daleks will exterminate


Harley Quinn: Here comes the Phantom Zone!

The Joker: Hello, Gotham City!  The Clown Prince of Crime is back!  And I’ve come to finally take over the city.  But, in order to do that, I need to break my friends out of a giant, scary prison.

Firefly:  Hey Guys, he means us!

Rogues: YAY!

The Joker: And I ain’t talkin’ about those rogue losers dress in cosplay!

Rogues: Awww…

Catwoman: Me-otch!

The Joker: I’m talking about my new peeps!  And they’re just like me: the greatest villains you’ll ever see!  You wanna meet ‘em?

Bystander: No…

The Joker: Too bad!  He’s evil, he’s magic, and it’s about to get tragic: it’s Voldemort!

Lord Voldemort: Magic!  You are a fish!  You frog!  You are a fish-frog!

The Joker: He’s a 9,000 year old incarnation of evil with an eye for jewelry.  Give it up for Sauron!

Sauron: Good afternoon, Gotham City!

The Joker: He likes long, violent walks on historic buildings: it’s King Kong!

King Kong: Come at me, Gotham!

The Joker: And rounding out the Evil All-stars: the Wicked Witch,

The Joker: Medusa,

The Joker: and British Robots!  

Daleks: Exterminate!

The Joker: Ask your nerd friends!  Ha ha!  What a crew, huh?  And they all work for me!  Who’s the greatest villain of them all now, Batman?!

-”The Lego Batman Movie”

Things Fangirls can do when they're bored

Warning: this is actually a list full of bad advice


1. Start making deductions
2. Shoot the wall
3. Wear a white sheet
4. Forget your pants
5. Fake your own death…. okay you probably shouldn’t do that…
6. Go to your mind palace
7. If you don’t have a mind palace, create one
8. Turn up the collar of your coat so you look cool
9. Tell everyone to shut up because they lower the IQ of the whole street
10. Jump off…. no wait…
11. Steal the Crown Jewels …. okay no, that’s a bad idea too
12. Hack into your schools server and play “Did you miss me?” On every screen (please send me a video if you do that)
13. Make a human sacrifice to Moffat so he won’t kill any more characters
14. Set your ring tone to “Stayin’ Alive”
15. Don’t trust cab drivers
16. Go to London
17. Spy on your whole Family like Mycroft (it’s of national importance)
18. If you have a mind palace, delete the solar system
19. Quote Sherlock at least once in a conversation
20. Make “Sherlocked” your phone passcode

Doctor Strange

1. Text and Drive and become Sorcerer Supreme (no please don’t)
2. Imagine how much easier your life would be if you had a sling ring and/or the eye of Agamotto, instead of solving problems like a normal human being
3. Learn the hand movements
4. Throw people that you don’t like into another dimension
5. ‘Bargain’ with everyone
6. Always read the whole book- the warnings come after the spell
7. Never loose your sling ring
8. Learn the medical terms
9. Sound smart by randomly saying those terms
10. Drink tea from Nepal and hope you’ll develop mystic art skills
11. Make “shamblla” your WiFi password
12. contact Dormammu and open the Dark Dimension (okay this list is full of bad advice)
13. Quote Doctor Strange at least once in a conversation
14. Don’t walk the streets with an Infinity Stone
15. Listen to Beyoncé songs
16. Listen to the Songs Stephen listens to during the surgery scene
17. Make a portal and steal (borrow) books from the library
18. Go to Kathmandu and hope to find Kamar Taj
19. Bend and shape reality
20. Ask people what’s 'Wong’ (and use this pun way too often in general)

Doctor Who

1. Eat fish fingers and custard
2. Wear a bow tie
3. Buy a fez
4. Buy a sonic screwdriver (and annoy everyone around you)
5. Don’t diss the Sonic
6. Change your alarm clock to the Daleks saying “Exterminate”
7. Always bring a banana to a party
8. Only open doors after you pointed your sonic screwdriver at it
9. Call everything 'fantastic’
10. Say “come along Ponds” whenever you go somewhere with your friends
11. Say Allons-y before you go somewhere
12. Yell 'EXPLAIN! EXPLAIN!’ in a Dalek voice when your teacher moves on too fast
13. Use timey-wimey instead of time
14. Make a human sacrifice to Moffat so he won’t kill any more characters
14. Declare war on the moon
15. freak out when you see a crack in a wall
16. yell “Don’t blink!” Whenever you see a statue
17. be scared of WiFi
18. be scared of gas masks
19. Quote the Doctor at least once in a conversation
20. Use the TARDIS to shorten the waiting time for the next Sherlock season (or any other movie/TV show)


1. Tell everyone to watch their language
2. Listen to the songs Star Lord has on his Walkman
3. If someone says “I have a [insert random thing]” reply by saying “we have a Hulk”
4. Eat Shawarma
5. Paint your face green when you’re angry
6. Say “I am Groot” at random times
7. say “please be a secret door, please be a secret door, please be a secret door” before you open doors
8. write “you know who I am” on name tags
10. say “I possess the power of Thor! I am worthy!’ Whenever you use a hammer
11. Build an Iron Man suit
12. Quote any Superhero at least once in a conversation
13. Find your awesome facial hair bro
14. Don’t press the button that will kill everything
15. Tell people that they look disgusting but are beautiful from the inside
16. Beware of ice (especially if you are a super solider)
17. Create Ultron
18. Build an arc reactor
19. Have 12% of a plan
20. Remember: you can do this all day (I mean we’re Fangirls)

How many things are you guilty of?