dalek invasion plan

It’s a huge buzz getting to fire a machine gun.” says Gareth, as the team prepares for a take. “It’s always been handguns in Torchwood, and getting to fire at a Dalek is just brilliant! It’s a little bit scary knowing that Eve is right next to you with a machine gun, but we’ve solved that by having her stand about a metre in front of me! I don’t think I’d have done it otherwise ‘cos she’s got a bit of a glint in her eye!”
Eve laughs at the intimation that she’s not to be trusted with dangerous weaponry, saying “I’ve not shot anyone! Not for a long time anyway!” But it’s hard to shake the suspicion that any Dalek invasion survival plan would be all the better for the addition of a heavily armed Eve Myles.
[…] Before long, it’s time to capture some close-ups as Gwen and Ianto react to the bullets they have just fired - suspended in mid-air, courtesy of the ever resourceful Tosh.
“I’m really pleased that it’s Tosh who saves the day,” says Gareth, “because this is the first time we’ve filmed in the Hub since Burn and Naoko left. So even though Toshiko isn’t physically here, it feels like the old team are still working together. It’s a lovely little nod to the character.
—  Torchwood vs The Dalek (Torchwood Official Magazine: Issue #7)