dal shabet


161023 Dal Shabet Twitter Update

[#달샤벳] #인기가요 에 달순이들 꽃이 폈습니다잠시후 오후 12시 10분 놓치지마세요! #금토일 #달순이들_꽃말은_치명치명 #안치명같기도_하고

[#DalShabet] The sweetie flowers have bloomed on #Inkigayo. Don’t miss it in a little bit at 12:10! #FriSatSun #SweetieFlowerTalkIsFatal #NotEvenFatalTogether


If your bias group isn’t currently promoting please do us Twinkles a favour and help Stellar get their first win so we don’t have to see our girls disband! 

SBS The Show is the music show we are tying to win the most. Here is a link to how you can vote: http://save-stellar.tumblr.com/post/147398989918/help-stellar-get-their-first-win There are 35 premade tweets you can use to help us get our win, and even just one helps! Thank you, and I’m sorry for resorting to clogging your bias groups tags.

Now you may not care, but think about if this was your ultimate bias group. What would you want other people to do?