With this week’s Doctor Who episode, I’ve now designed 30 posters for Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. So if you’ve enjoyed them, thanks very much. Although I work as a full-time designer, the posters aren’t official commissions, so it’s people’s enthusiasm that has kept them going.

Prints of selected designs are available from www.redbubble.com/people/scatterbrook/collections/446640-retroland-by-stuart-manning?order=recent – save 20% today only using the code “IWANT20″

Fandom insults

Harry Potter- “Not even a dementor would kiss you.”
Doctor who- “you little dalek!”
Divergent- “you pansycake.”
The hunger games- “go eat nightlock!”
Percy Jackson- “stupid mortal.”
Sherlock- “don’t talk, you will lower the IQ of the hole street.”
Supernatural- “you assbutt.”
Star Wars- “you look like Jabba the Hut.”
The mortal instruments- “stupid mundane.”

LEGO BATMAN: The multifandom villain team

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Someone has been watching a lot of memes and that someone is me lol.

So today I went with some friends to watch The Lego Batman Movie. And when the Daleks appered the Joker said something like “British Robots, if you don’t know who are they, ask your nerd friend”. And my friends looked at me like: really, who are they? And I was like “the Dalecks from Dr. Who”. This was the moment when I realised I’m the nerd of the group.


Normally, I do cosplay shoots as  characters but this is the rare instance where I did a shoot just as myself. And I have a pretty weird fashion sense as I love my flowery doc marten boots (and floral clothes in general) and my braces and bow ties. As well, no matter how warm it is I always need a long coat

As someone with literally no self esteem, just being myself was literally the hardest thing and trying to convey me in photos was just so hard but I think it turned out okay.