I’m finding the Heliohapt arc an interesting reversal to Sharrkan’s original story in the 1001 Nights.

The long, long, difficult-to-follow The Tale of King Omar and His Sons is too much to summarize here, but in the first segment, Sharrkan is the first in line to the throne when his father’s favorite concubine becomes pregnant.

Fearing that if she has a boy, it would take his place as crown prince, Sharrkan places a spy outside the birthing room intending to have the baby killed if it is male.

The spy leaves after the birth of a princess is announced and doesn’t hear the correction: the king’s favorite had twins, a girl and a boy.

Afterwards, Sharrkan leaves the palace to join a military campaign.

…Where he falls in love with an enemy princess who beats him at wrestling.

[Image credit Dalc Rose]