to everyone returning to school:

remember the important things

  • your grades do not determine your self-worth
  • your grades are not more important than your mental and physical health
  • the grade you get doesn’t reflect on the kind of person you are

and last but not least

  • if anyone makes you feel otherwise, punch them in the face

Yay so Ruby and I decided to make a network! *drumroll please…*

  • must be following ear and hat
  • reblog this post, likes do not count (unless bookmarking)
  • please fill in this survey 
  • have sherlock as at least 50% of your blog (preferably more)
  • when this post has 45 notes we’ll choose about 10 members
We're looking for:
  • active bloggers
  • pretty posts
  • clean, easy to navigate theme
  • lovely sherlock fans!!
If you get in:
  • you’ll be sent a message
  • please give us your email so we can add you to the chat
  • track the tag #earhatnet
  • follow every member
  • put the link to the members page on your blog
Why you should join:
  • new followers
  • help with anything you need (promos/graphics/blog rates and stuff like that)
  • loads of awesome friends  y a y
  • advice on anything you want
  • it’s just hella tbh

yay! reblog awayy

okay though i’m actually quite proud of the graphic

So yeah we decided to make a bots!! *throws confetti*

R U L E S :

  • must be following sandshoes and grandad
  • reblog this post
  • please don’t like, it won’t count
  • fandom blogs only please
  • one winner, two runners up
  • must reach 30 notes please don’t make us look stupid
  • we’ll announce the winners on the 23rd June C:

W H A T  W E ’ R E  L O O K I N G  F O R :

  • fandom blogs
  • snazzy urls
  • great posts
  • pretty, simple themes
  • tagging system is always a plus

W H A T  Y O U  G E T :

  • spots on out updates tabs
  • unlimited promos over summer (!!!!)
  • +follow if not already
  • help with anything you need
  • f r i e n d s h i p
  • also cake

R U N N E R S  U P :

  • spots on out updates tabs
  • three promos over summer
  • +follow if not already
  • f r i e n d s h i p   y a y

goo enter lovelies!! have a great summer!!

blog rates bc i'm going out running and it's gonna be great
  • it’s really nice out whee
  • okay so
  • reblog this post
  • mbf me
  • send me something u like about yourself bc you are all beautiful and ily
  • also (optional) maybe vote for what i should do when i hit 1K? (this is a v serious poll shhh guys)
  • rates will look like this:

url: /100

posts: /100

my favorite thing about your blog: 

  • will be tagged as blog rates for ts
  • i will do them when i get back from running!
  • okay reblog away lovelies

So I’m throwing together a BOTS!


  • mbf me
  • reblog this post
  • must reach 50 notes or this never happened
  • reblog until Friday, May 30 at 12noon EST
  • 1 winner, 2 runner ups

Winner gets:

  • +follow, if not already
  • post announcing that they won
  • spot in my updates tab all summer
  • promos and graphics/edits upon request (and by surprise)
  • all my love (and cookies)

Runner Ups get:

  • +follow, if not already
  • spot in my updates tab all summer
  • 5 promos upon request
  • 3 graphics/edits upon request
  • love and friendship

Thanks! Reblog, reblog, reblog!

Welcome to the Dalek Army Network! This is for all those who enjoy Doctor Who, especially the Daleks!

(graphic by ameliashour)


  • mbf jess, jemma, sarah, perri, and phoebe!
  • must reblog, no likes or you will be EXTERMINATED
  • fill this out (otherwise you won’t be considered)
  • have your ask box open
  • be willing to give out your email
  • this must reach at least 50 notes or it never happened
  • choosing 15 members at first
  • selecting May 16

What we’re looking for: 

  • someone who loves Doctor Who
  • you have to blog DW (multi is okay as long as you’ve got it in there somewhere)
  • cool blogs with nice themes
  • awesome bloggers
  • it’d be cool if you made stuff too but if not that’s cool

Alright that’s it, reblog away!

Here are the first members of the Dalek Army Network!

Congratulations! You’ll receive a message shortly to add you to the group chat! Please follow all members and add the link to the network blog somewhere on your page (maybe in an updates tab)!

And don’t worry if you weren’t picked, we’ll be accepting a second round of applications at a later date!