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Milo Murphy’s Law Intro Observations: Part 2/2

Find part 1 here.

Since I can’t fit ten images into one post, I had to make another.

The image here has Brigette Murphy, Mort Schaeffer and a currently unknown character. The physical similarities and how Mort is acting with him makes me think it could be Mort’s brother.

We have a mysterious umbrella using character in this image, as well as another look at The Doctor Zone Files billboard.

Here we have Bradley Nicholson, Scott the Undergrounder, Mort looking at the umbrella guy like he’s a vampire (assumption based on the book he’s looking at) and the agents we first saw in “The Note.“

This image has llamas, which have been mentioned a few times already in the show as well as Mrs Murawski the science teacher and Ms. White who seem to be doing some kind of science experiment.

Our last image has something being advertised in the sky i couldn’t quite make out, as well as the Pistachio Protectors Balthazar Cavendish and Vinnie Dakota chasing after their pistachio cart.

Every Senator Who Voted to Defund Planned Parenthood:

(Bolded names are those up for reelection in 2016, FYI.) 

Alabama Senator Richard Shelby -R

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions -R

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski -R

Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan -R

Arizona Senator John McCain -R

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake -R

Arkansas Senator John Boozman -R

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton -R

Colorado Senator Cory Gardner -R

Florida Senator Marco Rubio -R

Georgie Senator Johnny Isakson -R

Georgia Senator David Perdue -R

Idaho Senator Mike Crapo -R

Indiana Senator Dan Coats -R

Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly -D

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley -R

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst -R

Kansas Senator Pat Roberts -R

Kansas Senator Jerry Moran -R

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul -R

Louisiana Senator David Vitter -R

Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy -R

Maine Senator Susan Collins -R

Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran -R

Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker -R

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt -R

Montana Senator Steve Daines -R

Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer -R

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse -R

Nevada Senator Dean Heller -R

New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte -R

North Carolina Senator Richard Burr -R

North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis -R

North Dakota Senator John Hoeven -R

Ohio Senator Rob Portman -R

Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe -R

Oklahoma Senator James Lankford -R

Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey -R

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham -R

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott -R

South Dakota Senator John Thune -R

South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds -R

Tennessee Senator Lama Alexander -R

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker -R

Texas Senator John Cornyn -R

Texas Senator Ted Cruz -R

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch -R

Utah Senator Mike Lee -R

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin -D

West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito -R

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson -R

Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi -R

Wyoming Senator John Barrasso -R


Academy Conversations: Black Mass