Day 179: “Ah, My Dalek” is my favorite program, and I have long wanted to draw it, but I’ve lacked confidence in my ability to draw it. It’s hard to capture the beauty expressed in the show, but I have done my best.

These are definitely the best wings I’ve drawn, though I’ve got a long way to go with much of what I’ve done here. I was a little frustrated with how much the colors decided to blend, which they typically do not do with this medium. The penstrokes also showed up a lot more than I like in this, though that is probably something I should learn to turn to my advantage.

Day 105: Teenage Mutant Ninja Kaleds!

From left to right: Dalektello, Extermaell, Splintavros, Michextermio, Leodalek.

My first multi-Dalek drawing in a while. I hate the time sunk into these sorts of drawings, but the end result is usually worth it. Rather disappointed in Splintavros, but mostly from the color issues caused by his small size. All my drawings are on paper that is 3.5" x 5.25", so my level of detail is limited on these sorts of drawings.

Day 41: Coolidge’s “Dogs Playing Poker” was stuck in my head, so this was inevitable. Bonus points if you can tell which of the “Dogs Playing Poker” set this was based on. o)>

I started by drawing the lenses of each eyestalk I wanted visible. I then drew the front-left Dalek who was closer to facing forward. I started on the front-right Dalek next, but stopped to get a model after drawing that awful ear. Even with a model, I messed up the panel count somehow, so I made the extra panels into the back block side troughs. I then drew the front of the table, then started putting things on the table. I did the two back Dalek players, then finished the table.

At that point, I decided to have most of the Coolidge scene, and added the Daleks who seemed not to be playing, the lamp, and the dark painting on the wall. Coloring was straightforward, though tedious.

Day 2: For my second attempt, I decided to expand my effort and make a humorous scene out of it. I played around a bit and got a plunger tip I halfway liked and got better about planning out what would be in front. The trickiest part of this for me is that I have to think what will be in front and draw it first, then work my way back to avoid background lines going through something opaque. For this one, the humor was mild, just taking the human expectation of “exterminate” and giving it a Dalek emphasis.

Day 107: He-Dalek and the Exterminators of the Universe!

Being from Skaro, I’ve seen plenty of ruins of inferior human civilizations, but Castle Grayskaro is Dalek-built. It was built based on the expected skull of Davros, whom we had exterminated and left in the ruins of his laboratory for safe keeping while his chair rebuilt him. It was during one of our artistic phases of the long waiting period.

In time, the data was corrupted on the Castle, and one abomination decided swords were superior and put on a wig and chestplate. From then on he hovered around the castle, proclaiming his power, until we got bored of it and exterminated him. It was funny watching him try to turn K-9 into “Battdal-Kat” by sitting on it and swinging the sword, though. o)>

Day 112: This is why Doctor Who should never be made as an anime. 

Not much special tonight as far as challenges. I think I’m getting the new Dalek collar down finally. I’m pretty pleased with how this one turned out, though the shoulders were a little wavy in spots.

Day 62: This one did not want to cooperate at all. You can probably tell from the front tip and the bad angle of the “BFG” where the problem started. I also screwed up the casing, resulting in the weird flipped up bit at the back of the BFG-holding Dalek, the awkward wobble of the upper band, and the tiny, tiny plunger. I sat it aside for several hours and then came back to it to try to fix it. Largely I got it up to “barely tolerable”, but even as I fixed it, I still screwed up the grill, giving it a slope.

The principle idea was to give the Dalek a BFG. If you aren’t familiar, this is the comical term for the ridiculously big guns a lot of series’ have for their characters - a “Big F'ing Gun”. 

I am pleased with the titanium rainbow effect I was able to get by merging copper, “metallic teal”, and silver though. It looks alright here, but it looks much better on the actual image. The Scientist Dalek also has the right shade of orange finally, but it looks almost red in the picture. o(>

Day 109: Nyah, what’s up, Doc?

I’ve been wanting to draw this one for a while now, but didn’t want to do the gray in silver. I found gray pens finally and ordered them, but it took a long time to get here. Now that I finally have them… o)>

Still really bad at drawing humans, though the hand is an improvement, and the face is almost distinguishable out of a lineup of things pulled from a ruined garbage disposal. A significant improvement. Still, proportions are way off and the face is too far forward. o(> Stupid, inferior anatomy… 


Day 230: Dalek Tonberry. The only Dalek almost as much feared as @WeaponsDalek

All drawings I post to Tumblr have been digitally cleaned, cropped and sized from the original photographs or scans. This is to make the picture look like the piece of paper. Today is one of the rare cases where I have edited it to not look like the piece of paper. The photo tends to create an aura effect, which suited this drawing well (see the lantern), but it was centered. I cleaned the drawing, then brought back the aura effect so that it was closer to where the lantern was.

The simply cleaned version is beside it.