dakota murphy

MMLNewYear: “Missing Milo”
Wow!! What an episode!! The first “hour” long special! It was so exciting to see Milo get dragged into (or casually wander into a limo) some time travel hi-jinks!
 Tomorrow’s episode will be “Star Struck”

Does anyone remember that one scene in the Kane Chronicles where the main characters meet the dwarf god Bes for the first time and his first act is him literally stripping down to a speedo with the words Dwarf Pride to scare off some monsters? 

Now imagine Dakota with that Dwarf Pride speedo. 

I am not sorry for putting that mental image in your heads. 


Vinnie “I’ve only known Milo for a day and a half but if anything happened to him, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself” Dakota


This was my art piece submitted to the studio’s gallery a few weeks ago. Since it’s pretty much the first real piece of my MML Hogwarts AU posted online, consider this the… story poster? XDD It was printed on holographic paper. I plan on posting more of the AU eventually, but this is all for now. 

Giveaway info will be posted tomorrow!