daleks will exterminate


AAAAAAAARGH: Women are like a Fiat Panda! Lesbian Doctor! Pink TARDIS! Transgender Cybermen! Noel Fielding! Sparkplugs! Top Gear!

ThE BaTlE HaSn´T StArTeD, YeT ThE DaLeKs HaVe LoSt” … “YoUr NoNeXiStAnT CoNcEpT oF ElEgAnCe GoT YoU HeRe”..

@tree-of-blue-squirrel well at least we have some self-respect. Using humans as ingredient for your cyberbabies? That´s messed up, dude. No wonder that you keep on sucking your own metall asses instead of exterminating whole planets.


Harley Quinn: Here comes the Phantom Zone!

The Joker: Hello, Gotham City!  The Clown Prince of Crime is back!  And I’ve come to finally take over the city.  But, in order to do that, I need to break my friends out of a giant, scary prison.

Firefly:  Hey Guys, he means us!

Rogues: YAY!

The Joker: And I ain’t talkin’ about those rogue losers dress in cosplay!

Rogues: Awww…

Catwoman: Me-otch!

The Joker: I’m talking about my new peeps!  And they’re just like me: the greatest villains you’ll ever see!  You wanna meet ‘em?

Bystander: No…

The Joker: Too bad!  He’s evil, he’s magic, and it’s about to get tragic: it’s Voldemort!

Lord Voldemort: Magic!  You are a fish!  You frog!  You are a fish-frog!

The Joker: He’s a 9,000 year old incarnation of evil with an eye for jewelry.  Give it up for Sauron!

Sauron: Good afternoon, Gotham City!

The Joker: He likes long, violent walks on historic buildings: it’s King Kong!

King Kong: Come at me, Gotham!

The Joker: And rounding out the Evil All-stars: the Wicked Witch,

The Joker: Medusa,

The Joker: and British Robots!  

Daleks: Exterminate!

The Joker: Ask your nerd friends!  Ha ha!  What a crew, huh?  And they all work for me!  Who’s the greatest villain of them all now, Batman?!

-”The Lego Batman Movie”