dal cinnamoroll

Acquired this Dal Cinnamoroll! I totally lucked out with her. I bought from a website that isn’t usually suited for dolls at kind of a ridiculously low price ($45) which is nuts BC she normally goes for over $200 regularly now! I’m so happy with her. I’ve wanted this particular doll since I entered the hobby in 2010 and she was a rare girl back THEN.


I almost forgot the last doll-updates!
As I was saying last time,I masked the last yellow traces on the face as a foundation to build a more pink blush and paint some freckles (great move-they’re adorable!)
And then I received in the mail the Obitsu body and Blythe-sized clothes.
Awesome! I also received the realistic eyes but,you know what? I LIKED THE OLD ONES MORE. *after sawing then off,lol* But that’s not big deal…they’re beautiful,I’ll keep them for the next doll<3

Annnd,since I really couldn’t replace the rusty screws indside her head (LOL that really sounds WRONG xD ), I just managed to fit her new body’s neck peg into the head (and I almost break her with my delicate manners) and voila! I feel like I must try to sand and paint a little bit more around lips but I’m pretty satisfied with her new face.
(I must confess,I felt a strange affection for her when I completed her and seen her ALIVE for the first time I even hugged her)
ps: and I wanna buy her some tiny hair-clips<3