dakota: premiere

Have you ever drawn the characters from Bob’s Burgers? Have you ever wanted to? Have you thought about it at all? Yes? Once? Well, we love Bob’s fan art. We love it so much that we started to wonder what it would look like if fans actually animated an episode of Bob’s. And for our season 8 Fall premiere, we’ve decided to try it.

We’re cordially inviting you to take a (butt) crack at drawing the characters in whatever style you want - loose and sketchy, weird and blobby, inky, wrinkly, whatever you want  - and submit them to us. Same goes for backgrounds - this episode takes place entirely in the apartment, the restaurant, the alley, and the basement. We’ll provide the angles - you paint, draw, scribble your version of the shot. We’ll select our favorite designs while simultaneously inviting would-be animators to take a pass at our opening sequence.

Using your designs and your animation, we’re going to put together a fan-inspired episode. Will the style be consistent from scene to scene? No! It’s going to look really different! Will that work, creatively? We don’t know! But we think it will, because, dammit, we want it to work, and to stand as a testament and a tribute to our creative and talented fans, a.k.a. you.

To submit, and for more info, click here!


Season 2 is here.