dal cinnamoroll


I almost forgot the last doll-updates!
As I was saying last time,I masked the last yellow traces on the face as a foundation to build a more pink blush and paint some freckles (great move-they’re adorable!)
And then I received in the mail the Obitsu body and Blythe-sized clothes.
Awesome! I also received the realistic eyes but,you know what? I LIKED THE OLD ONES MORE. *after sawing then off,lol* But that’s not big deal…they’re beautiful,I’ll keep them for the next doll<3

Annnd,since I really couldn’t replace the rusty screws indside her head (LOL that really sounds WRONG xD ), I just managed to fit her new body’s neck peg into the head (and I almost break her with my delicate manners) and voila! I feel like I must try to sand and paint a little bit more around lips but I’m pretty satisfied with her new face.
(I must confess,I felt a strange affection for her when I completed her and seen her ALIVE for the first time I even hugged her)
ps: and I wanna buy her some tiny hair-clips<3


Doll restoration/custom: Dal Cinnamoroll

Part 2

I decided I’ll swap her body with an Obitsu (23 cm); while I wait for it to come by airmail, I started sanding away the yellow stains from the face.
The problem is that I wanted to keep the original makeup (I wanted the old cinnamoroll really for her lips and eyelids colors) but at the same time,I can’t really bond with factory dolls…sanding just the right part is really difficult,moreso on a LITTLE Dal face.
So I kinda stopped at a certain point,as you see in pic nr3; in natural light you can see a sort of yellow blush.I killed two bird with a stone since I got to use this blushed area to do that little customization I needed.(you’ll see later)
In pic nr1 There’s the difference between the old terrible lashes (right) and the new ones; in pic nr 2 there’s the next improvement,down side shows double lashes! Also, I sawed off the eye bulbs from the eyemech because the white part had yellow stains; I’ll put instead some more realistic looking eyes (I love those<3)