Dakota Floyd - Look What You Did You Little Jerk

I’ve heard you’re never too old to be afraid, but sometimes I get sick of being alive. I spend every day thinking about the “could’ve been"s and all the things that I will never be.

I wish I could put them all down on paper, but I’ve made a lot of mistakes. And they say that home is where the heart is, but my home is stretched all over this country, and my heart is beating a little too fast to keep up with constantly missing all of the people that I love the best. It’s taken me 23 years to get this far, but now what do I have to show but these scars on my wrists, a couple bad tattoos, a collection of baseball cards from 1998, and a thousand notes that I will never send?

I was a burnout at 22, but I guess that’s just the way that these things work. Most nights I just wanna die, but I’m scared of all the things that I might miss. I’m just so scared of all the things I’m gonna miss.

Download the record this song is on for free here.


Dakota Floyd @ Hi-Lo Press 4.22.16 by Nicole Kibert
Via Flickr:
Dakota Floyd plays Hi-Lo Press, Atlanta, GA on April 22, 2016. Note: Please share, download and use these photos for non-commercial purposes but be sure to abide by the creative commons license by crediting the photos to Nicole Kibert / www.elawgrrl.com and if using online, add a link back to this page or to www.elawgrrl.com. This license does not permit commercial use. Thanks.

Have we ever told you how amazing this zine is?

Take it, Dakota …

Quitter is a zine series by long-time DIY-er Trace Ramsey. Tinged with a melancholy, familiar sadness, in this issue Ramsey paints portraits of past lives. Memories. Regrets. Images of warm blood splattered in fresh snow.

“It’s been awhile since I have read such a well-written zine. Reading Quitter #7 was a real breath of fresh air. I appreciate most zines, but I find myself reading them once then storing them away. Not this one, though. As soon as I finished it I wanted to start it again. So good.

“Do yourself a favor, pick up a copy of Quitter today.” -Dakota Floyd


Dakota Floyd @ WonderRoot 4.1.16 by Nicole Kibert
Via Flickr:
Dakota Floyd plays WonderRoot, Atlanta, GA on April 1, 2016. Note: Please share, download and use these photos for non-commercial purposes but be sure to abide by the creative commons license by crediting the photos to Nicole Kibert / www.elawgrrl.com and if using online, add a link back to this page or to www.elawgrrl.com. This license does not permit commercial use. Thanks.

Dakota Floyd, We Few & Mike Strain: Live @ Under the Couch, by Dakota Floyd, We Few & Mike Strain

Listen to this rad live split I did with some of my favorite people. Woooop. It has D-Flo (he’s in the Wild. You like them, right?) and my good buddy Mike Strain (he has songs released over on http://mikestrain.bandcamp.com/). It was my first set with a violinist, and it sounded sooo good.

After years of waiting around and putting it off, my first solo record “Localities” is finally coming out. I have a whole lot to say about this record, but I’ll say it whenever we’re a little closer to the release date.

What I will say now though is this: Thank you to anyone who has ever believed in or supported me. Thanks to Eric Ayotte for recording these songs last November. Thanks to Jeremy Ray for creating the artwork. Thanks to Lauren Hicks for the insert layout help.

The release show for “Localities” is Friday, April 1st at WonderRoot with Jeremy Ray, Witt Wisebram, and Anna Yancey Ballard. Full album will be posted on the release date.

Thanks for everything, friends.


We are stoked to have copies of our pal Dakota Floyd’s debut solo record Localities! You may know Dakota from the lovely Springsteen-meets-pop-punk band The Wild (or even from the Pioneers Press table at Atlanta Zine Fest, which he’s run for us the past couple years). He’s one of the best people around. A total punk rock superhero with a heart of the goodliest gold. Localities is 12 tracks of sweet, defiantly-strummed, stripped-down acoustic folk that falls nicely between the Mountain Goats and Ghost Mice (and maybe an unplugged Saves the Day, in the best possible way). Get to know the dude. Like avocados, vitamin C, and good springtime sunshine, he’s good for you.

Get a copy here http://pioneerspress.com/products/localities-cd

Today’s the day. My first full-length, “Localities,” is officially out. There are a few ways you can get a copy!

You can get the entire thing for pay-what-you-want download on bandcamp. https://dakotafloyd.bandcamp.com/

You can buy one from me at the release show tonight. 8PM at WonderRoot.

You can PayPal me $5 as a gift (or “friends and family”) along with your address. Dakotafloyd@gmail.com

You can order a physical copy, along with some really great zines and books, from the wonderful folks over at Pioneers Press.

So excited to finally share these songs with you all.

Back in stock!

WhatsTheirName: More Adventures without Gender by Julia Eff



Whatstheirname is a zine primarily focusing on living without a gender. I love the way the zine was put together, with pictures of various musicians pasted on nearly every page, along with some little sketches here and there. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, Whatstheirname is mainly a collection of personal experiences and stories, ranging from going to shows to dealing with a non-understanding ex to generally feeling alright, but then feeling bad again. It even has a pronoun guide written by Oscar Wilde himself!

“All in all, this was a solid, well-written / assembled zine packed with a ton of stories. I read it all in one sitting. I’ve got two other zines by Julia somewhere in my stack of stuff to read, and I’m thinking about moving them up to the top.” -Dakota Floyd

We just found FOUR copies of The Country Grind Quarterly we didn't know we had. FREE to the next four people who order issue number 3!

Issue #3 of The Country Grind Quarterly, available here for $2.

“The Country Grind is a quarterly newspaper that is written by and for rural punks. If the Foxfire books and the Slingshot! newspaper got together and had a fling over some homemade muscadine wine, this would be their love child.

This is a neat little newspaper. There are a bunch of articles pertaining to country livin’, making stuff, and fixing things. And it’s free for punx with rural addresses! Get into it.” –Dakota Floyd




“I’ve had this zine for a month or two now, but somehow forgot it even existed until I was rooting through boxes of miscellaneous stuff, looking for something else entirely. I didn’t wind up finding what I had initially set out for, but I’m glad I found this.

The Growling Mouth is one of the best novellas (or really pieces of writing in general) that I’ve read in a really long time. The imagery that Gnade manages to seamlessly stuff into every sentence is astounding. Following two different, but interconnected stories, The Growling Mouth makes me feel like I’m riding in the middle seat of a worn out pickup truck traveling through the Midwest while ‘1979′ by The Smashing Pumpkins plays quiet through the tinny speakers — a strangle feeling that everything might just turn out alright after all… But maybe not.

“This novella pummeled me, staring into the growling mouth myself, and I’ll definitely be reading it again. And soon. One of Gnade’s best.

“You can get this novella (and several other of Gnade’s work) from the folks over at Pioneer’s Press. I can’t recommend it enough.” -Dakota Floyd