we wated for David. He was back at the dressing room. Preparing himself, I guess.

We got ready. I was really shaking. My hands were cold. ugh. Dang nervous but so stoked. Minutes later, David came out. Smiling again. AHHHHHH.

O_O He was so close. “Davidddd!!!!” And he smiled :”>>>

Then we posed for the photo. *clicks* clicks* *flash* flash* *_*

When it was done, I didn’t hesitate to touch his back …lightly  (muahahaha omg) He turned to me. aksfhjkdfhk.

 Me: Hellooooo David!

David: *smiles* Hi!!! *He offers his hand for a handshake*

Me: *O_O* *shakes his hand*

I just smiled at him. Ugh I was speechless.

Got back to my seat and tried to think of what just happened.

When I felt normal again (lol) all of us went to where David and I were. We saw Jeff. Some of us talked to him. I secretly took a photo:

External image

Alyssa and I saw David from the backstage. Oh my heck. He was already at the stage, playing with his pen lol…. So, we screamed his name a lot of times until he finally heard us. He waved and smiled again. WE DIED. I captured the moment but it resulted to this

External image
: At least I tried and it was still precious. ahhhhh.

Time for CD signing and the staff asked us to line up. Well we didn’t at first. We thought of things to do before heading up.

I brought out my COS instead of my ATE. Since I missed his book signing and I wanted my COS to get it signed.

We lined up. I saw Jeff again. I gave him my Thank You card to David along with my library card. HAHAHA He said “of course, sure!” NICE :D Btw, my library card’s kinda similar to my school I.D. xD

Then it was my turn…

Me: Hi, David! Yeah it’s me again *grins*

David: *laughs* Hey! Again. (lol)

Me: *laughs* Can you sign my book?

David: Sure!  (I flipped it open for him then an envelope just flew out. I remembered that it was a letter from Reem. I almost forgot.) *his face here was like he wanted me to explain something. *he gets my book and signs it*

Me: By the way, David. A friend of mine, who’s an avid fan of yours as well, emailed me last week. She’s from Egypt-

David: *O_O* Oh my gosh! (Heck his eyes. They sparkled and just enough to make my knees go weak) *Hands me my book*

Me: Yesss (laughs) She emailed me last week, I printed it *grins* and she wants me to give it to you, so yeah, here you go! *hands him the envelope*

David: Aww thank you!!!

Me: No problem. (smiles) Thanks to you too! Bye! *waves*

David: Byee! *waves back* (</3)

External image

I wasn’t normal again. I immediately got out and met the peeps.

Also met Viv, Jean and Madel again. hee

We gathered along. Talked about our experiences. Some cried. *sigh* It was the last. </3 Alyssa told me her chit chat with D. She said she will miss him and David was like “aww, I’ll be back .” (Oh myyyy) Bree was crying throughout the event (aww) she said Jeff hugged her. He told her that they’ll be back too. As Ate Sally’s chat with Jeff. She asked him too if they’ll be back. Well He told her, they will and he said soon. OMFG.

We shouted “Mahal ka namin David from Archuleta Philippines” in a deep voice. lol at people looking at us. Then when Notice Me was playing, we sang along real loud. “Wish you would notice meeeee” (in a deep voice again) Bet David heard us and I could see he was smiling. LE SIGH.

External image

Almost an hour later, it was time for David to say goodbye. <///3

Had dinner with Ate Nette, Kuya Mond, Colwin and Alyssa. We watched the most epic vid. WAHAHAHAHA XDD. The others were at Aysee’s, where David had dinner the night before his last signing.

Went home by 9. Thanks to Alyssa and Karlo :D

Finally this recap’s done. lol. Sorry for taking this too long. ugh. My USB had problem. All of my files were gone -_-. Anyway, thanks for reading. I apologize for being so spazzy. hehehe. Although this isn’t long like the two recaps, I swear this is the most fun and memorable experience.

I want to thank Ate Kreng, Uriel, Ate Ferj and all the AP peeps for making this experience possible . Had so much fun! ILY ALL!!!

Also, David for being amazing <3


External image

Til his next visit. \m/
















to be continued….

AHHH THIS IS JUST A SUMMARY LOL. I’m preetyyy tired. I only slept for two hours. K LONG DAY TMRW. EXCITED. MORNIGHT Y'ALL =))))))))))

Recap: David Archuleta Experience 3.0 (1/3)

Day 1: CD Signing – SM Megamall; Welcoming David

              I woke up at exactly 4:30 in the morning. Excitement rushed through me, knowing that it was finally the day I was going to meet David again. YAY. I hurriedly prepared and met my buddy Jean. Instead of riding only one bus, we rode two. Dang it! Anyway, we reached the mall at exactly 6am. Seriously, I was so nervous, thinking that maybe there’s a looooong line of fans already. Unexpectedly, we only found 1 fan..waiting. heh. My bad. Yet, we were still confused about where to line up. We decided to check the other entrance, which we thought the nearest one to the event center. So yeah, we finally lined up there. Few hours later, lotsa fans gathered along. I’ve met Bree, Alyssa and Breanne…Madel…then Uriel..Ate Karissa and Ate Feesh. Vivyen, Hazel and Karlo were at the middle of the line. Waiting for 4 hours didn’t bore me though. I was with fans and we just talked about David, how stoked we were and other random stuff lol. It was so much fun. hee

            One of the security guards asked us to get ready. Finally, the mall opened at 10am. Fans were running even though we were reminded not to run rofl. Well, ALL for David. And we gotta be the first people at the line :P I think I was the 44th person to be exact. But nah… it was just the line for buying the album. HEHE.

            After we bought our albums, we headed straight to KFC for lunch. Oh man, I never been so hungry in my entire life. I didn’t eat much for breakfast. My fault. Andi felt sick but thank God, nothing serious happened. We were saved by the famous Php 50 Chicken steak. oh hail you cheapest food ever (for me lol).

            We went to Jollibee to meet the fans who were joining the Team Airport. I’ve met the Archuleta Philippines peeps and we waited for the van. Yep, we were going to welcome the Archuletaaaa! The 20-minute (I think) ride was good, no heavy traffic and the driver was just driving sooooo fast lol (We were like “Oh God guide this driver, we still haven’t met David and we need to be there ALIVE”). And yeah lovely David’s songs at the background yo! There were tarpaulins of David’s placed at the back of each van. How cool eh. We reached the airport around 2pm. Fans arranged themselves as we were asked to. There were some at the right, few at the middle and we were at the left side with holding tarpaulins. We sang songs and cheered “Da-vid Da-vid Da-vid.” Most hilarious thing happened that day was we accidentally remixed Let’s Talk about Love and Something Bout’ Love. “Let’s talk about love…that breaks your heart woah oh oh… it sets you freeeeee” XD

            Few minutes later, David has arrived Maneeela!!! GAH I SAW HIM WAVING BEFORE HE GOT INSIDE THE CAR ASHFGDJHJDJ. Ugh I didn’t see Mark, Dave and Ben but I spotted Steven :) The car where David was in, made its way to OUR FREAKING SIDE. AHHHHH. And that was the time when the Media people started to shoot us. WTH. Ugh. Unavoidable stuff, indeed. Our faces were on the news….once again. Oh my gawd.

            We got back to the even center. Alyssa and I were asked to give flyers. So yeah, we did. Lesson learned: Don’t ignore people who give out flyers or other stuff. It’s kind of heartbreaking… based on our experience lol.

            Past 4pm, people cheered…screamed…while Alyssa and I were freaking out. We hadn’t finished giving the flyers but oh well…we just ran and I was able to make it to the 2nd row. hah. We had given like half of the several flyers though.

            The event was hosted by two pretty ladies from Magic 89.9, Andi and Jessica. Followed by the 2 front acts (ugh) Each front act sang 3 songs (Make that double ugh). There were contests too… waaaaaa I want the freaking poster so bad. L You have to sing first so there’s a chance for you to have that prize but I didn’t sing and I CAN’T SING. OKAY. lol. Btw, Breanne got interviewed before the event started hehehhehehehehe~

            Finallyyyyyy, David came out after 23874836836 years hahaha. GAH HE WAS SO ADORABLE, WAVING AT US. HIS SMILE. HIS DIMPLE. HIS EYES OMG. HIS BLUE AND GRAY STRIPED SHIRT . *DEAD* Thank you Lord for making him wear a vneck shirt that day!!!!! I didn’t care at all…I was jumping and shaking. IDC if people at the back couldn’t see. UGH I AM SO SORRY. JUST GOT CARRIED AWAY BY THE GORGEOUSNESS OF THE ARCHULETA.

            He sang a bit of a capella of Stand By Me..well as usual. HE NAILED IT. GOOSEBUMPS ALL OVER ME. GEEEEZ. He even said “ra-ta-ta-ta” I was like “WHUUUT” Okay it was all too adorableeee. heeeeeeee . Some fans were able to ask David questions too. David also got a compliment about his skin being so flawless by Andi….and he blushed (yes I saw him blushed even though I was more than 10 ft away from him) and he just face palmed himself….literally. AHHHHHHHH AJSFHJFGDHFHG. The two emcees asked us to say “I LOVE YOU DAVID ARCHULETA”. We did and it was the most “AWWW” moment of the day. I’m sure David felt the love :”> Hazel was crying of happiness and the rest of us were sweating like crazy lol. 

          So it was the time of CD signing….oh gosh. I couldn’t think of anything to say and ugh what to do in front of him. waaaaaa The line was too long so we decided to sit first…on the floor :D We thought of things to say (while freaking out). lmao. First thing that popped in my head was to shake both of his hands, yes, like two arms crossed..then reach for both of his hands…and shake AHHHHHHH. Then second, what was I going to ask him…hmmm…I thought of asking him about P90X. But ugh…I know it would be awkward…and embarrassing AHHHH SO HELP ME GOD. Once we saw the line got shorter, we decided to finally line up. OMFG I was so nervous…still my brain was all ‘bleh’. PFT.

           Once we stepped on the stage, we saw Daddy Jeff. I was able to get a picture with him as well as my other friends. He was so nice. (SRSLY I WAS ABOUT TO SAY DADDY. shoooot. But thankfully, I said “Hey Sir Jeff” lol. *relieved*)

           After Vivyen’s turn…it was my time to shine (OMG) I was like “here goes nothing…”

Me: *flailing inside* Hey David! *gives booklet*

David: Oh hello there!!! *looks at me then flashes me his cutest smile (shoot) and signs my stuff*

Me: I’m going to watch your concert tomorrow!!! Yay! (wth. LAMEEEE. I SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF MORE INTERESTING THING TO SAY. Gosh Im so proud of you, Rowz. Geez -___-)

David: Cool! See you tomorrow then! *grins at me then gives back my booklet*

Me: Yeah! Can’t wait to see ya…again *giggles* And THANKS!!! *grins back* Can I shake your hand?

David: Sure! *reaches for my hand*

Me: (REALLY HATE MYSLELF AT THIS. FORGOT TO DO THE “HANDS-SHAKE” THAT I PLANNED) *shakes his hand with my right and covers the back of his hand with my left…then squeezes lightly* (HEEE IT FREAKING LASTED FOR 4 SECONDS. HA!) Bye David! Thanks again!

David: You’re welcome! Bye! *smiles*


               After our surreal-heavenly moments (so far), Jean and Viv went home while the five of us (Alyssa, Breanna, Hazel, Karlo and me) stayed at the foodcourt to rest for a bit. Btw, when David was about to leave..people (fans and random people) had gone wild. A bunch of security guards were all over David. Due to the uncontrollable craziness, some of his security guards accidentally ruined a family’s dinner. Tsssskk. O______O

               We also stopped at the Shangrila Hotel’s (Yep where David was staying in)….entrance LOL. We didn’t go inside for some reason though. (Duh we looked really haggard. The guards…seemed so strict. PFT. And that scared me for they may be kicked our butts out) So we decided to leave. We met Breanne’s family at MOA (yay thanks for dinner treat and for the ride home, Breanne<3) Got home by 10!


               Even though I didn’t bring my camera during the “D experience” (curse my camera for it didn’t work in those freaking times) I was so dang shocked when Odyssey uploaded this, my first ever photo with him after 3 YEARS OF BEING HIS FAN. Miracle happens. Now, I truly believe. Thanks a bunch to Odyssey for taking a pic of us. I didn’t really expect this…and of course, my face in that photo. HAHAHAHAHA Out of 138473676 fans you guys chose us lmao. Thank youuuu~ Viv and I were seriously having a hard time to breathe when we first saw this lololol.

K, guys I’m so sorry for spazzing and for my shitty grammar -_____- Anyway, thanks for reading :) I haven’t finished my Day 2 HAHA. ILY <3

Recap: David Archuleta Experience 3.0 (2/3)

Day 2: Concert Day – Araneta Coliseum

             Lots of not so good things happened before the concert. SIGHHH. I was all bummed. Mom went home at 1pm so I left home like late, I guess .I didn’t get to claim the tickets which I worked so hard for. In that case, I would not attend his book signing and his 2nd CD signing as well. I wanted to go SO BAD. I was dying to get my COS signed and of course, to meet him again….. twice in a day. Too much awesome-ness. eh? Oh well. FATE wasn’t being nice to me. But yeah, I had to look forward for the concert though. Bit relieved because of my friends who were with me during those times. Thanks to Karlo and Jean for accompanying me at Odyssey office and SM Mega :P

             Together with Jean and Madel, we went to the hotel…hoping that we would bump into David. I was so freaking nervous but at the same time I was so stoked. We sat on one of the couches near the “elevators” of this particular place in the hotel (sorry IDEK what’s its specific name ) which according to Madel, it is where celebrities usually come out. Knowing that, just gave me goosebumps all over. While waiting, we had these “what if’s” in our heads. heh. “What if he comes out now omgomgomgomg”, “what if he’s just out having a merienda”,” what if he’s just roaming around the hotel”, what if blah blah and blah..”what if we die in front of him”. ROFL. After an hour and a half, there was no any sign of Archuleta. I checked the time and it was 6:30pm, we needed to get going. SIGHHH.

             We took the train to Araneta. There was this unknown caller kept calling me. I answered it but it immediately cut off. I had a feeling that the call seemed important. IDK. And then my phone rang again, I said hello…and the moment the unknown caller hello-ed at me, I couldn’t even recognize who was it. It was a “she” though. Her accent was different. She even sounded like an Italian or something. But I assumed it was maybe a foreign staff from Odyssey. I got like more than 3 calls from her though. It just ended with nothing…stupid signal. -_____-

            Finally we arrived at the Big Dome!!!! I saw some of my buddies but I didn’t get a chance to talk to them because I needed to find the “West gate” to meet the Odyssey staff and claim my tickets. Unfortunately, a staff from Ovation told me that Odyssey people already left. T___________T *BUMMED* I seriously didn’t know what to do. Shiz. . I WAS SO BROKE. I COULDN’T GO TO HIS COS SIGNING AND HIS CD SIGNING THE NEXT DAY.I wanted to cry there, really. It was my entire fault though. I should have gone there earlier so I could still sell the tix :(((((((( That was also the time I figured out, why David wasn’t at the hotel…dang, he was having his M&G already errrrrrr. Gosh I hate him. See? This part isn’t so nice. It’s frustrating and depressing. If I could only turn back the time.

            We got inside and met Alyssa, Breanne (Thanks for saving my life once again <3), and Hazel. Since Jean and I were so hungry, we bought foods. Goodness. I had a slice of pizza and a drink for dinner.

            8pm, the show started with David’s front act, Julie Ann San Jose. Man, she was great! I love her Super Bass’ performance!!! She sang 5 songs.

           Another minutes (which seemed like forever) of waiting…. The band (GAAAHHHH MARK NILAN!!<3 )came out and they began to play Stomping The Roses…then there was David…waving and smiling. AHHHHHH loved his outfit *________* AND THINGS DID GET BETTER I forgot all the bumming moments happened. The concert was beyond amazing. David was on FI-YAH. YES!!!!!. FI-YAAAH. AHHHHHHHH. We were all pumped up and hyped. I couldn’t even stop myself from jumping, dancing, jumping, dancing, jumping, dancing, screaming “DAVID!!!” “I LOVE YOU,DAVID!!!” and singing my heart out. Although, I CAN’T SING. I DIDN’T CARE AT ALL. GOSH. Hyper, indeed. I saw some people staring at me like a lunatic. LOL. PSHHH. So yeah, I was karaoke-ing with David the whole time XD.


Anyway here’s the whole set list: 

  • Stomping the Roses - *mentioned* hee
  • Other Side of Down - his moves here omg. and the “HA!” <3
  • A Little Too Not Over You- the intense looks. :“>
  • Love Don’t Hate- 1st time hearing this live, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. \m/
  • Everybody Wants to Rule The World - his intro :”)
  • Something ‘Bout Love - the crowd went wild!!!!  When David was singing the high notes. OMFG.
  • Touch My Hand - the hand gestures, ya know! ahhhh reminds me of my DALIM 1 experience
  • My Kind of Perfect - SO LUVLEH!
  • Gotta Get Through This / Message In A Bottle - he was totally rockin out!!! I loved the band intro too geee :“))
  • My Hands - Bree dragged me to the VIP section. So yeah, I saw him even closer <3 I always love this song!
  • A Thousand Miles - ZE BEST. LMAO at the moment when he forgot the lyrics. Crowd cheered and I had chills all over. "I’d fly a thousand miles just to see you, Manila” *touched*
  • Falling Stars - the people around me couldn’t help to go “aww” throughout the performance, WELL SAME HERE :D heh
  • Stand By Me - man, he was on FIIIYAAAHH. “And all you beautiful girlsss” GOSH.
  • Everything and More - FAVORITEEEE<3
  • Elevator - “Discoo with the flowww” &“ ha ha ha hhhiiggghhhhh yeahh” XDD
  • Zero Gravity - He announced that this was the last song. and I was like WTF. I was busy dancing, jumping around and singing along. I even stepped on someone’s foot. *sorry* And DAVID’S MOVES AGAIN. He was sweating like crazy.  The song ended, he waved goodbye and rushed backstage. And then the crowd cheered “ WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE! I believed that it wasn’t over….after a minute or two, the lights went back and David as well :P GAHHHHHHHH.


  • Heaven - the mixed emotions here. omg. *cries a river*
  • Crush - as expected, everybody sang along \m/ The song that never gets old <3

David: Thank you guys so much! Mahal ko kayoong lahaaaaat!!!

He never fails to amaze me. Never. I love him so much.


           We rushed to West Gate hoping that we would get a chance to take a pic with David. Thanks to the bouncer who informed us. XD. When we got there, the security guard was like shooing us. WTF. He kept on telling us that David had already left. Well, we didn’t believe him until it was time for Alyssa, Breanne, and Hazel to go home. Just our luck. Dang it. Reached home by 1am! Thanks to Jean, to her friend (forgot the name o_o) Ken, Breanne, Alyssa, and Karlo for everything lol. <3

          Got free coca-cola drinks and Close-up toothpaste as my souvenirs lmao. One of the best nights evaaaa!!! I really had a blast!

Well, thanks guys for reading!!! You can still read my part uno here! The last part  will be posted soon. hehe

David Archuleta didn't know he has fans in Egypt lol. Well yeah, I told him and gave the letter. And he was like "OH MY GOSH! ARE YOU SERIOUS?" LMAO HIS FACE THERE WAS PRICELESS. His eyes were sparkling, my knees wobbled. And yeah, he signed my cos and I shook his hand. GAHD THE PRESSURE. O_O HE'S SO LOVELY, YOU KNOW ♥

JUST A TEASE :) more to come later :D