“Gonna Get Close To You” by Queensryche (Dalbello cover)

Top Metal Albums of the 80′s - #24

If you knew my infinite charm
There’d be no reason to be so alarmed
Maybe I’m wrong maybe I’m right
Maybe I’m some kind of lunatic
You say I’m wasting all of my time
But I know what to do with it
It is plain as black and white

This is another song that I couldn’t quite figure out when I first heard it and then I finally settled on liking because it was just a good song. I had no idea until recently that it was a cover song (I never looked at Queensryche as a band that did covers), but Geoff Tate’s breathy, tortured vocals are exactly what the song needed. Musically, it’s pretty faithful to the original, but with heavier guitars. All in all, it fits perfectly into this album and even reminds me of the shorter songs at the end of Operation:Mindcrime like “Waiting For 22″ and “My Empty Room” - they have this atmospheric background music comprised of whatever sounds were necessary to evoke the desired reactions from the listener.