dakota murphy

Local boy glows with praise from Actual Time Travelers 

In other words, I loved Missing Milo. Not only did we get some amazing interactions between the pistachio protectors and Milo, but it is also is setting up what looks to be an absolutely amazing storyline, and I am so excited. Furthermore, when I thought that Diogee’s name couldn’t get any better we were told his middle name. Diogee Ex Machina Murphy. It just makes me truly happy to know that.

“The Teacups was the only ride they’d let me on by myself. I got on it and started spinning myself round and round. I feel like I’m still there, spinning round and round and round, and the ride won’t stop, and I won’t dare get off. You were right, Ray. I am scared. But you’re scared, too.”

Uptown girls (2003) dir. Boaz Yakin