dale's face

sorry i haven’t been posting art lately! college has been keeping me busy plus no phone for like a week and i m currently drying it in hopes that it will come back 2 life. but on the other hand look at how punk i look

  • gordon: "hey, why were you talking to windom earle?"
  • dale: (trying to save face) "i don't know, he's so weird. he just came up to me and just started talking to me about dugpas--"
  • gordon: "so pathetic. let me tell you something about windom earle. we were best friends at quantico. (i know, right? it's so embarrassing. i don't even--whatever.) so then when we graduated i started going out with my first boyfriend phillip (who was totally gorgeous but then he disappeared in buenos aires), and windom was weirdly jealous of him??? like, if i would blow him off to hang out with phillip he'd be like, 'why didn't you call me back?' and i was like, 'why are you so obsessed with me?!' and then when i got my own taskforce of agents, which was a paranormal taskforce, i was like, 'windom, i can't hire you because i think you're crazy.' i mean i can't have someone who's totally BOYAYOYOING in my taskforce, right? there's going to be highly classified information on those cases. i mean he was CRAZY. and then he got his clearance levels demoted and became possessive of his cases and then came back to the bureau all crazy and homicidal and... now i guess he's obsessed with dugpas"