daks of london

Here’s a more close up shot. I think I must have been trying to capture the pocket square, which is actually a tie that I took apart because it had some frayed edges. I mentioned earlier that I love brown ties with navy foulard patterns. This one was beautiful, a vintage Robert Talbott made for some long since closed brick and mortar haberdasher. I didn’t want to let it go, and so decided to repurpose it as a pocket square. I think the results are rather astounding. Those of less modest means may scoff, but a broke-ass-dude has to get in where he fits in (tip of the hat to local MC Too $hort). The only drawback is that I have to be careful when I first stuff it into my pocket, but once in, it stays put and has a rather elegant and ruffled look. I’ve seen other bloggers suggest putting a white cocktail napkin in your chest pocket–it looks nice in a professional photo, but in real life people are going to look at it and think “is this dude trying to wear a paper napkin as a pocket square?” Better no pocket square that a paper napkin, in my opinion…

I’m a big fan of making use of ties that have minor imperfections. Ties with small holes or stains can easily be worn with a v-neck sweater (as long as you know you’re not going to be taking that sweater off). I’m a fan, when doing this, of tying the knot further down the tie, for a fatter asymmetrical four in hand rakishly turned to the side (post on this at a later date). 

Jacket: Daks of London wool/silk blend, thrifted $8

Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger regular fit w/ spread collar, thrifted $6

Tie: Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren navy silk grenadine, thrifted $4

Pocket Square: Unconstructed Robert Talbott tie, $2