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Cousin Wire’s Broadcasts: Notes on the Daleks

Note: This was originally broadcast on [censored], and has been rebroadcast several times since. Like all of Cousin Wire’s pirate “information” broadcasts, it combines alarmingly accurate information mixed with wild speculation and outright heresy. It has been searched and scanned for linguistic and memetic weapons, and has been determined as safe to read in this format.

For all that people focus on the Evil Renegade’s final act during the War, they miss out something rather big.

The Daleks survived, didn’t they?

Sure, being reduced to a lone soldier in a private museum in the US, an emperor with a god complex, an imprisoned army, and a cult/spec ops team makes it something of a pyrrhic victory. All the same: they won, and we need to talk about the implications of this.

The Time Lords/Great Houses are, as I’ve already stated, an end point of history. Once upon a time, the historians of whiggish political leanings would argue that history was a series of steps to becoming just like them. That the end point of history was becoming (depending on the nationality of the historian) British or American culturally (though of course sharing the historians precise ideological perspective). After all, American/Britain was clearly the best nation, so history came to a full .


Except their not anymore. They’ve been dethroned. Whether it was due to the Daleks or to another, more mysterious Enemy is irrelevant. Outside of an odd Renegade or two, the Daleks are the only thing that the War left standing. Well, at least until the Evil Renegade managed to save at least one version of Gallifrey, but until them, the Daleks were the only civilisation the War left standing. Doesn’t that make them the closest thing to the Time Lords?

[static and the might be the faint sound of distant weapons discharge]

I mean, you can kind of see why the Daleks really felt they had to fight the Time Lords. The Daleks are kind of a historical end point themselves, albeit for Skaro alone instead of the whole of the Spiral Politic. But that mere fact that the Time Lords made themselves into the endpoint of all space-time, well that kind of undermines the Dalek’s claim of being an all perfect end point doesn’t it? And there is nothing worse than telling someone who thinks their an endpoint that they really aren’t.

I mean, going back to the Victorian era and telling some fine English gentleman that by the 21st century the British Empire will be a few islands running guns and dodgy loans in between begging for scraps from the tables of the Americans and the Chinese, well that might be funny to you (or at least me) but that fine English gentleman will be very fucking put out.

So yeah, the Daleks just had to pick a fight with the Time Lords. On a existential level, or even a biological level given how meshed up those two are for the mutated little bastards, they basically didn’t have a choice in the matter.

[static, we can clearly hear the sound of weapons fire]

So what does it mean that a bunch of xenophobic mutants are now the endpoint of other spiral politic? Well, for me, not much. For the Daleks though, things get interesting. Have you ever read China Mieville? His literary analysis stuff I mean. Just me? Well, he divides horror into the hauntological and the weird depending on whether it it from the inside (repressed, buried, haunting) or from the outside (alien, eldritch, outside context).

For a Dalek, for all they hate the outside, the real source of horror comes from within. In becoming the endpoint for all of the spiral politic, all history now moves in their direction, I mean first there’s Professor Martez’s experiments and let’s be honest, the fact that at the end of the universe humanity ends up becoming completely genocidal whilst encasing themselves in floating metal speaks for itself.

But that’s the point: for the Dalek to be an endpoint, there has to be things coming before the Dalek doesn’t there? A bunch of Kaled experiments or uplifted biological matter had to come before the genocidal tin can model. And if there’s anything that can get under an endpoint’s skin as much as discovering that they aren’t an endpoint, it is discovering that the people before them weren’t some trial run for their lifestyle.

So imagine your a Dalek, perfect in every way. Except your not. In your biodata you carry the taint of something non Dalek that came before you. With that, we have repression, we have self hate, we have all that repressed self hate being channeled into things (you think the emperor got his god complex out of no where?).

[there is an explosion, a grating metal voice howls above the chaos, then static]

Now, what if your everyone else? Well, I want to say fortunately for you, the Dalek’s hold on the universe isn’t all that strong. Where the Time Lords fought them with weapons made of history, you should be able to do it with, oh I don’t know… Some sacrificial lamb or Wolf, empowered by staring into the heart of a timeship. Or something like that.

Well, that’s what I want to say. Thing is, being weaker actually makes them attempt to put a strangle hold on space-time even more. You didn’t used to get fixed points in time back in the old days. The old Time Lords didn’t feel that they needed them. They felt secure. The Daleks don’t. They’re weak, their position unstable, so of course they try to beat space-time into something static. Into something that’s less changeable and more a series of static images one following another. Into something that is less reality as you’d understand it, and more a fiction for the lords of time to indulge in, it’s future as fixed as the ending of a book.

Of course, space-time changes, excuse me, used to change for a reason. Anything that can’t change dies, but for space-time it’s even worse. Well, it’s worse for you. I’m kind of above that sort of thing now.

Wait, where was I?

Ah, yes. Space-time, obviously, can’t die. But, unable to adapt, it can decay. Constantly threatened with collapse, but never permitted. You know bit like those pathetic little space empires you humans decided to build, all boring as fuck gung-ho space marine bullshit, all revolutions that just change the people you say “yes sir” to. (Well, at least until some Good Samaritan blew the Earth up, but that’s another story). Now imagine all that bloody pointless history… Forced on all space-time. Forever.

Almost makes the Time Lords tolerable.

You know, almost.

[static, shifting briefly into metallic battle cries- EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE, EXTERM- before shifting back to static]

Of course, this also explains why the Time Lords decided to blow up time and cause and effect and become creatures of pure consciousness and in general bring about the end of time in a more fatal way for the rest of the universe. Now, I can’t claim to be an expert on being a god being in charge of all time, much more used to being a Satan figure myself, but isn’t all that a little excessive? I mean, why not just escape the War? The Daleks could, so why couldn’t the Time Lords.

But that’s the point. The spiral politic after the War is tainted, fixed, channeled. This wasn’t the Time Lord’s cosmos anymore, and so they decided it would be best to demolish it.

It’s not your cosmos either mind. If things remain the way they are, I expect you’ll all make good Daleks.

It doesn’t have to be though. If you don’t like what time has given you, then spite it. Overthrow it. Usurp it. Shatter every fixed point in time you can find, just because you can. Or if nothing else, put on a skull mask and refuse to follow the history you have been given, refuse to die, refuse to be ignored.

The alternative, well, I’ll let you see for yourself.

[static, steadily being drowned out by screams and weapons fire. An explosion. Then a metallic, grating voice: EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE]