daleks dress


Meet Edinburgh Central Library’s pet Dalek.

So what is a Dalek (in fancy dress) doing in the lending library?

It all started a few years back. We got the Dalek (and his less celebrated cyberman sidekick) to promote the Edinburgh Science Festival. We liked the Dalek so much we decided to keep him, and started dressing him up in literary-themed costumes. Like the  Doctor, the Dalek has gone through one or two ‘regenerations’ – because like the rest of us he can get a bit deflated from time to time.

anonymous asked:

Any situation in which Sheldon has to lift Amy's Halloween mask so he can kiss her 😍

Happy Halloween, dear nonny! I also apologize for the bits of Doctor Who reference I added. I just thought it would be a cute.

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He hadn’t meant to upset her, not really. But he had gone and done it. After their success as Olive Oil and Popeye last year, Sheldon assumed that choosing costumes for Halloween of 2014 should run quite smoothly. After two hours of arguing, a large venn diagram, and one insult later he realized that his assumptions had been very wrong.

Since there was tragically no comic book store to hold the party this year, Penny had suggested to throw one in her apartment in it’s place. Sheldon hadn’t spoken to Amy since their fight a few days prior. She wouldn’t answer his phone calls, Skype requests, or text messages. He felt bad that he had called her ideas ridiculous and insisted that his were far superior. He really didn’t think she would get so upset but his words seemed to really set her off. 

So with that, he sulked off to the party alone. 

About an hour into the party, Sheldon started to get worried that he had yet to spot Amy anywhere. She had been very insistent that she wanted them to dress as Belle and Beast from Beauty and the Beast this year, so Sheldon scanned the crowd for any woman dressed in princess attire.

After unsuccessfully tapping a Cinderella, a Snow White, and an Elsa on the shoulder only to be greeted with a strange face, Sheldon was about to give up. He sunk on the couch and watched as all of his friends were having the time of their life. Just when he was about to find Leonard and ask him to take him to Amy’s he spotted a woman in a poofy yellow dress and past shoulder brown hair. That had to be her!

He rushed behind her and whirled her around by her shoulders, “Amy! There you are, I’ve been looking all over for you!”

“Who’s Amy?” the woman who was obviously not Amy asked.

“Oh,” he said a bit defeated, “sorry. My girlfriend was supposed to be here and she wanted to dress up like Belle.”

“Sheldon?” a voice questioned from behind.

Sheldon turned around and found himself face to face with a girl wearing a Dalek dress and head stalk mask.

“Amy? I thought you wanted to be a princess?”

“I did. But I was feeling bad about getting so upset with you over our costumes. I mean, you did hurt my feelings but I guess I didn’t have to freeze you out.”

“So, you dressed up as a Dalek?”

She laughed slightly, “Well, I was going more for Clara Oswald when she was a Dalek but yeah, I am a Dalek.”

“We haven’t watched that one together yet, have you been watching on your own?”

“Yeah. It’s something that is important to you and I find it more tolerable to your Star War Trek shows.”

He stepped forward slightly and smiled, “You’re the best, Amy. I really am sorry for upsetting you.”

She smiled back, “You’re forgiven. What happened to the costume you wanted? You’re dressed like a prince.”

“I wanted to apologize so I dressed up as post Beast. I felt if I wore some sort of fur based costume I may feel uncomfortable.”

“Good call,” she said taking his hand, “thank you for doing this for me.”

“Thank you for taking an interest in science fiction for me.”

Sheldon lifted the eye stalk mast from Amy’s face and leaned in to give her firm kiss on the lips. She stopped him right before his lips could touch hers.

She attempted her best impression, “Exterminate!” Sheldon raised an eyebrow, “We’ll work on it,” he vowed as he captured her lips with his.