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Here we go!


I go paranoid over text messages without smileys or are in all caps (because I don’t use smileys or go all caps when I’m irritated or mad or whatev). No smileys or all caps is NOT a good sign. They start a fight. Hehehe.



I suffer from separation anxiety. I hate it when people leave without saying goodbye; from as petty as “great escapes” during booze nights to a deeper context as sudden deaths or flying overseas. It affects me so much that I think about it for a damned long time and leaves me depressed. I don’t care if it’s first hand experience or I knew the person/s involved or not. I just HATE goodbye stories.



I despise people who talks about themselves non-stop. One more minute with Mr. or Ms. Pabida will make me go nuts. I’d rather lacerate my wrists.  No time for bullcrap, man. Go bore a plant with your non-sense!



I scream when I park. Cuz I hate parking as much as I hate driving. Sitting pretty lang dapat. Princesses don’t drive. They’re swept away by their prince-charmings on horses or carriages. ;o)



My heart melts seeing men—especially dads—with a box of Goldilocks or Dunkin’ Donuts or ToyKingdom bags or bouquets of flowers in their hands. You know how pasalubongs create stars in the eyes of a loved one or a sheepish grin. Aaawww…



I adore guys and girls who can resist temptations for a long distance love. Makes me wanta turn into a devilstress and steal The Man from Lucky Girl. Hahahahaha!



My every meal must have dessert. Kahit Flat Tops, solve na.



I love music. I’m immobile without music. I listen to music 18 hours a day on average. 12 hours of which, I have earphones on so don’t wonder if one day I cannot hear anymore. Hehehe.



I hate commuting. Don’t get me wrong. I hate jeepneys. I hate buses. I hate trycs. I hate the inconvenience. I hate the pollution. I hate the noise. Especially at night, I get suspicious seeing terrorist-looking, smelly-looking, drunk/drugged people hop in a public transport I’m in. I go crazy seeing them that when I imagine someone screams “hold-up!”, I would wet my pants. Rather spend on gas or not go at all.  



I love to kiss as much as I love chocolates. (Hindi ‘to ka-manyakan ha!) So don’t find it weird or freaky if I stare at your or someone else’s mouth. I am just particular about the puckers and the teeth. Its goin’ta be that I’d think either you’re gross or sexeeey to kiss. Hahahahaha! Sabi nga: To kiss everyday keeps dentist away. Kisses aid saliva in cleaning teeths and lower the quantity of acids causing enamel weakening.



1. Kaye Cabus

2. Rizzie Garcia

3. Iza Catbagan

4. Dale Garcia

5. Cha Tongio

6. Rose Alagar

7. Kym Liman

8. Lloyd De Ramos

9. Beans Maling

10. Ey Valdez (Halaaaaaaaaaaa… ;o)


Secret Six # 7

(W) Gail Simone (A/CA) Dale Eaglesham

A new epic begins, and a major turning point in the life of Black Alice gets underway!

With the world drained of all its arcane energies, the great mages of the DC Universe gather to learn who-or what-is responsible.

The answer points to the Secret Six’s most powerful member, and it’s going to drag the team into unfamiliar territory: the realm of magic.


W) Adam Beechen, Carla Speed McNeil (A) José Luis García-López & Various (CA) Jenny Frison

In “Our Little Dance,” when the well-meaning members of Debbi Domaine’s family argue that Cheetah needs rehabilitation more than incarceration, Wonder Woman is dragged into court!

And Diana teaches a young thug a lesson about how having a pet forces you to train “Both Ends of the Leash.”

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