Dalek Gary - A Doctor Who Parody

Six short sketches showing the trials of an armor-plated killing machine just trying to blend in with the rest of us.

Okay, I’ve got a card in the Amanda Palmer Tarot, which is pretty bitchin’. BUT. What I’m really chuffed about is Dalek Gary, a webseries made in part by my friend and Doctor Who enabler Ben Paddon. Not only have I seen taping first-hand when I visited Ben in February, but I’ve taken the ill-advised leap of contributing an original Dalek cross-stitch as a reward tier. Caveat: the tier’s sold out. However, I really want to make these, and I only get to do so if Dalek Gary’s funded. It’s SO CLOSE (less than $200 to go). So go, my pretties! Spread the word! Check out Ben’s stuff (Portscenter, British Candy Authority, Boomer’s Day Off) and associated production team kill9tv (Real Sims) so you know how good this shit’s gonna be.

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Another set photo from Dalek Gary, wherein our eponymous hero goes out on a date with a woman named Cassidy, played by the wonderful Amanda Lyn (who also played the Maid in The Real Sims). As with most of the dates I go on, I was not allowed to sit at the same table as her.

For those who don’t know, not only did I co-write this not-for-profit webseries (we’ll be sending free copies out for charity screenings as well as posting the entire thing to YouTube) but I’m also voicing Gary. I don’t think my Dalek voice is quite as good as Nicholas Briggs’ fantastic performance, but this weekend I really feel my Dalek voice hit its stride, even if it did take its toll on my throat!

We have one more shoot this coming weekend, then I wait on the rough edits and re-record all of Gary’s lines in a recording studio so they can be ring-modulated and dropped in over my crappy off-camera line readings.

It’s been so much fun working on this project. A lot of hard work, train trips down to San Diego and last-minute rewrites, but it’s absolutely worth it. It’s great to be working with michellekenobi and the rest of the Kill9 crew again, but this is literally, literally the culmination of five years of discussion and planning, not to mention the fulfillment of a long-held childhood dream. That is to say nothing of being able to work with fantastic YouTubers such as Jason Horton, Brian Firenzi. Maria del Carmen, JP Nickel and James Ashby.

I’m hoping we might have a trailer in time for Gallifrey One, if not to screen there then certainly to pop up on the YouTubes. But such things are out of my hands.

This is far too much commentary for this photo.


Hey guys! Are you going to San Diego Comic-Con? So am I! I’ll be there for the whole show walkin’ around like noooormal, but on Friday and Saturday you’ll be able to find me at the SoulGeek booth #5619, just north-west of the small press pavilion!

I won’t be selling anything, because what would I possibly have that anyone would want to buy? But I will be bringing something very special with me - my Amiga 1200, loaded with a ton of games. You’ve heard me ramble about the Amiga constantly on PortsCenter, now you’ll have the chance to play one yourself! And if you ask me nicely, I might just throw down on Mortal Kombat.

I’ll also be promoting a number of projects - Dalek Gary, the impending return of Jump Leads, and possibly other things. Plus I’ll be near restrooms and a hot dog stand. So that’s something.

(Don’t worry, I’ll post this again at the start of July to reminder you all.)


After six years of work, Dalek Gary finally releases on June 25th. Featuring Brian Firenzi, Maria del Carmen, James Ashby, JP Nickel, Jason Horton, Adam Murray, Meggan Anderson, and a host of other internet persons (including myself as the voice of Gary), and directed by Boomer’s Day Off director Michelle Osorio, all six episodes will be dropping on the same day… so you won’t have to wait to find out what happens next! There’ll also be behind-the-scenes content for each episode. Hoorah!

Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel so you get notified as soon as the series drops!


I just finished recording the VO for Dalek Gary today (a month overdue, following a string of nasty throat infections). To celebrate, here’s the trailer! Hopefully the series will be released before the end of the month.

I spent a lot of time yelling into the microphone like a Dalek, than a bit more time yelling into the microphone like a slightly different Dalek. I don’t know how Nick Briggs does it for hours on end, because my throat is well and truly shredded.

Kill9 launches Kickstarter for Dalek Gary, a Doctor Who Parody

I’m very proud to announce that Michelle Osorio and I are working on a Doctor Who parody called Dalek Gary, a series of six short sketches showing the trials of an armor-plated killing machine just trying to blend in with the rest of us.

Dalek Gary will also feature some recognizable faces, including Brian Firenzi (5-Second Films, Video Game High School, Dude Bro Party Massacre 3)  Jason Horton (The Annoying Orange, Awkward with Women), and Ben Dunn (Boomer’s Day Off, NerdTerns), with linking narration by Maria del Carmen (5-Second Films, Brian & Maria).

Oh, and I’ll be voicing Gary. Which, y'know. Kind of a big deal. For me.

Check out the Kickstarter now! Or later! Whatever’s convenient! It’s up to you!