The video footage on Four Corners of Aboriginal children being tortured in Don Dale correction centre have shocked the country. But this is the tip of the iceberg of the racist ‘child protection’ and prison systems that subject Aboriginal children to institutionalised child abuse across the continent on a daily basis.

Malcolm Turnbull and Adam Giles have announced a Royal Commission into the centre - but their own racist Intervention and “tough on crime” policies systematically breach the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody (RCIADIC).

Countless inquiries have already been done. We already know the facts of this case. We demand justice immediately. The prison guards responsible must be sacked and charged. So too should the NT Government who have consistently demonised and criminalised Aboriginal children and bear ultimate responsibility for this abuse. Minister Scullion also must be sacked.

Across Australia, Black children make up 50 per cent of the prison system. More children are being forcibly removed today than at any point in Australian history - taken from their families and put into foster care or prison cells.

We need to build on the outrage and take forward the ongoing struggles against the racist police, prison and ‘child protection’ systems.

Highlights from the Steven Universe Press Panel at SDCC 2016

  • Rebecca Sugar clarifies that “Garnet’s future vision is not Sapphire’s future vision.” Applying Ruby’s impulsivity to Sapphire’s passivity creates their combined power as Garnet. “That’s why her power is not always flawless, but a lot more expansive.”
  • Rebecca said the Crystal Gems’ star symbol was inspired by the figure of Ishtar, and “I also just love the gold star as a really clear symbol of positivity. It’s what you get when something good happens. It’s a completely gender neutral symbol of positivity.”
  • Estelle says a big change in Garnet is that she’s gotten a lot nicer and that’s been fun to play.
  • Deedee teased a song to which she sang backup to Patti Lupone as Yellow Diamond. Yellow Pearl, perhaps?
  • Deedee grew up watching cartoons, but Michaela did not. “I just couldn’t get over the fact that people or ducks or whatever would go swimming and then they just wouldn’t be wet!”
  • Michaela’s favorite Amethyst shape-shifted form is Pearl. Womp womp!
  • Ian Jones-Quartey is very excited for Uzo Aduba’s upcoming role as Bismuth. “She’s gonna be joining us in the fall as a new Crystal Gem, and it was super. What she brought to the role was just amazing.” Rebecca says she loves Bismuth’s music.
  • Ian hints that the Gems did not just affect the geography of the Earth, but the entire galaxy. “There might be huge, seismic things, on an inter-planetary scale, that are different between our universe and the world of the show.”
  • He also emphasized that the developing relationship between Connie and Steven would be a “main thread” moving forward, and that Stevonnie would need to come up “again and again and again”.
  • Zach’s favorite song is now Both of You because it was the first Steven Universe song he got to perform live, at the SDCC 2016 singalong panel.
  • Ian says there are written timelines for everything that’s happened before, during, and after the story being told in Steven Universe. “There’s definitely an ending.”

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