dale's hat

The Walking Dead fanfic part 2

Note: I’m giving the reader a bit of background in this part before we get to the good stuff. Sorry if its starting off slow, it will pick up very soon, I’m just trying to set the scene and the story.

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You watched as the dim orange glow of the sun disappeared behind the trees. Night had fallen and everyone was huddled by the fire. The man with the bucket hat, Dale, you reminded yourself, was keeping a light conversation going with the group. You couldn’t help but allow a small smile to rest on your lips as everyone seemed to forget about the world they lived in.
You felt like you were being watched and you looked up to confirm your suspicions. Merle was eyeing you like a lion eyed its prey. All of a sudden, a rush of unwanted memories flooded into your head.


You came downstairs to find your father smash a bottle on the counter and threaten to cut Merle with it. This was something that would happen on a daily basis. Ever since your mother passed away your dad would drink to forget, and then take it out on the two boys. He would never touch you though, you reminded him too much of her whereas Daryl and Merle were from someone else. This made it easier for him to hit them or threaten them.

“Do it!” Merle shouted, moving his body so that the shards of the bottle touched his neck.
“Go on you fucking coward.”
Your father hesitated before smashing the remains of the bottle on the ground and punching Merle hard.
Now on the floor, Merle clutched his nose as his father walked out the house slamming the door behind him. You knew what was coming. Merle looked up at you standing in shock on the stairs.

“You like the show darlin’?” he asked through gritted teeth.

You stayed still, wondering who would move first, and when he did you ran back up the stairs frantically, but you were too slow. Merle grabbed your ankle and you fell on the landing, the remaining air being ripped from your lungs. You’re in shock for a moment, forgetting how to breathe through fear and adrenaline. You heard Merle laugh and you finally inhaled, oxygen filling your lungs. You rolled on your back to find him hovering above you, a bloody face and a wild look in his eye.

“If it weren’t for your mom me and Daryl wouldn’t have to take this bullshit” He spat, pointing at his bloody nose.
“She caused him all this pain and now it’s affecting us, when really it should be effecting you!”

“Merle please, I-I’ll make it up to you, I’ll try and calm him down next time!” you were stuttering your words as the fear of what pain he would inflict on you was coming. Usually it was a couple slaps, or verbal abuse. But this time seemed different. He looked like he could kill you.
Your words flew over his head as he lunged towards you. You shut your eyes but your bodies never touched.

“Get off me!”

You looked up to see Daryl pulling a struggling Merle away from you.

“Go cool off man, she’s your damn sister!” he fought Merle down the stairs and pushed him towards the door.

“That bitch ain’t my sister. You will never be a Dixon ya hear?” he shouted to the ceiling.

He looked Daryl in the eye before following his father’s footsteps and leaving the house. You sat on the stairs with tears in your eyes. Merle was your brother (half) and he wanted to kill you. In that moment on the landing, he was going to kill you. He confused you. There were times when he would help you practice shooting targets or set up small traps in the woods, and others much like this, he wanted to beat the living shit out of you.

“I’m sorry” was all you could say as Daryl came back up the stairs. He looked at you confused and you continued.

“I’m sorry that dad has turned into such a monster because of my mom. If it weren’t for her death we could all be living happily.” You went silent, waiting for his response.

“It aint your fault, so stop feeling sorry for yourself” was all he said as he walked to his room, shutting the door behind him.

Note: Things between the reader and Rick probably wont pick up until the group is at Hershel’s farm. Ill try and get some flirting in and maybe a hook-up with one of the other characters- if you have any suggestions of who then feel free to let me know. ill try and get to the farm in the next three parts, sorry for the delay :(