Not that weekends are any different from weekdays for me since I finished classes on the 18th buuut, this is my first holiday off since I started back to work in April, so I’m taking full advantage of it (or as much as I can with a limited budget).  After what seems like months since winter term, friends are finally moving back to the city and a new set of classes are just around the corner! Market strolls, pool side chills, beach days and getting familiar with new surroundings are all on the agenda for the long weekend!  I just remembered DalFest starts this Thursday. Oh my sweet god I cannot wait for that! Free shows, fireworks and getting drunk at school on the quad.  Sign me up!! I hate having to be sneaky on St. Patty’s day…

Check out the DalFest lineup here (http://dalfest.ca/index.php)! Only open to Dal students though. Sorrrrry!

Watch on kendradaale.tumblr.com

Hey Rosetta! #DalFest