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Wu Wei Si Monastery

One of the best experiences I had in China was in Dali at the Wu Wei Si Monastery. The monastery offers Kung Fu and Tai Chi to foreigners while staying at the temple.

Technically this was not a bed and breakfast establishment. Travellers who stayed here were expected to follow the rules set by the Shifu (master) of the monastery. Training was 6 hours a day, with no music within the monastery grounds and strict rules were in place during meals. Only start eating after the monks have started eating. All food placed in your bowl must be eaten, including anything dropped on the floor. Bow to each table of people when you leave and say ‘Ah Mi Tuo Fu’!

Life was simple when all you need to focus on each day is training and eating. Free time involved reading and walking through the beautiful mountain surrounding.


Unknown artist, Chinese, Dali Kingdom, probably from Yunnan Province, Dali Kingdom, 937-1253 CE or later
Seated Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara (Guanyin), 12th - 15th century
Gilt bronze with traces of pigment/RISD Museum

The contemporary artist Han Jin Lin lives and works in the ancient town of Dali in the southeastern province of Yunnan. He uses rubbings of manhole covers, cobblestone streets and other signs of modern everyday life collaged together to create these huge landscape works of art. You get to his home and studio through the winding narrow streets of the old town. #artistsofmodernchina #artiststudiovisit #DaliChina #cnttakeover @gtowey (at Dali, Yunnan Province, China)

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