What a difference 14 years makes top pics Renault Talisman Concept, 2001 bottom pics Renault Talisman production car, 2015. It was also revealed at the press conference which has just taken place near Paris that the station wagon version of the Talisman will be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show

I have posted about the Renault Talisman Concept previously

If you are too young to remember the year 2001, there’s…there’s something you really should know. Smash Mouth’s song ‘All Star’ was a huge, mega, gigantic hit. You couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing it nine times in an hour. It was everywhere, inescapable, surrounding us every moment of every day, hemming us in, engulfing us in its sonic cocoon of catchy pop rock. 

And then someone at Dreamworks decided to put it in the movie ‘Shrek.’

We had to face the cold, hard truth. There was no exit. This storm was not going to pass.  

Hell was empty. All the demons were here.