The production of the short film Destino, a collaboration born from the mutual friendship and respect between Walt Disney and Salvador Dali, began in 1945. Over a period of 8 months, Dali worked tirelessly with Disney studio artist John Hench creating concept paintings and storyboarding the film. Set in a landscape inspired by Dali’s surrealist art, the story of Destino tells of the ill-fated love between Chronos, the god of time, and a mortal women. Due to financial complications at the studio after World War II, the film was put on hiatus. Nearly 50 years later, the art for the film was rediscovered and the project was revitalized, bringing Dali’s surrealist vision to life. While neither were alive to see the film completed, Destino was released in 2003, 58 years after it’s initial conception, in honor of the two legendary artists.