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there's a reason daletos was so angry about his scans getting out, you know. people can get into serious trouble for scanlating licenced works, it's ILLEGAL, and i don't think you'll be so calm about it when Sublime tells you to take it down. daletos's way of doing thing would have been fine if people didn[t keep uploading the chapters to reading sites without permission from him. sure he didn't draw the manga but he bought and scanned and translated and typesetted it all by himself so they did

Continuation…: belong to him in that sense. and the fact that you used chinese raws is stealing from the chinese group as well - and at least daletos translated straight from the Japanese! sorry if this comes off as rude but your post about it was rude too!

Hello :] Thanks for your message. We do know you can get in trouble with scanlating, which is why we’re anonymous. It’s not just licensed manga that is illegal to scanlate though, it’s ALL manga, whether it’s licensed or not in the US. I have a lot of opinions about scanlations/English publishers but I won’t rant about them now >.> I will say though, that if you’re worried about publishers coming after you, plastering your blog name in watermarks all over the pages and making it so that readers are directed only to your own personal site to read them is kind of like poking a beast with a big stick, don’t you think? Also a couple points to clear up!

- He didn’t work on them himself, if you look at his credits pages, he was the translator but a lot of people helped out. I guess he’s entitled to share it how he wants, but we’d be lying if we said we agreed with his reasons/methods.

- We DID use Chinese scans, and we know that’s taboo, and we only did it for that chapter specifically - the next release will be done using Japanese raws. But we didn’t translate it from the Chinese, it was translated from the original Japanese (using low quality raws).

- I don’t know what post you’re referring to that was rude, but I’m sure it wasn’t our intention for it to be read that way. :(

Anyways… this is the only time I’ll post about the Daletos situation, because it’s a very petty thing - he doesn’t need defended, I’m sure he just wants to be left in peace! This fandom has had enough drama I think, let’s just get along from now on, and try to remember that everyone who reads Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is united by one thing…

The determination to see Ritsu finallyyyyy confess to Takano and for them both to live happily ever after being sweet and having lots of (hopefully more consensual) sex in the future. Right? RIGHT?!