Carmella and Nikki Bella confession

The No DQ match between Nikki Bella and Carmella was so disappointing. Their feud has been great so far but that match was nothing special. It was way too short and only a kendo stick and fire extinguisher (which I don’t really see how was considered a weapon since Nikki just sprayed Mella instead of hitting her with it). The match just seemed so boring compared to all their other encounters and it seemed really rushed. Both women are great and could’ve put on a way better match if they’d been given more time.

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Carmella, Nikki Bella, and Bella Army confession

Nikki leaves bruises on Carmella’s face and Nikki fans laugh about it but the second Carmella does any type of move on Nikki’s neck they lose their minds and act like she just killed Nikki and bully the fuck out of Carmella. Fucking annoying hypocrites.

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